National media mum on Boy Scouts

Scouts fighting what amounts to an attempt at extortion by the City of Brotherly Love

Robert Knight, writing for Townhall, has written a compelling piece titled, Media Shove Boy Scout story under a tent. We highly recommend it.

Seeing Red AZ first covered Philadelphia’s appeasement of homosexual activists at the expense of the Boy Scouts of America in October of 2007.

2 Responses to National media mum on Boy Scouts

  1. Sideliner says:

    What a damn shame. The gay agenda has overtaken the morality and good citizenship exemplified by the Boy Scouts for generations. Successful grown men are still proud of their scouting affiliations.

  2. Gimlet says:

    I worked in the Human Relations department of a large Fortune 500 corporation. Many of the job applications coming across my desk included such information as. ” I was an Eagle Scout.” These were applicants for high level management posiions.

    Scouting still matters to those who realize the values and ethics it instills in boys and young men.