Outbreak imperils Valley children

All public swimming pools closed

A dangerous intestinal parasite that causes Crypto, (Cryptosporidium) has infected as many as 35 swimmers at the Valley‘s public swimming pools. Most of the victims are children. The Centers for Disease Control explains how this infectious disease is spread.

The parasites were found in people who either swam or worked at city pools, causing the Health Department to close down all 29 City of Phoenix pools indefinitely, according to a report on FOX 10 News.

The majority of public pools serve less affluent neighborhoods, since those residents often do not have home pools to provide respite from the summer heat.

Is this one more indication of a marked increased in contagions such as tuberculosis, Hansen’s disease and hepatitis being reported by the Health Department? With the high number of illegals entering through the back door and avoiding health checks in Arizona we will likely see more such outbreaks.

Where is Mayor Phil Gordon’s much acclaimed “compassion” for our own disadvantaged citizen children who depend on these pools for a large part of their summer recreation?

George Putnam, writing for NewsMax, has detailed the serious risks posed by previously eradicated diseases. This important article is worth your time.

6 Responses to Outbreak imperils Valley children

  1. Maggie says:

    Thanks for this in-depth information. This appears to be a serious health risk. The information from the NewsMax report was excellent. I’ve sent this article on.

  2. Ron says:

    I’ve read about these imported infectious diseases before. Another major reason to secure our national border. Too bad John McCain doesn’t use public swimming pools.

  3. Jana Simmons says:

    Ron, you’re too funny! That line made my day!Can’t you just see Juan and Cindy at the Encanto Park pool getting a good dose of whatever from the the folks?

  4. Kate says:

    Oh how I would love to see our whole elite class of arrogant politicians who suck-up to illegals catch everything they bring over.

  5. RA says:

    Several years ago, before the present owner took charge, the WSJ ran an editorial written by a physician practicing on the East Coast about the epidemiological risks posed by the illegal alien presence in the US, based on things he was seeing then. These included TB among restaurant workers, and a bizarre internal growth that he had never seen before.

    I’ll also point out that in Central Phoenix there were several clubs which provided swim facilities to members and guests, which provided most of the competitive athletic training available in swimming for Central Phoenix. These have mostly folded, leaving the YMCA, Encanto, and the Phoenix Country Club – and Central Phoenix is much poorer as a result.

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