Getting it wrong

Affirmative action is still needed, says Vernon B. Parker, Mayor of Paradise Valley.

To believe that centuries of discrimination can be eradicated with a misleading ballot initiative is a fantasy. On its face, the Ward Connerly initiative sounds great: Discrimination of any kind should not be tolerated. Memo…We do not live in a colorblind utopian society. Racial and gender discrimination did not just happen yesterday, and will not disappear tomorrow. While de jure (sic) discrimination no longer exists, de facto discrimination still rears its ugly head. While serving as an assistant secretary for civil rights at USDA, I addressed thousands of cases of discrimination across the country, which gave me a different perspective. There has to be a more sensible approach than Connerly’s.”

Regardless of Parker’s view, showcased in the daily’s Plugged In column, the Initiative has racked up successes in California, Michigan, Washington state and was signed into law in Florida.  Colorado and Nebraska have pending measures.

The wording of the ballot measure is eloquently simple:

The state shall not discriminate against or grant preferential treatment to any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education or public contracting.

This one sentence is brilliant in its undeniable truth. It’s a good bet Mayor Parker is out of step with his constituents on this issue.


7 Responses to Getting it wrong

  1. Maggie says:

    From what I’ve read on the link provided to Parker’s web site, his business allows him to profit from everything that is abhorrent to those who support the Initiative. No wonder he holds the opinion he does.

  2. Ajo Joe says:

    This is an issue of fairness and equal treatment for ALL people. Max McPhail, Executive Director of the Arizona Civil Rights Initiative is Asian. Ward Connerly is Black. For that matter, syndicated columnist (Filipino) Michelle Malkin is an ethnic minority. They all support equal treatment and banning government-sponsored race and gender preferences in public education, state hiring and public contracts.

  3. Ron says:

    Parker doesn’t appear to have been negatively impacted by any of the issues he rails against. He has a fine education, has had what sounds like enviable employment at the highest levels of government and won election as mayor of the mostly white and affluent community of Paradise Valley. Claims of discrimination put greenbacks in his bank account. Why kill the golden goose?

  4. Richard Wayne says:

    Parker is a self promoting scum bag who sells himself out to whomever provides the biggest benefit for himself. He has sucked up and been pandered to in a way that would have gotten him called “Uncle Tom” a couple of decades ago.

    Vernon, that dog don’t hunt anymore. Go back to drinking the kool-aid on the Potomac. The liberal establishment is more supportive of your ilk.

  5. PV Resident says:

    The people of Paradise Valley have been taken for a ride. This guy is slippery. Hope they catch on before it is too late. Have any of you lawyers out there ever seen him in a courtroom? He’s a smooth one.

  6. Steve M. says:

    45 years later and we still have to make the case for “….the content of their character.” Dr. King’s dream is about to be realized in Arizona.

  7. Craig D says:

    Racial preferences in government contracts are about to be relegated to history! Thank you Ward Connerly and Max McPhail for bringing Arizona into the 21st century.