The purposeful manipulation of the English language



Today’s daily runs this headline, Ban on gay marriage going on state ballot.

In casting the legislative vote protecting traditional marriage as a “ban,” the news is skewed to reflect the liberal bent of the newspaper. By contorting a negative angle to a vote in favor of traditional families—which have been the keystone of society throughout recorded history, the news becomes a vehicle for the homosexual agenda.

“This is a good day for the people of Arizona,” said Cathi Herrod, president of the Center for Arizona Policy. “The people of Arizona will be able to decide the definition of marriage rather than the courts or the politicians.”

But Barbara McCullough-Jones, executive director of Equality Arizona, called the vote “disgraceful,” writing “the legislative process was prostituted for political gain.”

She threatened that her group would work to defeat the election of lawmakers who supported the referendum, as well as the referendum itself.

5 Responses to The purposeful manipulation of the English language

  1. SherriAZ says:

    Fine, McCullough-Jones, the gloves will come off and we traditionalists will start fighting to roll back EVERY gain by the gay community until the closet starts looking real good again. We are tired of a tiny portion of the population trying to control our workplaces, our culture and our schools.

  2. Ron says:

    Well stated, Sherri!

  3. Ajo Joe says:

    The Arizona Republic makes no effort to conceal its bent. How long before they join the 114 year-old Winslow Mail that recently shut down publication in Winslow, AZ?

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Pro-traditional family voters need to redouble their efforts and commitment to support our trustworthy legislators who have not fallen in line under the threats of the homosexual agenda.

  5. Mr. Conservative says:

    This is about far more than marriage… this is about what kind of home the children of the future will grow up in, what kind of a society we leave for them to live in (liberals like to say they’re doing it for the children… In this case I can turn the tables on them)…