Those irksome connective threads

Too close for comfort

Andy McCain, the son of John McCain, has recently taken over the reins of the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, as the new chairman.

The younger McCain is the vice president and chief financial officer of his step-mother’s Anheuser-Busch beer distributorship, Hensley & Co.

Check out this interesting statement from Andy McCain, which sounds more like a threat than a promise:

Because of the recent downturn, businesses have concerns about what the future holds for them. We are actively representing our member’s interests at the Legislature and look forward to a sensible resolution of the State budget. Then we will turn our attention to the fall elections and our endorsement process. We’ll be engaging our member businesses in supporting the local candidates and initiatives that most closely align with our priorities.”

Remember the threats of retribution against the legislators who supported the employer sanctions law? It is not a quirk that Rep. Russell Pearce (R-Dist. 18) is being challenged by the brother-in-law of Congressman Jeff Flake, as Pearce campaigns for a state senate seat.

A new Chamber of Commerce board member is Scott Celley, who served as Regional Director for Senator Jon Kyl. And the biggest surprise of all is the fact that Celley worked eight years on the D.C. staff of Sen. John McCain. Will wonders never cease?

Now we read that lobbyist Jay Kaprosy, a member of the School District Redistricting Commission, is resigning his post in order to spearhead a political campaign. Scheduled for the November 4 ballot, the school district unification measure carries the catchy name Maricopa County Unified for Student Success.

Here comes another Aha! moment: Jay Kaprosy has served as one of the top officials at the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, heading the business group’s lobbying efforts. No surprise — he was a fierce opponent of Prop. 200, the voting reform measures passed into law by 56% of Arizona citizens in 2004. The law requires proof of residency to vote and proof of citizenship prior to registering to vote or applying for public benefits. The measure was opposed by Gov. Janet Napolitano and AZ Sens John McCain and Jon Kyl.

Kaprosy also lobbied on behalf of former state schools Superintendent Lisa Graham Keegan, who is now an education advisor to presidential candidate and Andy’s father, John McCain.

Who’d a guessed?

11 Responses to Those irksome connective threads

  1. Kate says:

    Very interesting……and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree?

  2. Joe Evans says:

    The McCain’s are just becoming another liberal family dynasty like the Kennedy’s, Clinton‘s, Gore‘s, Rockefeller’s, the Brown’s of Californian even the Kennedy kin, Schwarzenegger who calls himself a Republican but acts like a Democrat.

    Closer to home the liberal Arizona political families have been named DeConcini, Udall, Goddard, Babbitt and now McCain.

  3. Chicka Boom says:

    I thought incest was a crime. I guess political incest doesn’t count.

  4. Vince says:

    How many ways can you spell unsavory? This stinks to high heavens. The Chamber of Commerce is actually nothing more than a left wing organization. And thanks for reminding us about the threats to those legislators who didn’t fall into lockstep with the business hierarchy, who wants a constant flow of low wage workers from south of the border, rather than pay American citizens a fair wage.

  5. Rudy the RINO says:

    This is so funny! Didn’t I just tell you a few posts ago that we RINOs controlled the Chambers of Commerce. Are you daft? Just look at the names and connect the dots as we move in and out of the Chambers. And do you think those of us in the cheap labor crowd are going to allow anyone into the Chambers who is for America and her citizens first? Give me a break.

    Here are some more names for you SEEINGRED. We don’t care if you know. You can’t do anything to stop us anyway. You see, we have the power and the money.

    Glenn Hammer..Matt Salmon…Jon Kyl…John McCain..Exec Director Az Rep Party, President CEO Az Cham of Commerce. Jessica Pacheco..Hispanic Cham Commerce, VP Az Cham Commerce, wife of Andrew Pacheco who heads up organizations to stop employer sanctions law from being implemented…the perversely named “Stop Illegal Hiring” and “Wake up Az” Nathan Sproul….Exec Directr, Az Rep Party, political consultant to open borders crowd. consults on Stop Illegal Hiring & Wake up Az…hired Jessica Pacheco to help deceive on the Stop Illegal Hiring initiative.

    I hate doing your work for you Seeing Red, but you guys can’t know everything. When the Conservatives finally leave the Party in November, I can get your staff positions on the Fat Man’s All McCain Blog site. I have a close relationship with him. Course you will have to learn to lie, cheat, steal, deceive and be generally obnoxious. but that is what you have to do to be a RINO and obtain your liberal goals.

  6. SherriAZ says:

    These people may have the political connections but they do not have the support of the voting public who have overwhelmingly supported every anti-illegal item on the ballot. Anybody stupid enough to continue to champion illegals will find themselves out of office in AZ- we just won’t stand for it anymore. Now Obama wants us to teach our kids Spanish… wait for it, the backlash is coming!

  7. Ajo Joe says:

    Sorry to sound like a broken record, folks, but I’ve been onto McCain since not long after he first carpetbagged his way into Arizona. He moved to the East Valley for a congressional run but couldn’t get into the central corridor fast enough.

    How much of the then-traditional and wholesome East Valley life could you expect the haughty McCain’s to be able to handle? Now it looks as though he’s taken his son underwing for a political career. Heaven help us.

    Thanks for connecting some important dots for us in this post. Good stuff!

  8. Craig D says:

    Rudy rambles on and indicts the AZ GOP, Executive Director. Anybody have anything otherwise?

  9. Chuck says:

    Unfortunately, Rudy is absolutely right, Craig. All of these folks are in collusion with the McCain centered, pro-illegal, business community. As an example, the former executive director of the state GOP took a dive for Janet as soon as he was hired as ED by the Chamber. It was a sight to behold. Pacheco’s wife was the Chamber’s lobbyist. She now works for Sproul. The list goes on and on. Just reread the article you are commenting on. There are some within our own party who are intent on destroying it. Others are hanging on so tightly to the McCain coattails, they are willing to give up principles for a chance at power–either a bit or greater than what they already have. It’s obvious McCain is grooming his son to lead a new generation of RINOs.

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