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Hosted by Mark Zemel
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Tonight’s Lineup:  News and events important to Arizona conservative voters.

Special Guest: Chairman Randy Pullen, Arizona Republican Party.
Catch Chairman Pullen’s comments on the race for the White House. We will also look at the Arizona congressional and legislature races.

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4 Responses to The Arizona Right Report Sundays, 8 – 9 PM

  1. Anna says:

    I’ve made it a point to listen the past couple of weeks since seeing the announcments here. I figured Seeing Red wouldn’t steer us wrong. I was right! This is good programming!!

  2. Sideliner says:

    I don’t intend to miss tonight’s show. I hope Zemel asks some tough questions of Pullen. Anything about the McCain bullying tactics in trying to takeover filled precincts by overfilling with McCronies and get rid of longtime precinct committeemen and women who have devoted their lives to the AZ GOP.

    This is shameful and needs to be answered. I’ve called AZ GOP headquarters and have gotten nowhere.

  3. Fooled Twice says:

    Yep! With Pullen on the hot seat tonight , it’s time for some answers! Please no softballs. He owes us a bit of ‘straight talk.’

  4. Mark Zemel says:

    Great suggestions all. The point of this appearance by Chairman Pullen (as advertised) was “his” take on McCain’s race and Arizona races. Your comments and questions of our guests are more than welcome. We give the call in phone number several times during each show. If you have a question or comment–ask it. Or, at least contact me prior to the show. I’m in the phone book. I see my email right up until air time.

    Sideliner, if you’ve heard the show you know I align with the grassroots conservative platform Republicans. I am especially proud of the achievements by my peers in LD-11. Free speech and working within the system built LD-11 into the shining example it is today. Educate me please; are the mccronies in some way working outside the system? What actions or suggestions are you looking for from AZ GOP? If you think it ought to be aired on the radio then…. don’t be a sideliner!