PAChyderm Coalition Legislator Rankings

The latest weekly update to the Republican legislator ratings has been published and sent to us by Howard Levine, Policy Committee Chairman. Review the ratings for the entire session which ended last Friday here.

The budget bill votes, as well as other late additions, produced some dramatic changes in scores for several legislators.

Check out how Republican legislators fared this year. Levine invites use the feedback form on the web page if you have suggestions for improving the evaluation.

3 Responses to PAChyderm Coalition Legislator Rankings

  1. Kim says:

    Thanks. Will miss this information over the summer. But, it will be a good way to evaluate my state reps come election time.

  2. LeRoy in CG says:

    The best thing about this report is that the legislators knew before their vote about how the bills were scored. You would think that this would make it so the electeds would not be able to whine about their score, but, I understand that some are whining like babies.

    I guess showing up for work and voting as a Reagan Republican is too hard for some. I hope every voter looks at this report before completing their ballot.

  3. Janelle says:

    People who attended a East Valley meeting report that one self identified uber conservative blamed everyone and everything – including sun spots, global warming, air pollution, the New Times, and the devil – for his poor voting record.

    Reminds me of Obama. If you can’t explain your pitiful record, blame someone else.