The long-restricted access to McHealth records

Timed for less exposure

As Americans kick off the first holiday weekend of the summer today, Sen. John McCain will release 400 pages of his medical records to a handpicked group of reporters who can neither photocopy nor keep the documents, illustrating the sensitivity the campaign places on the 71-year-old candidate’s age and health.

For more than a year, the four-term senator has repeatedly promised to release his recent medical records, but has not yet done so, reports the Washington Times.

Update:  Here are McCain’s medical records, released by his Mayo Clinic team. Reading the report, it sounds as though the doctors are working dual positions at Mayo and as campaign staffers.


2 Responses to The long-restricted access to McHealth records

  1. Kent says:

    Although delayed and basically still withheld by the manner in which the records are disclosed, (“here take a peek at the 400 pages and give them right back!”) it’s more than we’re getting from Cindy McCain and her refusal to divulge her “personal” tax records.

  2. Gimlet says:

    Taking Ambien? That’s why he appears to be talking in his sleep.