The heat is on

A misplaced show of humanity

As reliably as summer follows spring, we can count on the onslaught of editorials from the daily on the need for compassion for illegal desert crossers, many of whom perish as the intense Arizona temperatures rise.

Today’s editorial titled, Our lethal policies, is a case in point.

The reader is implored to recognize that our border policies are responsible for the needless deaths by driving illegal aliens coming into our country, in violation of our laws, further off the beaten paths to avoid detection. This, according to the convoluted reasoning of editorial writer Linda Valdez, accounts for the loss of life of “Husbands. Wives. Sons and daughters.”

Abandoning use of the previously favored term “compassion,” Valdez has employed variations of humanitarian, humanity and humane in this editorial.

Nowhere is the blame for the tragedies placed where it actually belongs: with the corrupt Mexican government that encourages the illegal activity or with the illegals themselves, who surely realize that desert temperatures surge in the summer.

And Valdez conveniently omits the ruthless and escalating crime that accompanies the illegal entrants, who purchase stolen driver’s licenses and social security numbers of American citizens in order to gain employment.

We recently reported on the growing crime of health-care employees with access to children’s files, working for organized gangs that trade in illegal documents and are willing to pay top dollar for the data.

“We have a major problem with workers in medical offices stealing patients’ identities, selling them and making a direct profit,” says Sergeant James Bracke of the Phoenix Police Department.

Theft of children’s identification often goes undetected for years, since they are not in the workforce.

How about showing some humanity for Americans, Ms. Valdez? You know—those “Husbands. Wives. Sons and daughters, ” who are being victimized in their own country.


4 Responses to The heat is on

  1. SherriAZ says:

    Linda Valdez and her ilk will never care about what American citizens have to suffer until it hits them directly where they live. When they are a victim of a drunk driving illegal with no insurance, when their identity gets stolen and they spend thousands to deal with it, when their homes gettin broken into, when they become victims of more horrific crimes- then they will listen. But by then the pandering to illegals may have taken us so far afield of common sense that it won’t make any difference. Then there will be no place to go, no “sanctuary” for the citizens.

  2. Ajo Joe says:

    How right you are, Sherri!

    Again, I have to state my lack of shock at this–the latest in such a barrage of editorials from this left-wing newspaper. The AZ Republic obviously cares more about illegal invaders than they do about the rule of law or the rights of American citizens. Do I understand that? Of course not. But, it is a fact in the state of Arizona—with this paper and Gov. Napolitano. and in the City of Phoenix with Mayor Phil Gordon at the helm. I pray the recall of Gordon gathers a head of steam and prevails.

  3. Virginia says:

    I recall when the Arizona Republic was widely regarded as being too conservative! Those days are obviously long gone.

  4. Jason says:

    I seriously do not understand the Arizona Republic’s propensity to favor illegal aliens over the citizen subscribers to its paper. How many “migrants” (the newspaper’s favorite descriptive term) do you imagine are paying customers? It certainly isn’t a business decision–it must be the “humanity” angle.