Stopping by for a necessary chat

In a rare nod to Christian conservatives, John McCain stopped in for a visit with evangelists Billy and Franklin Graham. He had previously inflamed this core religious voter base during his 2000 presidential campaign when he condemned the Revs. Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell as “agents of intolerance.”

The article in the Washington Post put it this way: The Republican presidential candidate, who is actively courting religious voters and trying to reassure skeptical conservatives, visited privately with the Grahams on the grounds of Little Piney Cove in the Blue Ridge Mountains in western North Carolina.

His earlier inflammatory comments, although later reconsidered and softened, resulted in an entrenched distrust which caused McCain to finish last out of nine Republican candidates in a straw poll last year at the socially conservative Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C. They’ll be meeting again September 12-14, 2008.

Whether the gathering will be convinced of his change of heart remains to be seen. Check out the Focus on the Family voter scorecard linked on the Family Research Council’s website and scroll down to the individual House and Senate members for a illuminating look at votes cast.

8 Responses to Stopping by for a necessary chat

  1. Thomas says:

    Well, all I can say is this visit sure convinces me!

  2. Ron says:

    I have no difficulty defining myself as a religious conservative. Funny, I didn’t know I was being “courted.” When John McCain took the lead role in the lawsuit against Wisconsin Right to Life, I foolishly took it as a sign that he wasn’t in my corner.
    Doubt me? Here are the documents.

  3. Ajo Joe says:

    John McCain has been engaged in this without much in the way of recriminations for pro-life groups–which is appalling. His partner in the First Amendment restriction of our free speech rights (the basis of this case) is Russ Feingold, who scores a whopping 93 percent on NARAL’s pro-choice report card. Read this article for more information about the issue:

    This is what I’m supposed to trust?

  4. Justin says:

    If John McCain is “actively courting religious voters and trying to reassure skeptical conservatives,” he’s a day late and a dollar short. We’ve been the object of his ill-will for years. Now that his numbers are looking grim, particulary on his home turf, he decides to pay a visit to the Grahams?

    Pay US a visit, Senator!!

    I’d be much more attuned to his weak overtures if he called off his attacks on the elected precinct committeemen in his own district–many of whom have spent decades working as volunteers for the AZ GOP only to get a sharp uppercut from the McCainiacs.

  5. Charlie Conservative says:

    There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that John McCain could do to garner my vote. I would not believe a word he said. I will vote for solid conservatives in the under-ticket, but I am afraid McCain has guaranteed a low turnout of the Republican base. Every day he kicks them in the teeth again. He is a real uniter in his own mind.

    But the numbers pouring in from throughout the country tell a sad story. He isn’t even getting the votes of the Hispanics and Hillary Democrats he is pandering to. The youth have abandoned him, the bloggers have done the same. The DEMs and RINOs are not going to pull his butt out of the fire in any primaries this time.

    Their plan has succeeded. They got him elected as the Republican candidate. They can now sit back and glory in their achievement as McCain destroys the party. Only with God’s mercy will the country survive McCain and Obama.

  6. Sideliner says:

    I suspect Charlie is right again. McCain was a media creation. He served the purpose of providing a liberal Republican with the added panache of the campaign consultant created “Maverick” mystique. It was a flim-flam from start to finish. He has served his purpose and will be tossed aside for an even more liberal Liberal—the Marxist Obama. It’s a perfect storm for the left. Too bad Republicans fell for the deception. This country is in a world of hurt.

  7. Kim says:

    McCain’s new tactics are too clear to mistake. He’s in a whorld of hurt in some much needed states and isworried and flailing. Religious conservatives have repeatedly been dismissed by him, but now when he thinks he might need their votes, he comes calling. It’s like a wife who takes repeated beatings. Finally there is that last smack that causes her to pack up and leave.

  8. Kim says:

    Forgot to mention my thanks to Ron for the link to the Wisconsin Right to Life case. I like to think I’m an informed voter, but I have never heard about this. It shocked me, since he claims he is Pro-life.
    Why is this information so tightly capped?