Ballot initiatives: The grim realities

Employer sanctions signed into law by Governor Napolitano one year ago today

The deceptively named initiative Stop Illegal Hiring has gathered the requisite signatures to garner a place on the November ballot. The measure is led by Andrew Pacheco, whose wife, Jessica, lobbied for the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which vigorously opposed real sanctions on employers who knowingly hired illegal laborers. She is now employed by Lincoln Strategy Group, which formerly carried the name of its principle, Sproul & Associates.

While masquerading as a measure to stop illegals from gaining employment—the carrot that feeds the steady stream unlawfully breaching our southern border—Pacheco’s business-backed initiative actually provides additional protections to the employer and illegal worker. Pacheco, a former prosecutor, is well aware of the mind-boggling criminal industry that provides stolen and counterfeit documents to enable the illegal workforce to gain employment and desired services.

“The people of Arizona have spoken in a strong voice, telling us that they want a law that gets tough on illegal immigration, gets tough on the scourge of identity theft, while still protecting innocent workers,” said Andrew Pacheco.

Sounds good, but nothing could be further from the truth. His venture is intended to provide protections to the employers who continue to exploit the illegal hires to whom they pay substandard wages as they increase their ill-gotten bottom line.

The Arizona Capitol Times reports that more than half of the more than $513,000 raised by the Stop Illegal Hiring campaign through May 31 came from Wake Up Arizona, a coalition of Arizona business owners that formed to oppose the current sanctions law. That group has contributed nearly $375,000.

Wake Up Arizona also was part of a federal challenge to the law which was upheld in a federal district court and is now being considered by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The appeals court heard arguments last month and is expected to issue a ruling later this year.

On a sobering note, two opposing measures, Legal Arizona Workers and Support Our Law Enforcement, led by gubernatorial candidate Don Goldwater and Rep. Russell Pearce, were unable to collect sufficient signatures to qualify for the ballot.

Don Goldwater’s letter to supporters is available here.

The groups hit a block wall attempting to use the necessary paid signature gatherers because the supporters of illegal immigration had signed contracts that included a non-compete clause making it impossible for L.A.W and S.O.L.E. to acquire their services. The hard truth is that no measure has attained ballot status without employing paid circulators.

13 Responses to Ballot initiatives: The grim realities

  1. Charlie Conservative says:

    This is now what the Republican Party has become under McCain surrogates. Lies, deceit, hypocrisy. This is like McCain saying, “I get it, border enforcement first,” at the same time he panders to Hispanics saying… I always was for comprehensive immigration reform (AMNESTY), I am now and will be when I am president.

    Pacheco and his wife along with Amnesty Mac Magruder and McCain’s son at the Chamber of Commerce and Nathan Sproul will not stop until they gut the legislation passed last year to enforce employer sanctions. They will not be up front with their campaign because the truth will not serve their purpose. There is no difference between the Democrats and Republicans under McCain’s leadership. And people wonder why conservatives don’t jump on the McCain band wagon?

  2. Kate says:

    I was surprised to see that even the liberal writer and Horizon commentator Howie Fischer stated that the STOP ILLEGAL HIRING initiative “has loopholes in it big enough to drive a Mac truck through.”

  3. Hometown Guy says:

    The cast of characters involved in this “deceptively named initiative” is most interesting. Nathan Sproul, Jessica Pacheco, the business establishment types involved in the mega-bucks fast food industry, Jerry Colangelo and auto dealer, Jim Click, and those who benefit from low wage labor in the construction industry, along with all of the pro-illegal immigration minority-based organizations.
    Quite a group!

  4. Keen Observer says:

    I looked up those loop holes Howie Fischer referred to. Here are some of them.

    . Limits the type of business licenses that would be subject to the STOP ILLEGAL HIRING initiative. It would exempt those filing Articles of Incorporation, Certificate of partnership, Grant of authority under article 10,chapter 15 or transaction privilege license (page 3:23-211.7). This would exempt certain types of state corporations and most corporate retailers.

    .It also only allows complaints to be filed in writing, affidavit and notarized, and allows the citizen to be charged with a crime, if the complaint is deemed frivolous by authorities. This would shut down Sheriff Joe’s Hot Line Tips. These tips have located drop houses, drug smugglers, and coyotes.

    .It gives Employers a non-refutable presumption of innocence if they use the Basic Pilot Verification Program. The employer would be exempt from prosecution even if they were found to have knowingly hired an illegal. They would be exempt from investigation by the state.

    With the false manner in which Pacheco loudly and imphatically hypes his initiative, does it not give you a clue as to why the legal profession is held in such disrepute. Law schools teach most of their students how to be convincing liars.

    This is all a money, cheap labor driven initiative, funded by lawyers, lobbyists, business men and consultants who have only their own interest in mind. This initiative would have been more appropriately entitled, “What’s in it for me?”

  5. Carrie Mason says:

    Just heard that the whole point of the initiative is to overturn the Employer Sanctions bill passed by the legislature. Then when STOP ILLEGAL HIRING is challenged in court, it will be found to be unconstitutional, thereby putting us back to where we where a couple of years ago. The power structured politicos, and religious dogooders will have prevented the populace from doing anything to stop the illegal invasion and all the culture of corruption that comes with it.

  6. Bill says:

    Is there any truth to the rumor that the two ballot initiatives were pulled so that there would not be confusing issues on the ballot? Now the voters just have to know not to vote for the one with the deceptive name of Stop Illegal Hiring.
    Does anyone have any information on this?

  7. Marianne says:

    Have you ever noticed how the names liberals attach to issues are the opposite of what they actually are? How about “Planned Parenthood?” (The name conceals the fact that their way of planning your family is to kill your babies.)

    Another good one is “Clean Elections,” which in fact is anything but, as the government raises fines and fees to cover the millions they give to politicians. And Arizonans are forced to subsidize candidates with whom they disagree. Then we’re told it “levels the playing field.” What a joke!

    Another personal favorite is the use of the term, “gay” to describe homosexuals. I know several and none of them could be described as gay. Actually, they are often depressed.

  8. Vince says:

    Watch it, Marianne. You’re treading on thin ice and risking raising Bat Boy Grayson’s dander.

  9. Don says:

    Responding to Bill, the answer to your question is no we did not pull the ballots because of potential confusing issues on the ballot. The letter to our volunteers can be found at I believe it explains it all.

  10. seeingredaz says:

    Mr. Goldwater:
    We appreciate your response to the comment of our reader. Knowing how much time, effort and energy a volunteer force of signature gatherers contributes, we gave no credence to any rumors. Doing such labor intensive work during a Phoenix summer can be brutal.

    Your letter is included in the post.

    Thank you for visiting Seeing Red AZ and for the clarification, Many of us are very grateful for the task you and your supporters undertook.

  11. SherriAZ says:

    I am very disappointed that the two ballot initiatives did not make it onto the ballot. I will be campaigning very hard AGAINST the one supported by the illegal lovers. We have to defeat them and put to rest any further attempts by them to circumvent the will of the Arizona taxpayer. These people should be run out of town for putting money ahead of all else and I pray that their businesses will be detrimentally affected.

  12. Av8r says:

    Kudos to Marianne’s remarks, The “Truth in Politics” act (if there was one) would require Planned Parenthood to be named “Murder, Inc”, and Clean Elections to be named “Welfare for Politicians”.

    I would also encourage all conservatives to quit using the term “Gay” in their written and verbal references to the homosexual lifestyle. You end up playing their game when you do this. Homosexual and lesbian would be the appropriate terms.

    Can’t wait to vote against the “Stop Illegal Hiring” initiative.

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