Make no mistake: Tony Bouie is no Ronald Reagan

The amazing transformation of Tony Bouie from lifelong Democrat to “Conservative Leader”

Tony Bouie’s oversized, full color, tri-fold campaign brochures have begun arriving in mailboxes. One knowlegable recipient called it “a sight to behold,” which is notable for its understatement.

Bouie, who iis the recipient of generous campaign donations from the folks opposed to the employer sanctions law, reregistered as a newly-minted Republican a mere FIVE days prior to filing his paperwork to run for the state legislature. Bouie is the newfound darling of the fast-food moguls and other business execs who have profited through the exploitation of illegal workers they are able to pay sub-standard wages, while fattening their own bank accounts.

Reconfiguring oneself as a new Republican at such breakneck speed is quite a feat, but trumpeting himself as the purveyor of Intelligent Conservative Leadership throughout his brochure is arrogant duplicity. Not only does this curiously timed transformation smell of hypocracy, but the stench of the con job fouls the air. Bouie is, in fact, selling the District 6 voters out and hoping they don’t realize they’ve been duped until the election has concluded.

Forced to acknowlege his deception, after being outed, he audaciously compares himself to Ronald Reagan, who he takes pains to remind us also switched parties. However, years passed and political dues were paid before Reagan undertook running for public office. For Bouie to attempt this comparison, after FIVE SHORT DAYS is shameful.

 Outgoing one-termer, Rep. Doug Clark, the “brains” behind this scheme, is featured on the mailer endorsing his selectee. After encouraging this debacle, Clark won’t have a bridge left to burn within the Republican party.

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  1. Vince says:

    Bouie sounds like quite the scam artist. But it appears he’s been aided and abetted in his efforts by some less than sterling cohorts. Doug Clark has shown himself to be a puppeteer who is also being manipulated by the pro-illegal contingent. I pity the poor folks living in District 6, having to deal with this unsavory bunch.

  2. Calypso says:

    Money is no object for Tony Bouie. He’s financed by the big business tycoons behind normalizing the McAmnesty illegal hires. As their front-man, Tony Bouie doesn’t have to concern himself with money, he sends out multiples of the same mailing to individual households. I live in the district. I received a mailer addressed to me, my wife received one and we received another to Mr. and Mrs. If he was paying his own freight, you can bet the list would have been culled to insure care of not engaging in such careless and sloppy expenditures. As it is, things that matter to a true conservative–such as watching how money is spent–don’t register a blimp on Tony Bouie’s radar screen.

  3. Fooled Twice says:

    Where is Sen. Pamela Gorman in this mess? She’s remained awfully quiet.

  4. Orion says:

    Gorman’s campaign advisor is also handling Bouie’s campaign. Those are some dots for you to connect, FT.

  5. Sideliner says:

    Isn’t this the same district where the ever-so classy and upstanding one-term House member Clancy Jayne ran from? He got a well deserved boot, so the district voters aren’t so stupid. Now he’s running for JP. Can you imagine THAT guy interpreting the law? Classless Jayne is a poster boy for why there is a movement afoot to have Justices of the Peace be lawyers. Had Jayne had a law degree, he likely would have been disbarred by now.

  6. SherriAZ says:

    I hope the District 6 voters do their homework!

  7. Horst Kraus says:

    Any Republican who was a Democrat before can claim such and can say: “Like Ronald Reagan” and that is not a lie, the longer you spin it the more it looks like sour grapes.
    And please don’t worry about Mr. Clark. He’ll do just fine.
    Also the more you whine about the “Open Border Crowd” or “Amnesty” the more you appear as a member of that group of whiners Sen. Phil Grahm eluded to. Yes they are the whiners and all their whining hasn’t changed a thing nor has it helped meet the challenge of illegal immigration, or hasn’t it?
    Please don’t worry about us folks in LD-6, first we don’t think of us being poor, and second if anything we feel being enriched by our intelligent choice. Did I say that right? Or did I mean for the choice to elect an intelligent candidate. Well that is it.
    Have you ever considered that it is not happenstance that Tony Bouie has the backing of supporters with some wherewhithal, something that signals serious support.
    It looks like you are still stuck in yesteryears elections for analysis. like losing all the time. You may be on to something. I can think of folks who could use your advice.

  8. Ajo Joe says:

    Horst Kraus,
    Tony Bouie has support because he is so easy to manipulate. He admittedly has no clue about the legislative process, and has only attended ONE district meeting, boldly coming to introduce himself as a candidate!! Of course he couldn’t have attended as a precinct committeeman because he was a DEMOCRAT until he was convinced to run. You say a lot about yourself for defending this crass maneuver. Of course you’re a contributor to his campaign so what’s to be expected from you? You support McCain’s Shamnesty scheme, and Tony Bouie will play along, in the undermining of our nation’s rule of law.

    As to Ronald Reagan: He was a man of principle and honesty. To liken Tony Bouie to Reagan is an outrage. It is “not a lie” as you say to say Reagan reregistered, but it was done years before he ran for any office. Bouie is an opportunist. You know it and so do others. You don’t mind because it plays into your agenda.

    His financial donors are mostly outside of the district and even outside the state of Arizona. The donations don’t indicate district support. They indicate the donor’s desires to support a close friend, relative or in the cases of the pro-illegal laborer business owners, to give aid to someone who is can be controlled. That’s Tony Bouie!!!

  9. Todd says:

    I’ve seen Bouie’s mailer. I had no idea he managed a Circle K! Wow, I’m impressed! Bouie’s not wearing his wife-beater in any of these shots but okay, he wins Best Ever Breat Pocket Handckerchief Award. Man–how do you fold those things with 3 triangles like that? During lots of down time at Circle K? Bouie’s idea of cracking down on illegal immigration is to reverse immigration law to conform with what the criminals want–then it won’t be illegal anymore! Doug Clark calls Bouie “a real leader in the Republican Primary—what a liar! Bouie is 3rd out of 3 and didn’t even show up for his Clean Elections debate!! Leader of what?! He is only ahead of everybody who isn’t running!! Clark, you’re going out in very sad fashion. We hardly knew ya.

  10. Jack says:

    Circle K? Todd, that is a riot! Quite a comedown from football!

    I read on another site that Bouie friends were chipping in for his medical expenses. If he spends his own money down to that point, how carefully will this brand new “conservative” look after our tax dollars?

    I’ve read enough of Horst’s comments to detect a decidedly liberal bent. Why is he suddenly boosting a new-born “conservative?”

  11. Joe Evans says:

    Rep. Sam Crump has done an outstnding job representing the district and Carl Seel is a respected longtime activist and with years of involvement in the state GOP. He has been elected to lead as a precinct and state committeeman and participates in leadership roles in numerous Republican organizations. These two men provide the opportunity for the voters who actually care about the turn the state legislature takes.

    Regardless of what Kraus thinks, we don’t need Republicans voting with the Democrat caucus!!

  12. Leroy in CG says:

    I’m confused about Bouie.

    In January he announces that he has cancer in “his liver, elbow, neck, hip . . . the damn disease is all over his skeletal system.”

    In February, he sets up a foundation to raise meney for his daughters, having friends and acquaintances run golf tournaments, fashion shows, amil out pleas for fiinancial support as “Time is beginning to be measured in months.”

    May 1, it is announced that he is two months into his chemotherapy and another plea is made for money to help support his family.

    Sounds tragic, and I wouldn’t want this to happen to anyone. However, now comes the confusion:

    Three weeks PRIOR to the May article indicating the Bouie friends are holding something akin to a death vigil for him, Bouie meets with Clark, changes his registration, makes arrangements for a campaign manager and files as a candidate for the House of Representatives on April 14.

    The May article also says he is moving into a new home in Anthem Rio Grande.

    This is such strange behavior for a young man who is in the early stages of chemotherapy for cancer that has masticized throughout his body including the liver and bones.

    Nothing short of a miracle healing would convince a normal person to jump into the political bullring for his remaining “time measured in months.” Everyone I have ever known in this type of situation has tried to focus all of his time and attention to the family, not a new outside interest. I believe in miracles, but if he was healed, he wouldn’t have needed to continue doing chemotherapy.

    This sounds like some wrong chords are being played in this Anthem.

  13. Charlie Conservative says:

    This is beyond belief! I take that back. Coming from the McCain Amnesty crowd anything is possible. Deceit is their motto. How about another 100K Mr Magruder? Need those illegal aliens & their cheap labor coming in to keep your McDonalds franchises going. Here is an ad for you….” Mingle with the company that advocates for illegals and the homosexual agenda…..visit a McDonalds in your neighborhood. ”

    What a Scottsdale Bible thumping religious hypocrite old Mac has turned out to be. Doesn’t matter how many perish crossing the desert to work for the old Bible quoter. His heart bleeds compassion for them. “My friends, they are God’s children.” Think not, that they are stealing us blind and destroying all of our institutions.

  14. Horst Kraus says:

    It’s five, on a Saturday and basically it was a good day overall, we had a wonderful turnout at John Shadegg’s Eggs and Issue Breakfast this morning and I just kind of wanted to settle down with a cool drink. I figured I look what is on the Blogs, just for amusement, you know, and WOW, pardon me I know it’s impolite to shout, but it’s like the devil has opened the gates.
    Charlie, you took the cake, really, I mean it. I mean your post on Tony Bouie took the cake.
    To critic a man, a Christian man who feels compassion, for those who perish in the desert, for thirst, or disorientation, while in the quest to better their lot, to provide for their family is outright deplorable.
    And as to your preamble by which you directly associate this good man in a derogatory fashion with the negativity of a lifestyle, the human site of which you will never understand, is despicable and underlines your hopeless homo and xenophobia.
    And then you go and spew the overflow of all this venom of yours onto a candidate for political office in a district you haven’t even identified yourself as being a stake holder in. Your gratuitous stab at Mr. Magruder gives me pause to reckon you belong into eleven, stick with the screwballs that lost a seat to the Liberals at the last round.

  15. TonyGOPrano says:


    I think Tony Bouie really has these peeps worried. Some of these comments really crack me up. I think Ajo Joe has been lighting up too many doobies down there in Ajo. The voters of LD-6 know exactly what is going on. Like you said Horst, most of these posters aren’t from the district, so there venom is just useless. I do agree with these ‘Border Hawks’. We hould have done something 30 years ago to stop the border invasion – of CALIFORNIANS! These wanna be’s come here because they can’t win elections in CA. Some can’t win them here either!

  16. Leroy in CG says:

    I notice that neither Kraus not Napoligrano even try to explain the Bouie timeline conflicts – as displayed on his own sites. Sure would like to see a four-color mailer on that subject in my mailbox.

  17. Orion says:

    So Horst hits the sauce and the blogs for “amusement.” Could have figured that much! And to think he does it all in the buff. Bet he hasn’t invited his friend Tony/Jeff to join him at the ranch. Even Horst might have trouble with that!

    Referring to Bible believers as “homo and xenophobes” is his type of truth stretch. The Lord’s words are very clear on sodomy. But since Horst thinks the Bible is irrelevant, that won’t matter to him. Also, the root word of “phobic” refers to fear. I don’t know who fears homosexuals. Never have met a homophobe, although the homosexuals and their pals adore that fallacious reference.

    I am a “stake holder” (as you put it) in District 6. I would never support any fraudulent candidate such as Tony Bouie. Given Bouie’s penchant for skewing the truth, it makes perfect sense that he’d have the Horster in his corner.

    Mac Magruder and his cohorts are self absorbed hypocrites, far more concerned with their bottom line rather than dying Mexicans.

    If they really cared about the deaths in the desert, they would do whatever they could to encourage them to stay home and work towards making their own resource rich nation a less corrupt nation.

  18. Horst Kraus says:

    Leroy in C.G.
    You’re next. Your ticket has been punched. If C.G. stands for Cielo Grande, you ar in luck, you are in. You have a stake in LD-6.
    Are you an oncologist? If you are, give me your phone number, I have been diagnosed with melanoma, had remission, had it flare up again, had it operated on, went in remission again. We stay on top of it and watch it constantly. I can always use a good second opinion. If you are an expert I’d like to talk to you, If you are not, keep your mouth shut and concern yourself only with what little you really know.
    That should not be all too cumbersome. One more thing before I go. If you’ll ever get into a position when you thing it may be over soon, and you are still at mid life and have a family and little kids you love, you should be so lucky to have friends like Tony has, friends who come to the fore. Those friends who help to arrange for scholarships or endowments by whatever means, their deeds need not be belittled by a half wit jerk.

  19. Darla says:

    Tony Bouie is obviusly a fraud. Lifelong democrat that switched to Republican 5 days before filing to run for LD-6 Representative. Failed to show for Clean Elections debate. What more needs said?

    I don’t care what district he is in, I don’t want him having a vote on statewide issues. Residency in a district doesn’t mean anything except your choices of candidates. I never heard of a bill at the legislature that pertained to one LD.

    Why should magruder care who dies in the desert? That dead soul doesn’t figure into his bottom line. He’s a nonfactor.

  20. Horst Kraus says:

    You are really not up yet but I answer you on the fly. You don’t know what you are talking about. I hear you don’t want to vote for Mr. Bouie. OK
    But if you are not living in LD-6 you can’t vote for or against him. Get it?
    You accuse him of being a fraud. Have you any proof to offer? Remember Detective Friday? “The facts Lady, only the facts”

  21. Gimlet says:

    If you are so digusted by conservatives, why do you check this site where we assemble so often? No doubt you want to know what we are thinking. The funny thing is not many of us (I would guess) care a whit about what you and your buddy Tony GOPrano/Jeff Vath think. You could post on his Mafioso site, but no one reads it. I imagine yiou post here on Seeing Red because you want to get your views out.

    Can’t blame you for that, but tonight, why don’t you just get back to the drinks you said you were chugging down? It already sounds like you’ve had too many to write sensibly.

  22. Leroy in CG says:

    One more mistake, Horst. It was Sergeant Joe Firday.

    As to your other stuff, I am willing to bet that you did not make a complete change in your job, your registration, etc. within 90 days of notification that you had cancer throughout your body – including vital organs and the skeletal system and you are counting time left here in terms of months.

    Again, as I said originally, I am very empathetic for anyone who is youthful head of a family with small children. My confusion comes from his focusing on this political arena while going through initial chemotherapy and without a statement of remission in hand.

    As to my ticket being punched, it was punched from before I was born, for HE knew my days on this earth then. I also know that if I am in the same situation as Bouie was five months ago, I would want to spend every waking moment with my wife and children – especially as the prognosis would seem to indicate that a longterm contribution in a new field was not in the cards.

    Again, the confusion continues.

  23. Chuck says:

    Well said, Darla! Votes cast at the legislature affect us all — not just the individuals in the specific district incompetent representatives live in.

    Horst doesn’t seem to understand such basic concepts.

  24. Horst Kraus says:

    It could have been Ice tea, and then it might have been Cool Aid. Do you want to discuss my choice of beverage and my attire when I am on the keyboard? That means you have nothing of substance to contribute th the thread that started with the revelation that Tony Bouie’s campaign mailed out an impressive, attractive, and informative Campaign Brochure.
    You favorite candidate obviously is woefully behind the eight ball on that issue.
    As to your reference to my knowledge of biblical interpretations, be careful but in fairness to you and others let me confess I studied in my younger years as a seminarian. Why don’t you let Charlie defend himself, it was him I called out. But since you both seem to have a penchant attacking Mr. Magruder every chance you have, I offer you to join forces (if you are not already one and the same) and I gladly take both of you on.
    Your stance on the challenge our country faces with respect to illegal immigration, national security, hinki dink fences, and embezzlers holding themselves out as patriots or minute men is not just cost ineffective, it is ineffective, PERIOD.
    If you honestly want to address that challenge, and the associated economic consequences, you be better advised aligning yourself with people who know how to find the solutions and fix it, rather than giving lip service to the whiners and complainers.
    America is still the Country of CAN DO. I should know, I did the can do and am doing it still every day.
    I am going to have myself a real beer now, The rest of you crackers have to wait for my response until tomorrow.

  25. TonyGOPrano says:

    Sorry to disappoint you Gimlet but my Blog gets plenty of hits. I have friends all across the United States unlike you few who infest this Blog. Kepp up it up PRENTENDING to be Republicans, Obama Lovers – your making no friends with your racist comments!

  26. Rightfighter says:

    My buddy told me about this blog. You all seem like a handful! I’m glad there are groups that look out for us local conservatives.

    Just reading through some of the articles and comments here makes me a little on edge. As a God-fearing husband, father and lifelong Pentecostal believer, I don’t think it’s our place to put God in a box. I serve a God that is a healer and a restorer. He is a miracle worker.

    Mr. Bouie may be a newly minted Republican but that doesn’t mean he is a newly minted Christian. My daddy raised me up right and was a lifelong Democrat – a working man, a mans man. Back then, what political party you voted with said more about your economic lot in life than your morals and beliefs. If daddy didn’t like a certain democrat, he might vote for a Republican. It wasn’t treason back then. I know things are very different in this day and age but I feel a little guilty – by association I guess.

    Maybe I just jumped in at the wrong time here but we are to practice the Fruit of the Spirit fellow right-wing conservatives. I can’t stop everyone here from all of the in-fighting but we do have something to be grateful for here – three Republican, conservative candidates – 1 Catholic and 2 Evangelicals who aren’t afraid to show their Faith.

  27. Ray says:

    Who on this site is a racist? I am half Mexican and I read this site daily and often contribute. You see, Mr. GOPrano (heard you had to change your logo for infringement reasons) not all Hispanics are pro-illegal entrants. I am certainly not!

    I imagine your national “friends” (acquaintances?) are all fellow McToadies using feeds provided by the campaign to fill their blog sites.

    I can only speak for myself, of course, but disliking McCain doesn’t mean we support Obama. I will vote for neither of them. McCain has abandoned conservatives–and this may surprise you, but I am a strong , grassroots conservative activist.

  28. Kate says:

    My husband and I just got back from a fun night at the “Duel in the Desert” event with Sheriff Arpaio & County Attorney Thomas. Didn’t see one RINO there. Shows how much Senator McCain and the Magruder Amnesty crowd has polarized the party. No denying that. We are on the “eve of destruction” thanks to Juan McCain.

  29. Mr. Conservative says:


    I guess you didn’t notice that Susan Bitter-Smith was at the event. She’s a R.I.N.O. to the core… ( Just like Horst & Vath ) I hope Schweikert beats her like a rented mule on September 2nd. We need good well rounded conservatives to bring people back to the Republican party and save us from our government (that doesn’t seem to have a clue as to what the problems are). Tony Bouie is not what I have in mind. He reminds me of Slade Mead (who is a good friend of Susan Bitter-Smith)…

  30. Kate says:

    You are so right, Mr. Conservative. I have heard about Susan Bitter-Smith, but do not know her by sight. A number of people pointed out Schweikert to me although I already knew him by sight. No one said a word about Bitter-Smith. Thank you for the correction.

  31. Jay Bird says:


    What are you talking about? The last I checked, Tony Bouie was not running to be the head Christian of District 6. He is running to represent the district as a Republican legislator.

    If we are to gauge his good faith–not his religion–he certainly comes up lacking, regardless of what your daddy taught you. Hypocrisy is hypocrisy, no matter what religion one claims.

    Bouie is not running to be the district’s religious leader, thank God! I would expect more than a con-artist in that role. He came to this race as a FIVE DAY Republican registrant because his advisors correctly told him the demographics of the district he is running to represent are inconsistent with his life long registration as a Democrat. He’s a flimflammer, trying to deceive the majority GOP voters of the district. I certainly hope he is unsuccessful in that attempt.

  32. Thomas says:

    You summed it all up perfectly in saying how the McCain forces have polarized the Republican party. Even longtime friendships have gone by the wayside as McCain supporters throw caution to the winds attempting to gain a foothold to their dreams by latching on to McAmnesty. Like Obama threw his own white grandmother under the proverbial bus a few months ago, McCain supporters show no loyalty to anyone other than their new McDeity.

  33. Jana Simmons says:

    Mr. Rightfighter:

    With all due respect, you sound like a nut!

  34. Charlie Conservative says:

    So typical of a liberal argument , Kraus. Call me a racist and homophobe for stating the facts. I dare say Bonnie and Clyde showed compassion for the poor as they stole the earnings of citizens from banks and killed the officers of the law to give a little of their ill-gotten funds to the poor. And how many of our own citizens are in prison for stealing just so they could provide for their families? No, I feel no compassion to those who would destroy us for their own personal gain and that includes Mr. Magruder. Charity is no substitute for justice withheld.

    The hypocrisy of Magruder is so obvious it hardly needs to be described, but here it is. He pretends to be this pious Christian from Scottsdale Bible while he lies to us about the purpose of his “Stop Illegal Hiring” initiative or are you going to tell me that the purpose of the initiative is not to gut our employers sanction legislation? If so, you are a liar as well.

    Magruder is from Dist 11 which you are so fond of condemning for the conservative stance they take on issues. It would not surprise me if he voted for the wife beater, DeSimone, because DeSimone was a Dem and Mac would have assumed he would be a vote against employer sanctions. That is Magruder’s #1 issue.

    Magruder, being from Scottsdale Bible, ostensibly would be opposed to the homosexual agenda. But Lo, his McDonalds franchises now are giving millions through the Corp Offices to advance the homosexual agenda that Mac pretends to opposed. Money is Mac’s God.

  35. Leroy in CG says:

    I still have not seen a viable answer for Bouie’s actions that are confusing as to time and circumstance. Changing registration and filing to run for political office while the websites of his supporters state that he has cancer throughout his body including vital organs and the skeletal system requiring fundraisers for the wwlfare of his children – intimated to soon be fatherless childres.

    For all of that to be happening simultaneously is incongrous and outside of normal behavior. Horst has commented time after time on this article while avoiding that conflict completely. Even more curious.

  36. Rightfighter says:

    Miss Simmons:

    With all due respect, I’m not a nut but I do love cashews!

    I hope I have a better understanding of where you all are coming from.

    All of the border seel-outs should be ashamed for giving away the USA. I agree with the border policies spoken of here but I wonder if it’s not part of a bigger plan that we are powerless to stop. We can bellyache and boo-hoo all day long, we can take up arms, we can cast our votes BUT we can’t stop a broder global plan. The games have already begun.

    Mr. Jay Bird,

    I think that the infighting that is obvious in the Republican Party (just as it is in this blog!) is just as prevelent in the Democratic party as well. All of this slapping around of everyone stops any progress within the Republican party and causes resentment.

    The point I was trying to make in my previous post was about everyday people finding a place to call home within political parties that are so out of touch with us peons that we’re left to defend the boarders on our own. That, I agree, is pathetic. I respect your opinion of religion. Maybe our grandparents were right after all by their beliefs in seperation of church and state. I don’t necessarily agree with that but something is wrong. We don’t have to look any further than this blog to see that.

  37. Horst Kraus says:

    You are asking me to fix your confusion. I do not know how to proceed. I am neither Mr Bouie’s doctor, nor am I in able to take a position on what you have heart or read on a website that I have neither seen nor have I any control over and certainly no way to make any comments on.
    If you have a burning question on some ones website, I suggest you inquire with whoever publishes that website.
    What I know is what Mister Bouie told me and that is, that he was diagnosed with cancer, that he underwent treatment and a subsequent test revealed that he was cured or the cancer had subsided and is in remission.
    It is his opinion as I understand it, that he is no longer concerned with it. If he is not concerned with it, I ask why anyone else should be concerned by it.
    As to whatever funds were started by his friends simply underlines the magnitude of his character in the opinion of his friends and supporters.

  38. Horst Kraus says:

    You puzzle me. You believe I am discussed with conservatives. Why would that be? I am a conservative.
    Now a bit further down this thread someone calls me a RINO and think I heard someplace it stands for “In Name Only” I never could figure out what it means. Is it something like PINO, “Pregnant in Name only” Like a young woman buys herself a maternity dress so when she gets on a crowded bus she hopes some guy will offer her his seat. Fat Chance.
    I always felt there were absolutes. Like a Man, Woman, you know? .I always felt are absolutes One is, or one is not. So what would a MINO be? A Man in Name only? A fellow with Johnsonville Brats in his Blue Jeanes?
    Tell me Gimlet, What must A Rino do to become a Conservative? Could you enumerate?
    I would really appreciate you letting me know.
    As to me getting my views across, I think I am doing a good job at that. I say you are dead wrong when you celebrate every bump in the road the McCain Campaign has to overcome and they do overcome all of them, I think it is wrong for you to belittle our good Senator by calling him funny names with a derogatory spin like Juan, Senor, Scamnesty, and many more, you know exactly what I mean, because every time you do that, you are subtly, ever so subtly aiding and abetting the liberal opponent and therefore you should not be surprised when you are called Obama Lovers.
    This last paragraph was not directed at you alone, Gimlet but to all your Comrades on this blog.

  39. Horst Kraus says:

    Charlie Conservative,
    There is such a thing that if it looks like a duck, if it walks like a duck and if it squawks like a duck, it is a duck.
    So don’t be surprised, when after you speak like a homophobe, and act like xenophobe, and accuse renowned supporters of the Republican Party of hypocrisy or worse you have earned the definition of being called a racist.
    Let me assure you Mister Charlie Conservative, and I have stated this before on this and other sides, I am just as pissed as any ten of you together, about the state of undocumented immigrants and the obvious inability of our Government to get a handle on the challenge. I am equally pissed with measures that are proposed in a knee jerked fashion that can only achieve one thing, namely to vent very temporarily the frustration of a mass hysteria.
    I have no dog in this race. I do not employ Hispanics nor do I find them among my customers for obvious reasons. They are God fearing members of a Christians sub group and they are deadly afraid of going blind if they came near my ranch.
    Having said that, whatever proposals are now floating and are to your liking, will not work and most of it isn’t even feasible.
    I grant your frustration, but I assure you, revoking business licenses, or penalizing business owners for the inability of the Government, as a result of a near revolt by the mob action of nut cases, to take feasible measures will only cause for more investments to go offshore. Warmed over ideas by the pitiful remnants of the John Birch Society is not going to carry the day.
    If you are sincere in getting this mess resolved start working with people that have the know how and the will to get it done. You can never get b100%of what you want but at the end of the day you will wind up seeing a remarkable change and it will be workable.
    Finally, will you be so kind and tell me what it is that makes me a RINO? So I may change my ways.

  40. Leroy in CG says:

    Mr Kraus

    I did not really ask you to fix my confusion, but I wondered why his supporters seemed to want to ignore the conflicts. Now it is compounded by your latest post.

    I think that it is even more curious that nowhere in Mr Bouie’s site does he say what you say he told you. Neither has there been any statement anywhere on any other site that states what you say he told you. And, why he was still undergoing chemotherapy weeks after he filed as a candidate surely does not confirm what you say he told you.

    This campaign is in constant conflict with itself.

  41. Rightfighter says:

    Mr. Leroy,

    If I didn’t know any better, I’d assume you were running against Mr. Bouie since you keep ranting about his cancer. You seem to want him to have cancer. Why the obsession? I’m not saying I’d vote for the guy but show a little bit of mercy for Heavens sake.

    From all I can tell, we should thank the Lord this guy survived his brush w/ death. Its impossible to get diagnosed with a bad cancer and not feel like it might be the end, especially with very young children. Anyone who gets blindsided by a serious illness panics, prays and then goes to the doctors to get the junk to hopefully stop the disease. In Mr. Bouies case, the chemo apparently worked. Life goes on and I’m sure his doctor visits will too.

    Hey, maybe the Arizona newspapers only like to write stories about a guy that might pass away vs. someone who survived. I’m sure Mr. Bouie didn’t call the newspapers himself begging for coverage when he first found out. I remember reading a story in the Republic a while back about Mr. Bouies cancer. The reporters around the state might know the same thing Horst Kraus speaks of but maybe they can’t force the papers to print a bit of happy news about Mr. Bouies recovery.

    Anyways, you said you keep looking at other sites. Maybe some other website plagerized some legitimate newspaper stories and changed stuff around with new dates, etc. to suit their own purpose or blogs. It might be innocent or sinister. Who knows. Sensationalism is alive and well in American media buddy.

    Since this is really bothering you, why don’t you just email Mr. Bouies campaign and ask anything you want? Sounds like a smart thing to do. No one can dream up these wild curiosities then.

  42. Charlie Conservative says:

    The bottom line, Mr Kraus, is that when you are finally pinned down and forced to reply to a question you have danced around, and ranted and raved about, all we get from you are excuses. No answer to Magruder’s hypocrisy or Bouie’s strange candidacy.

    Now you refer to us as remnants of the John Birch Society. Mr Kraus, your non-answers are pathetic ramblings of intolerance you claim to abhor.

  43. Horst Kraus says:

    I have to confess, in all my 78 years on earth you are standing out as one of a kind.
    As far as my relationship with Mr. Magruder is concerned I met him one time in my life. I was introduced to him and he was introduced to me. We exchanged the usual courtesies like: “It’s a pleasure to meet you” We shook hands and I remember it was a solid handshake.
    I know from a number of business acquaintances that Mr. Magruder owns several successful franchises.
    I have not ever, except from you, heard even one negative comment about Mr. Magruder or his businesses.
    Now you come and under a fake name accuse Mr. Magruder of all sorts of things that sound absolutely unbelievable to me. From my memory, the few moments Mr. Magruder and I spoke and made eye contact, our handshake, and all what my lifetime of dealing with people taught me, you Mr. Charlie are barking up the wrong tree.
    You, who rants behind a fake identity, now expect me with my good name to confirm your ranting abouts someone else’s character, and since I am not going to acquiesce, you accuse me of ranting and even call me RINO.
    On the same order you find Mr. Bouie’s candidacy “Strange”.
    I do not and neither do hundreds of other folks I know, but you are bewildered that I don’t agree with you.
    You know Sir, I find you to be a very bitter man. While I don’t care to speculate on the nature of your shortcomings, I suspect you are disenchanted with yourself and harbor colossal frustration. For your own sake, seek council.

  44. Leroy in CG says:


    I am not a candidate for any office nor related to any candidate for office.

    If Mr. Bouie has beaten cancer, no one could be happier for him and his family. I am compassionate, but this whole thing is bothersome. Having a brain and a heart is not in conflict.

    As to the website issue, the main website I referrenced in my first post about this was one where the main message was support for Bouie, chronicaling his situation, asking for prayer and seeking monetary support for him. It was not a sensational newspaper article from prople outside the circle of friends and family. This page long article was written on May 1, talking about Bouie going through chemo and the “fact” that he was measuring his time left in terms of months.

    The timing was after he had completed his political 180, so, obviously he had not been cleared of the disease or even in remission. That is strange and voters have a right to know about and evaluate this unusual behavior as a part of their decision making process.

    No one asked him about his physical condition, it was volunteered. No one should have to ask him to explain inconsistencies, it should be volunteered. If he can’t explain it, people should make that a factor. ’nuff said. I am not the subject of the article or the issue, so I will not post to this again, but I will be looking to see if he is as standup on this issue as he was on the football field.

  45. Horst Kraus says:

    Rightfighter is right. You appear as the only one that has unanswered questions. You are seeking not yet known BLOGS, looking for not yet written stories, asking to find answers to not yet defined questions. You seem to be wanting to find a story that details Mr. Bouie’s obituary.
    I remember as Mark Twain said many years ago on stage: ” the story about my demise has been greatly exaggerated”.
    Why don’t you go look for the lost mountain, with the lost mine from the lost miner with the lost mind. You’ll have a better chance finding that.
    Or take the same advice I gave your comrade the Conservative Charlie. It is found in the last sentence in the last paragraph in my last post.

  46. Leroy in CG says:

    Mr. Kraus,

    I have been considerate and sticking to the issue. You don’t seem to be able to reply in kind. In spite of that, I followed your advice given in the third paragraph. I think that I have had success and it is ye.

  47. Rightfighter says:


    I went back to your original post that had the link to the Mainland CHINA paper cup blog. The curious and inconsistent link to the Mr. Bouie story is a phantom link. You must have been the victim of some type of cyber-hijacking or switcheroo.

    Like I said last night, maybe someone copied a real story by breaking copyright laws and repackaged and dated it to suit their own purpose/blog/website. They could’ve done it just to make curiosities and conflicts where there otherwise aren’t any.

    You write that “no one asked him about his physical condition, it was volunteered. No one should have to ask him…” What??! I know that if you were my neighbor and I had Mr. Bouies medical condition, I wouldn’t mind at all if you asked about my wellbeing out of genuine concern or curiosity. I would want to answer your questions so some other nosey neighbor didn’t give you bad information.

    Please take some of the burden of this mystery off of yourself. Email, write or call the man himself. He might just teach you a lesson in humility even if he doesn’t “earn” your vote.

  48. Charlie Conservative says:

    My gosh you love to defame me Mr Kraus. But you will not answer the questions. You can read, no one asked if you knew Magruder. You comment about Obama, but don’t personally know him. You know what “Stop Illegal Hiring” is all about and who is behind it, but you will not admit to the dishonesty involved. Could it be that those involved in the initiative are tied too closely to you politically? That is where the truth lies Kraus. We have read your comments about those favoring enforcement of immigration laws reminding you of Hitler’s Germany. Your are a very good spinmiester Mr Kraus, I’ll give that to you.

  49. A Funny thing happened says:

    This new development brings a whole new meaning to the “Vote For Pedro” t-shirt that Bouie likes to wear in his video blogs.

  50. Kate says:

    Today’s post on SEEINGRED has an article from the Sonoran News that details the fraud of Magruder and allies in their “Stop Illegal Hiring” initiative. Let’s hear Kraus & Bouie disown their backers now. Fat chance, they are joined at the hip.

  51. Horst Kraus says:

    Hey funny,
    Have you ever thought it was a gag shirt, like for his neighbors son “Pedro” 5 th birthday party?
    I am amazed how you “Always Conservative” good and loving Christians, can come up with such sinister spins.
    I get a kick out of that, ready to throw up.

  52. Kerrie R. says:

    I’ll vote for Tony, if he keeps wearing those lavendar shirts!

  53. A Funny thing happened says:

    Actually most people know that “Vote for Pedro” is a gag shirt from a movie called Napoleon Dynamite. It’s just amusing how it plays now.

  54. MacBeth says:

    Sorry, AFTH, but when you’re running to represent thousands of people in a legislative district, wearing a trash shirt isn’t even near to being amusing. He certainly was careful to have his super-folded, four-pointed hankerchief in his suit pocket on his brochure. Obviously he wanted to project the appropriate image there. He even removed the ever-present sunglasses. Wow!

  55. Rightfighter says:

    What if the Vote for Pedro T-shirt is a curious sign, a kind of spooky message. Wonder if the message printed on that shirt is what he wants us all to do? Is he trying to brainwash us? Is Pedro his nickname? What’s his point?

    What if Mr. Bouie has even worn the color pink. What could that mean?

    Maybe Mr. Bouies choice of t-shirt (on whatever video you’re talking about) is foreshadowing the LD 14 State Representative race. I watched parts of that debate as recommended by SeeingRedAZ. Now THAT video deserves the national spotlight.

    I’ve been called a nut here but I’m not stupid. We can’t embarass ourselves that much can we? If people here take that kind of paranoia out into the real world then you’re doing our cause a serious dis-service. Where does it end?

  56. Horst Kraus says:

    Kate (at 3:55pm)
    My, how time flies. I did not mean to string you out that long, the issues before us are much to important as that we could brush them aside. I was busy all morning. Then after I come home, we have a late lunch and my friends want me to look at an article by Howard Levine about some whiners who apparently not getting the traction they are looking for, and then I learned to surf the net and now I am informed, almost.
    But to the good news now, I think (help me with that) I now know what it is that Charlie the Conservative wants me to take a position on.
    You remeber I said I am as pissed about the situation as any ten of combined are, and I too of course think about solutions.
    Lots of Cattle Cars and all on board and back to Nogales, as appealing as it may be to you, I don’t think will work, count me out. Now I find out after your encouragement Kate, and after surfing the web, that there are 2 competing measures or laws (help me out on this) in the wings.
    One of them is “Stop Illegal Hiring” that is what I just downloaded and it deals with already existing statues on the books, and that appeals to me because all along those yabbers were saying: “Just enforce the Law” I have called in some of attorney friends from around the country and we’ll have a little BBQ on the Ranch this weekend and I’ll get myself a little bit better informed and if that is what Charlie is looking for I will make a statement. You know I never flinch, I never cut or run.
    Now there seems to be another law, “The Employer Sanction Law” that would give the bureaucrats the right to revoke a business license and shot the shop down if an employer does not fill in and does the job that the bureaucrats from the INS haven’t done in the first place. That is crazy, to fault the American Business Community, the backbone of our economy, for the failure of its Government is crazy, I am shocked. Only the Keystone Cops could concoct or support something like this. I just hope this does not get published around the world, People from Cape Horn to the Arctic Circle and from Paris to Tokyo will laugh at us forever.
    To be continued as I find more information.

  57. Richard Wayne says:


    Since you and your friend – who does use a pseudo that you rail at others for doing – hate the perspective presented here so strongly, why do you pay such close attention to it – to the point of posting about 25% of the total.

    Why not go back to your own site and push your propaganda there? Oh, maybe because there is no audience there? Why could that be?

    It seems that you have the same problem as the liberal Franken radio talk network that couldn’t get any audience and folded and the pro-illegal immigration spanish stations that are folding for lack of an audience. The majority of people do not voluntarily spend their time listening to the liberal, pro-illegal, pro-abortion, gay agenda.

  58. Hometown Guy says:

    Horst Kraus:
    No amount of information will get past your decidedly left-wing bent. You have already stated where your allegiances lie, so why go through the charade of “getting more information .”
    It’s clear from your last comment that you support the falsely named ‘Stop Illegal Hiring.’ What a surprise. Anything left of center is right up your alley. You have some decidedly Socialist leanings, and it is amusing that you try to pass them off as mainstream Republican. The only mainstream Republican who would regard issues similarly is the open-border, McAmnesty. You are unable to tell the truth about the employer sanctions law that is currently in effect and was signed by Gov. Napolitano. I’ll bet you voted for her, hmm? From what you write here, I figure you couldn’t bring yourself to vote for the Mormon Matt Salmon or for what you would refer to as a Bible-thumper, Len Munsil–even through both of these Republicans ran against the Democrat Napolitano.

  59. Leroy in CG says:


    Sorry to be so late in responding to your post, but we’ve been out of town.

    Go to Google and type in Tony Bouie cancer and you get the link that I listed with the start of the article. You are right, that page has been brought down since my posting. Amazing, huh, since it brings light to a negative time line.

    Also, since you mentioned it, paper cup company from mainland CHINA, and Bouie is the President of a . . . . . new paper cup product – maybe made in CHINA? That novel piece of info does not reduce the validity of my original post, it reinforces it.

  60. Rightfighter says:


    I just did what you asked & guess what? I can prove that the article was plagiarized, copied, cut, pasted, chopped, photo-shopped, whatever.

    The CHINA, May 1 article says that “last month” there was a UofA golf fundraiser for Tony. The event was in February. That article was written in MARCH. Hijacked material from the USA on a Chinese website. Not unusual. A violation of Federal Copyright law. Period.

    You could copy & paste it now to your own website of choice and put today’s date on it. That would make the “cancer timeline” even MORE curious, interesting, valid, negative, inconsistent, strange, confusing, etc. (ALL words you’ve used to describe the mysterious May 1 cancer timclock)

    You shouldn’t be afraid to asked the source though. Write, call, email, attack away. His football specialty was shutting down the guy running around w/ the ball trying to score. All-American and NFL I think. I’m sure he won’t mind defending himself to you, regarding questions of his cancer treatments.

  61. Leroy in CG says:

    How did you get access to a page that was, to use your words, plagiarized, copied, cut, pasted, chopped, photo-shopped, AND HAS BEEN DELETED AND UNAVAILABLE FOR OVER A WEEK NOW? I do not recall that being said in the specific article, but since you seem to have access to a deleted article, I guess you would know. I can also tell you that the specific article I linked to was not available anywhere else through any other link at Google because I looked at every listing, including duplicate listings at the time. Your statement indicating that you currently have access to it very is interesting.

    I am sure that Mr Bouie is well aware of the questions in this area and if he does not address it here nor on his own website, it is because he either does not have an acceptable answer or he feels that the electorate does not have a right to know the real story. Either way, my calling him will not change his and/or his campaign consultant’s game plan on this issue.

  62. Leroy in CG says:

    PS: In my experience, defensive backs do not wait for other people before attacking a problem, so he should be adequately prepared to attack this problem, without outside stimulus.

  63. Rightfighter says:

    It’s called Google cache buddy.

  64. Rightfighter says:

    To quote you Leroy, in your post to me you said ” Your statement…….is very interesting.” I’ve heard that someplace before. I keep reading and hearing it over and over. Hmmmmm

    I hope that your statement about calling him will not change his gameplan is 100% correct. If you called me, I wouldn’t change what I was fixin for dinner or what I set out to wear the next day. I’d even tell you what my last prostrate test results were if it mattered to you that much.

    The only thing that calling or writing him would do for you is answer your burning questions. I can see you’re not interested in hearing the truth, from the guy himself. It’s so much more fun to dream up wild tales of a web of lies. And, to use a guy’s CANCER and CHEMO as part of your scam is horrible.

  65. Rightfighter says:

    PS Leroy,

    My brother is a small business owner and doesn’t have group health insurance, only a private policy. He got cancer and decided to have chemo. He had a huge deductable (3-5 thousand $) and an 80/20 split on all expenses. His chemo treatments were (drumroll please) $25,000 EACH! (eight firstline treatments and 6 second line treatments). Count in all of the scans, blood tests, office visits, specialists, etc. and he was out over $80,000. It was unbelieveable.

    Just wanted you to know that these things happen to real people and it’s not funny and shouldn’t be exploited for someone’s political endevors.

  66. Leroy in CG says:

    I pray that your brother’s prognosis and remission was complete although it seems like it was not nearly so quick. When it is in major organs and masticized into the skeletal system, it usually takes even more than your brother went through. Anyway, this subject is done. Stick a fork in it. See you on some other post some other time.

  67. Rightfighter says:

    Thank you. Until next time.

  68. Kent says:

    Doug Clark has been considered a doofus by many of his Anthem neighbors. Now everyone in the district will realize his lack of integrity. This endorsement is an insult to those of us who mistakenly supported him.

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  71. […] made a name for himself as chairman of the legislative campaign of a documented…ahem…. shall we say…teller of tall tales? He left the legislature […]