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The McCompany we keep

If you had any doubts about District 6 legislative candidate Tony Bouie, take a gander at his list of backers. The host committee on his invitation reads like a Who’s Who of the McCain/Kyl establishment crowd opposing employer sanctions. The fact that this web is woven so tightly around a guy who not all that long ago admitted he was unsure what the term “employer sanctions” actually meant, indicates they think they’ve found the right fellow to do their bidding.

Bouie, a lifelong Democrat, reregistered as a Republican a mere five days prior to filing his intent to run for the state House seat in the heavily GOP district.  The questions that raises might be the reason Bouie didn’t bother to show up for the recent Citizens Clean Election debate.

The district is fortunate to have two strong platform Republican candidates for the two seats. Well-regarded incumbent Rep. Sam Crump is running for his second term and longtime GOP activist Carl Seel is seeking the open seat.

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  1. westmcdc says:

    What surprises me is that Kirk Adams and Jonathan Paton are so prominently displayed. It brings into question their Republicanism, much like Mr. Gibbons receiving money from Jim Pedersen for his run against Russell Pearce in LD18.

    Although this might just be an attempt by Kirk to garner support to be Speaker of the House.

  2. Conservative to the Core says:

    Well, I really believe that this show us how “Conservative” Mr.Bouie will be. He’s clearly lining himself up with the open border, we need illegal labor crowd. This crowd is also the same group that convinced the Legislature to give special bonding (taxing) authority to a private company for a theme park in Eloy. So there goes his credability on taxes. We also know that he believes in Affrimative action.

    So now we see why he didn’t show up for the debate.

  3. John says:

    And Sposito is a total leftie from Tucson. Wow, what a roster of RINOs!

  4. Steve M. says:

    I just can’t get over this Bouie guy–5 days a Republican before filing to run for the State House. And look at this list of Republicans asking us to spend $150. on him. What A Joke! It’s American sovereignty that’s for sale here–and cheap!!

  5. Jack says:

    Bouie should go back to his soft drink cup business. He is clearly over his head in the political arena.

  6. Just Win Baby says:

    Adams for Speaker? God no… He’s all ambition and nothing else. Keep real power out of the hands of folks like that. A 2nd Termer looking to be Speaker? No way.

  7. John says:

    Too funny. If you click on the Bouie link, his big news is

    House candidate, Tony Bouie, was part of an invitation only crowd at McCain HQ in Phoenix on 7-13-08. He was asked to stand behind the McCain’s during the event.

    Gee Tony, I wonder why McCain wanted that? Why is this idiot celebrating being used like that? Or does he believe its because he’s so well known by the public that McCain wanted that powerful Bouie demographic? I hear he’s huge in the cup business.

  8. Vince says:

    I think that is called a “stooge,” John. Tony Bouie is out of his league. All of the agenda folks obviously consider him a pliable sap. So far, he hasn’t made any attempt to disabuse either them or us of that notion.

  9. LeRoy from CG says:

    Just one more example of a total war on the Republican conservatives by the LaVecke, Magruder, Click, McCain contingent. From Pearce to Seel to Harper to Melvin to Pierce to. . . .

    Conservative pro-sovereign America supporters need to spend their time and energy working for their candidates NOW. Less than three weeks til early voting starts.

  10. Kate says:

    How pathetic! This McCain, Kyl, Chamber of Commerce, Cheap Labor, Amnesty crowd has no shame. I save these invitations for future reference so I will be able to tell the good guys from the Bad…..Much like the Republicans for Janet list. RINOs for McCain & Amnesty tells me the same about the character & integrity of the people listed.

  11. Fooled Twice says:

    What a district! Isn’t this the same place that “wack-o” Clancy Jayne ran from?
    It must be in the water. There are more than enough flim flammers. That’s what makes Crump and Seel stand apart. They actually understand the district and have background in the issues.

  12. Craig D says:

    Fooled Twice….Hey watch it! The State Convention delegates election was the last test of how conservative District 6 is. The RINOs pulled all their dirty tricks and still only managed 7 out of 49 delegates, or so. 6 has more than our share of conservative champions, too. One State Treasurer comes to mind for starters.

    Bouie had nothing to lose by lining up with the illegal profits crowd. He’s just glad somebody finally asked him to the party. How pathetic can the magruder gang get? 5 day Republican. All in the interest of selling out American sovereignty. They can get the democrat Bouie to do their bidding. Disgusting.

    We were conservative before we were Republican. They were prostitutes before they were Republican.

  13. Gary says:

    Very disappointing to see Kirk Adams on this host committee! Many of us expected a whole lot more of him. Why would he endorse a “tool” of the open borders crowd who reregistered as a Republican just to run?

  14. Sylvia M says:

    Doug Clark ran for office as a dedicated conservative. This is a real let down. Why is he backing this goofy loser? The RINO crowd loses in LD-6. See the state delegate’s election results.

    Bouie–you stood up the Clean Elections debate. You posed with McAmnesty for no meritorious purpose–just because of the color of your skin. You are aligned with the border whores. You made a youtube video in your wife beater t-shirt. You have made what, one LD-6 meeting in your life? Your campaign is a joke. LD-6 voters pay a little more attention than you would prefer.

  15. Jay Bird says:

    Bouie has been taken under wing by the fast food tycoons and McCain’s amnesty pals. They are the real beneficiaries of promoting an ill equipped candidate, who is running without public funding. That means they have promised him financial support to see him through. Why would that be unless there was a quid pro quo for their efforts?

    Since I read elsewhere on this site that his friends were soliciting monetary assistance for his medical treatments, how else would he be able to afford to run on his own? Tony Bouie is a highly suspect character. What I find exceedinglystrange is the fact that Kirk Adams has hopped on this suspicious train.

  16. Horst Kraus says:

    Sylvia M.
    I share your concern, If we lose our RINOS here in LD-6 we might wind up as conservative as 11 and before we know we share our house seats with the Democrats and licke-di-split we have a guy like Mark De Simone representing us and oh my gawd we be mentioned in the papers.
    Nah, as far as I’m concerned I stick with the RINOS and bank on Tony Bouie, I know him and I trust him.

  17. Frankly Speaking says:

    Of course a democrat would appeal to you, Horst. Bouie was a committed Democrat who tried to sneak in a re-registration, at the urging of his mentor who was incapable of effectively representing the district. Neither of them had enough on the ball to realize the brand new Republican registration FIVE days before filing to run would be detected. Then Bouie ignored the voters of the district he hopes to represent by not showing up at the district debate. Obviously your kind of guy!

  18. Horst Kraus says:

    Fankly speaking,
    Frankly, if I may so so, not so fast. For as long as I remember whenever someone a person transformed him or herself into a closer alliance with us, it was considered a celebration.
    I think of Lieberman leaving the Democrat fold and becoming an Independent
    I think of Zell Miller joining us in word and deed at the 2004 National GOP Convention.
    I think of Cheryl Chase right here in Arizona becoming a Republican. Why, even when a Christian of a lesser faith has himself reborn and re-baptized it is always a celebration. Yes as it goes Jesus Christ spoke: “I am the light the truth and the life, No one comes to the father but through me”
    Another celebrated occasion of joyful change or rebirth. And he did not ask to wait 5 days, it was an immediate transformation here, and quite a celebration of the good.
    Tell me what I am missing here. Should Mr. Bouie have waited 7 days? so it included a day of rest? Help me out here what is it that I am missing? Or is it what everyone else clearly sees, you are scratching the bottom of an empty barrel to find something you can use to spin a down spiral on his character, I find that rather disengenious

  19. Conservative to the Core says:

    Here it is in a nutshell Horst

    Yes, we are happly for every person who accepts Jesus as his or hr personal savior, but we don’t ask that new believer to the pulpit to preacher the next Sunday. That new Christian has to study, work inside the church then if he or she is ready then that new Christian may be able to preach.

    I believe the same goes in politics.

  20. Richard Wayne says:

    Amen Conservative. Preach it!

    We welcome Mr. Bouie to the Republican Party and look forward to his demonstrating a commitment to our Reagan Republican Platform. It would be helpful if he were faithful in following those who have been working diligently for years so he can earn the right to lead others. Going from out of the fold to being one of thirty five or so Republican legislative leaders in the state is too tall a leap for his first baby step.

    Tony, You don’t become an NCAA All-American while in junior high. You need to matriculate through the system so people know that your actions replicate your words. I hope history will show that you are as conservative as you say, but your first flock of friends in the party do not give any comfort to that end.

  21. Horst Kraus says:

    Mister Conservative and Mister Wayne,
    You got me, I give up, and you are the greatest.
    Do I understand. One can not be a conservative unless one has “matriculated”?
    No I do not understand but it does not matter.
    I admit you beat me. There is not another, greater Hypocrite I could find that could hold a candle to you.

  22. Stunned! says:

    Some of you must have been out in the sun too long. If Kirk Adams is supporting Tony Bouie over Carl Seel than I say good for him! There are A LOT of Republicans better qualified and more capable for the job than Seel, and Tony is one of them. Also, you blast people like Magruder and Click, but do you have any idea what they have done for years for conservative causes like pro-life, pro-family issues? Not to mention their funding of the state party so all our good conservatives could get elected? They are wrong on one issue, and guess what, they’ve lost. Employer sanctions is the law of the land and it won’t be going away. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water!

  23. Ajo Joe says:

    Are you sure your name should not be signed “Stoned.”
    How else can you say Bouie is a good Republican? He just reregistered to run in a solid Republican district. He was an admitted lifelong Democrat.

    You might better say he’s a good hypocrite. That’s more accurate and a far cry from your foolish description. Carl Seel has a long history of working in the AZ GOP and has great credentials within the party. All Mr. Bouie has is a bright and shiny new registration card with a party switch represented on it.

  24. Conservative to the Core says:


    Click over the years has given money to pro-choicers like Toni Hellon, Tom Horne, Marion McClure and Steve Huffman. He’s supported Yes on 203 which was a tax increase. And has given $0 to the AZGOP since Randy Pullen has taken over.

  25. Horst Kraus says:

    Well, AJo or is it just Joe,
    While we comparing, Mr. Bouie has lived longer in Arizona than both his opponent for the open seat and the incumbent on the other House Seat combined. In other words, my words he ain’t no newbie carpet bagger from California.
    He has a couple of impressive degrees from an accredited Arizona College, check his Bio, please.
    He is an active business man and he knows what Arizona needs to stimulate the Arizona economy.
    Most importantly he has NOT come in DEAD LAST twice in two previous elections running on thousands of your and mine and our tax dollars and wasting all of it.

  26. Horst Kraus says:

    Hey Conservative to the Core,
    I hadn’t read your post, but now that I read it, thanks for making me creditable. And Stunned, I had all but forgot to mention it, you are seeing things from the right perspective.

  27. Conservative to the Core says:


    Let me add Arlen Spector to that list too.

  28. Conservative to the Core says:


    Now you’re grabbing at straws. I think Abe Lincoln lost a few elections and had no formal education. But hey you probably would have never vote for Abe Lincoln, he lost too many election. We could also add Newt Gingrich into the list of should never be elected because he lost an election.

    But keep Supporting Clancy Jayne. Didn’t he lose an election as an incumbent and didn’t use taxpayers dollars and you were even his treasurer while he used taxpayers dollars?

    Talk about calling the kettle black.

  29. Horst Kraus says:

    Just to keep things straight, I am old all right but not old enogh to vote for Abe. I would have, had I been around.
    Newt is a smart strategist but he is persona non grata in our family because he served divorce papers on his wife while she recovered in the clinic. Gigi and I don’t tolerate that, we are the real conservatives here, for better- for worse – in sickness and in health, and then it mentions death does you part, but you know the words, I grant you that much.
    Yes I was Clancy’s treasurer, and we send the excess money back when he was torpedoed out of the race. He did not lose. By the way, did the lawyer who handled the suit get ever paid ? or was it a pro bono? Not that it would matter.

  30. Tony GOPrano says:


    Conservative (Jaime) knows all about losing elections. And surprise, her husband is running on Clean Elections funds? Some Conservative! Tony Bouie must have these people really worried. Stunned is correct! This race is really going to be fun!

  31. Conservative to the Core says:

    As I told Big sister. That’s not who I am. I just find it interesting that when the liberals are losing a debate they feel that they must “out” the person writing or start the personal attacks. Like who’s writing makes a difference. Everyone still wonders why you write under Tony GOPrano when we all know you’re Jeff. That’s no news to most people who blog in Arizona Politics. And you were right there supporting Clancy Jayne while he was running on Clean Elections. So does that also mean the Clancy Jayne is not a Conservative? Or Jack Harper? Or Linda Gray? Or Russell Pearce? Or Eddie Farnsworth? Or Tom Boone? Or Judy Burges? or John Kavanagh? Or Debbie Lesko? or Pamela Gorman? Or Ron Gould? plus many others. Get the point, if you attack one on that issue are you really willing to attack them ALL on that issue? Or is this really a personal thing against Carl Seel? It’s not about the issues.

  32. Stunned! says:

    Ajo Joe: Is it so surprising that a black male growing up in New Orleans would register as a democrat? I don’t think so. What’s more surprising is the young white man who grew up in a small midwestern town who also initially was a registered democrat..Ronald Reagan. Let me see….In Bouie you have a guy who scrapped his way out of poverty (by the bootstraps, so to speak), has probably paid more money in taxes than Carl Seel has earned, started a business from scratch enduring excessive taxation and regulation, is a god fearing Christian and committed family man, and eschews the public trough to finance his campaign, relying instead on contributions from private citizens who believe in his candidacy. Yeah….sounds like a real liberal to me :)

  33. TonyGOPrano says:

    Nice try Jaime! Everyone knows who I am. Stunned really has it right. Tony Bouie has worked hard to build a very successful business. He will make an excellent State Rep. Just Say NO was a great slogan for Nancy Reagan’s Anti-Drug Program in the 1980’s, not for a State Representative! And about Clean Elections….many Legislators who run on this program to get elected the first time, then vote against it once they become Legislators. Clancy only ran Clean because in the previous election, he funded his competitors over $ 55,000.

  34. Frankly Speaking says:

    Everyone knows who you are because you are impossible to miss. Plus you have that slobber running down your chin from so much bootlicking. Do you think McCain would give you the time of day if he were to be elected? Does he invite you for a tete-a-tete in his condo or for his famous ribs at his “cabin” now? Betcha that hasn’t happened!

  35. Horst Kraus says:

    Frankly Speaking,
    Frankly, has it ever occurred to you that there are real humans on earth who do the right thing just because it is right? Not for anything in return? Not for any favors in this or any other life?
    Nah, not you, can’t be. Otherwise you would not raise such question.

  36. Frankly Speaking says:

    Ah, Kraus, so now you’re going to try to convince me that your friend Jeff is altruistic? Not a chance. Your time would be better spent watching street sweepers than defending him. He’s a classless toady.

  37. Thomas says:

    The only revelation Tony Bouie has had is the one of opportunism. Coached by Doug Clark, he realized a Democrat was not going to carry the day in that district.
    Many people come from families that are of a different political party then they, themselves, register to be. It has to do with principles, not family registration. What a lame excuse!
    Tony Bouie just saw reality and thought no one would notice his last minute political conversion. That tells you how smart his mentor is! Why do you think he’s leaving after only one term?
    This act tell you how much Bouie thinks of the people he claims he wants to represent. Without even being elected, he’s willing to deceive them.

  38. TonyGOPrano says:

    Poor FS! What a fool you are. I bet your an Obama supporter? Looking forward to November 4th when John McCain is elected President. What are you all going to do? ROTFLMAO!!!

  39. Horst Kraus says:

    Well, are you one of those doubting Thomas’ the world has an abundance of? Have you got any other wisdom to spread about Tony Bouie?
    Arizona has a near 2 billion dollar imbalance in its budget because of lack of generating revenue. And that is because of the lack of forward thinking business entrepreneurs in our legislature.
    We need neither sermons nor do we need a contests of who can be the most conservative Conservative.
    We need the Government to stay out of the way, out of our lives, our pocket books, our kitchen and our parlors. And if we can keep it our bedrooms so much the better.
    The Business of America is Business, and I am not the first to say that. We need to let the business men and women of this country do what they know is best and what yey do best. I promise you the economy of our country knows no limits if it is let to flourish.
    It is no accident that CONSERVATIVE free market entrepreneurs, business men like me lend their support to Tony Bouie. (pardon me for shouting)
    Conservative to the core, F.S and doubting Thomas, you can’t lead. Do the next best thing. Follow or better yet, stay out of the way.

  40. Todd says:

    I’ve seen Bouie’s mailer. I had no idea he managed a Circle K! Wow, I’m impressed! Bouie’s not wearing his wife-beater in any of these shots but okay, he wins Best Ever Breat Pocket Handckerchief Award. Man–how do you fold those things with 3 triangles like that? During lots of down time at Circle K? Bouie’s idea of cracking down on illegal immigration is to reverse immigration law to conform with what the criminals want–then it won’t be illegal anymore! Doug Clark calls Bouie “a real leader in the Republican Primary—what a liar! Bouie is 3rd out of 3 and didn’t even show up for his Clean Elections debate!! Leader of what?! He is only ahead of everybody who isn’t running!! Clark, you’re going out in very sad fashion. We hardly knew ya.

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  44. Dale says:

    Meet Horst Kraus. Would you bring your 10 year old over for an afternoon with Uncle Horst?

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