Legislative candidate, Tony Bouie: MIA

What if you gave a party and one of the honored guests didn’t show up?

Last evening, the Citizens Clean Elections Commission scheduled its District 6 candidate debate at the new Hilton Garden Inn at Pinnacle Peak.

There are three candidates for two House seats.  Well-regarded Rep. Sam Crump is seeking reelection in the GOP dominated district.

The other seat, vacated by Doug Clark is being sought by Conservative Republican Carl Seel and newly-minted Republican Tony Bouie, who switched his lifelong Democrat registration to Republican just five days prior to filing for the legislative run in the solidly Republican area.


We didn’t get a chance to ask him that question, since he neglected to show up.

The video of the debate is posted here.

16 Responses to Legislative candidate, Tony Bouie: MIA

  1. Thomas says:

    Bouie is a great candidate–for something other than the state legislature. If I hadn’t read this here, I would have thought it was a joke.

  2. Maggie says:

    So now we have a candidate trying to scam the very voters he seeks support from? A Democrat misrepresenting himself as a Republican to gain political office is sure not getting my vote! Truthfully, I think this is as low as they come. I want to be able to trust the people I vote for. This guy undercuts my trust and consequently, my vote!!

  3. Sideliner says:

    To call Mr. Bouie a clown is to be charitable. I checked out his web pages and see that he is being endorsed by outgoing (after one lame term) legislator, Doug Clark. What’s THAT about?
    Makes me glad I don’t live in LD 6!

  4. Horst Kraus says:

    Has it occurred to you that Mr. Bouie may be opposed to publicly funded “clean Elections’ by whatever name? And therefore declined to participate? Do you understand that funds given by “Clean Elections” are collected actually to a large degree by non-partisans or actually by the opposition? Could this have been a way for him to denounce Public funding?

    So you are glad not to live in LD-6, Eh? Let me assure you, you are not alone.

  5. Maggie says:

    Horst Kraus:
    As Ronald Reagan was known to say, “There you go again.”

    Many of us dislike the so-called “Clean” Elections scheme. However, it IS in place, and whether or not candidates participate in the funding mechanism, the debates are open to ALL the candidates.

    This is not the forum in which to make a statement about whether or not public funding is good or bad. It is a forum to meet the voters and let them hear the candidate’s stands on the issues. It gives the candidates–especially a brand new Republican like Tony Bouie a chance to interact with the interested people of the district who cared enough to give up a week night evening, with the expectation of meeting those interested in representing them.

    If Tony Bouie dislikes the public funding process, he could have told the voters who showed up what his thoughts were.

    Mr. Bouie stayed away because he is an uncomfortable candidate with nothing to recommend him. He is a last-minute, party switcher who realized that a Democrat would be at a disadvantage in the district. He has ZERO credentials within the GOP. Since you are so fond of letting everyone know how much you do for the Republican party, I’m surprised that Tony is your guy.

  6. Calypso says:

    Bouie sounds like an opportunist who doesn’t want any more public contact than necessary. Meeting with voters and answering their questions could blow his cover.

  7. Craig D says:

    Tony Bouie is a lifelong democrat and switched to Republican 5 days before entering the race. Is that a finger you can trust on the voting buzzer? Well, we know he does not champion life, favors amnesty, opposes drilling for oil, believes govt. is the solution to all our problems….sounds just like the folks kraus is always taking up the cause for. I really liked Bouie’s wife-beater t-shirt video on youtube.

    Bouie deserves our vote because…….????

  8. Tim says:

    Debate Tonght! Russell Pearce vs. one of McCain’s RINO’s and you know what that means. Lot’s of illegal labor profit is behind Patriot Pearce’s opponent. Rep. Pearce needs us all to show our support.
    East Valley Institute of Techonology Lecture Hall, 1601 W. Main St., Mesa. 6 PM. You can verify the details at azcleanelections.gov

  9. MacBeth says:

    I went to the Secretary of State’s page to check Bouie’s contributions.


    Interesting that so many of Tony Bouie’s donors don’t even reside in the district he is running to represent. Many are out-of-staters and outside of Phoenix. Where’s his local support? Raising $3,675.01 is not a groundswell of support.

  10. Kate says:

    A RINO is a RINO. If Kraus is backing Bouie, that is all I need to know.

  11. Chuck says:

    Carl Seel gets my vote for the open seat. Rep. Sam Crump is doing a fine job. They both thought it was important enough to show up for the debate. I think they will work well representing the district.

  12. Janelle says:

    I have heard that he also has not been a regular at his district meetings. To use Kraus’ argument, that must mean that he does not support the Republican legislative district organization. Hmmm. Point made, Horst.

  13. Joe Evans says:

    Horst Kraus:
    If your buddy, Tony Bouie, the Dem-magically-turned-Republican for expediency’s sake, doesn’t believe in accepting public campaign funds and uses that as the reason not to participate in the District 6 legislative debate, could you please explain this?


    Just this past February, Bouie supported the establishment of a foundation to assist in medical costs associated with his serious illness. Thank God he is in remission, but this does raise some major questions. No money for his own health care, but plenty to run for office without public funding? How does that happen in just a few short months?

  14. Horst Kraus says:

    Mr. Evans,
    I followed the hyper link that you included in your post. It tells me that a sportscaster who learned about Tony Bouie applied for a life insurance policy and in the process a doctor, hired by the life insurance company detected or believed he detected traces that were symptomatic of the existence of a rare form of cancer.
    The sports caster, a compassionate individual promoted the start of a charitable foundation for the benefit of the former ball player’s two children.
    Mr. Bouie meanwhile engages in treatment for the cancer and subsequently undergoes additional tests and as of recent is in remission or perhaps even cancer free.
    I do not want to second guess the doctor who rendered the opinion that prompted the insurance company to deny the life insurance policy, neither do I want to suggest the good doctor would rather err on the safe side for his bread basket, the insurance company and over caution tainted his opinion, but I have seen miss diagnosis in the past, and it is altogether possible that Tony never had cancer just as it is possible that he was befallen by it but quick action nabbed it in the butt and that would make him indeed a lucky cancer survivor.
    Tragic as this experience was for the Bouie family and his friends, parents and next of kin, the fact that you use it for a basis to down-spin his political ambitions I find very deplorable.

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