Well, what did you expect listening to NPR?

One of the daily newspaper’s editorial writers, Kathleen Ingley, wrote this short take titled: A loathsome leader manages to find some U.S. supporters:

A couple of call-in programs on public radio focused on Robert Mugabe. Not surprising, since Zimbabwe’s hero-turned-despot is terrorizing opponents in advance of a sham runoff election. But there was a startling twist: Several callers wanted to defend Mugabe. Is there a fan club for ruthless leaders who flout election results, reduce the population to paupers, ignore public health and fuel an inflation rate that runs into the millions?

Yes, Kathleen there is such an “Amen” corner for despots in Liberal-land. If this shocks your sensibilities, tune in to 550-KFYI AM or 960-KKNT AM for intelligent talk.  You might be surprised.

6 Responses to Well, what did you expect listening to NPR?

  1. Maggie says:

    And why should the rest of us be forced to finance this “public radio” tripe with our tax dollars?

  2. Ray says:

    Glad she’s shocked. That’s a good first step.

  3. Stanford says:

    Mugabe is black. That makes whatever he does acceptable in the eyes of some liberals. Why do you think people like former conservative congressman J.C. Watts says he “might” vote for Barack Hussein Obama? It’s sure not because they agree on the issues, based on Watt’s conservative voting record when he represented Oklahoma and Obama’s most liberal record of the entire senate representing Illinois.

  4. Vince says:

    Conservative talk show host Armstrong Williams and former Secretary of State Colin Powell have both said they are “torn” as to whom to support, also. It’s a good bet they won’t be so “torn” with a ballot in their hands. This is the racial divide that most whites are not a party to. Liberal whites have no problem supporting Obama, but the tide is not the same for blacks when the candidate is black–even if their views don’t jibe.

  5. Ajo Joe says:

    A notable exception is Frances Rice, who chairs the National Black Republican Association.
    This is excerpted from an excellent article in the current issue of US News and World Report, titled
    Some Black Republicans Torn About Voting for Obama or McCain: The historic nature of Obama’s candidacy has some African-American Republicans conflicted
    She paints a very different historical picture than most African-Americans, pointing to what she says is the Democrats’ racist past. She brings up Democrats who fought to keep blacks enslaved and those who were members of the Ku Klux Klan. “The Republican Party has been the champion of freedom and civil rights for blacks,” she says. And the Democrats? “Their goal is to keep blacks in poverty and the Republicans out of power,” Rice says.


  6. Kent says:

    That’s the type of audience she can expect listening to erroneouslycalled “public” radio. No doubt she’s listened long enough to know that. It’s only “public” because taxpayers fund it. Why that continues, I’ll never know. Originally it was commercial free just like “public” televsion. Now they are both filled with advertising along with a leftward bent, clearly evident on much of the programming.