What constituency is Dan Saban seeking?

Candidate Saban: Announces intent to open floodgates to illegals

Apparently Dan Saban doesn’t read the polls*

In a stunning display of absurdity, Dan Saban, challenger to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, has announced his intention to dismantle the sheriff’s human smuggling unit, according to an account in the East Valley Tribune.

Clearly, Saban is intent on giving the green light to the continued flow of illegal human traffic into our state and nation.

Taking his second bite of the campaign apple, it’s clear Saban has not learned to gauge the mood of the electorate. A party-switcher, he was irreparably harmed by humiliating personal allegations when he previously challenged Arpaio– that time as a Republican.

Now running as a Democrat, Saban’s fundraising efforts have been decidedly lackluster, forcing him to recently admit, “It does not look very promising financially.”

Aware of Arpaio’s popularity, the Democrat party has not shown any inclination to give more than lip-service to the mustachioed Saban, who interestingly has a penchant for wearing black western hats — traditionally the choice of scoundrels in Western flicks.

As of the June 30, filing reports, Dan Saban raised about $48,000. Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who has held the office for 16 years, has nearly doubled any fundraising records in previous county elections, reporting over $430,000.

In his previous challenge to Arpaio, Saban came up short on voter confidence. Looks as though he is intent on repeating that performance.


*KAET’s Cronkite Eight April 29, 2008 poll shows Arpaio’s “excellent or good” rating stands at a stunning 62 percent.


11 Responses to What constituency is Dan Saban seeking?

  1. Chuck says:

    Saban tried suing the Sheriff for defamation, but a judge denied granting Saban the ability to refile the case after he lost it originally.

  2. Jason says:

    Interesting that Saban displays the endorsement of Councilman Michael Nowakowski who, despite his Polish last name identifies as Mexican, and runs the Spanish language radio station that organized illegal demonstrators. When Nowakowski ran last year, he touted his endorsement from the family of onetime illegal farm worker activist, Cesar Chavez. This tells me a whole lot about Saban and his bent.

  3. Thomas says:

    It’s pretty clear that Saban is seeking a warm “gracias” in the form of votes from the Latino community. Ir doesn’t take wizardry to figure out where he’s going for his votes.

  4. Calypso says:

    Have you seen this?

    Whatever happened to a sheriff on a horse?

    Is this supposed to make him smart? It doesn’t seem to be working.

  5. Ron says:

    Thanks for the solid information, Jason. I checked it out and you’re exactly right. Some good people congregate here.

  6. Sideliner says:

    And Saban’s other endorser, former county attorney, Rick Romley, had an on-going grudge match against Sheriff Arpaio. How nice to finally have a county attorney like Andrew Thomas who works in concert on the all important law enforcement issues they must cooperate on. These men work for the citizens of the county. If they are warring, what can be accomplished?

    Glad to be able to put the word “former” in front of Romley. His pettiness was disgraceful.

  7. Alex P. Keaton says:


    Why would you attack Rick Romley? He was a good County Attorney, good Republican, and took unpopular stands on a number of occasions for no other reason then it was the right thing to do. He’s also is a Vietnam Vet that lost a leg in the war. Attacking a Patriot like Rick Romley is wrong. And for what it’s worth, I’d be happy to stand with him over Arpaio any day of the week. Arpaio’s done nothing for 16 years – now I’m supposed to be happy at the scraps he feeds me on illegal immigration? Dan Saban and Andy Thomas have my votes – but if Romley was in the race, it’d be Saban and Romley.

  8. Sideliner says:

    I honor the service of our military men and women and especially those who were injured. Romley lost both legs in Vietnam and has done a remarkable job of refocusing his life. That said, military service or even enduring tremendous injury does not put anyone above criticism. Politically, Romley forged damaging alliances with liberal Democrats such as Phil Gordon. He has numerous detractors, and for good reason. His constant and public battles with the sheriff were harmful to law enforcement in general and specifically for the people of Maricopa County. These agencies are supposed to work together. It’s true, Arpaio has an ego. I’m sure you will agree that Romley can match him well in that department. Some of that comes with the territory of being an elected official and having people stand when you enter a room.

    The only reason he is supporting Saban is to stick it to Arpaio. If that’s his game, that’s his game. On the other hand, Saban has said he intends to dismantle the immigration enforcement divisions of the MCSO if elected. I happen to care about the future of this country and the rule of law. I don’t want our future generations living in a third world county. Thomas has done a commendable job as county attorney. I will proudly vote for him again and I support theefforts of Sheriff Arpaio.

  9. Alex P. Keaton says:


    Fair enough that you take pause at Romney’s motive in sticking it to Arpaio – but in so far as his loyalty to party and conservative cause, let’s not forget that Joe Arpaio backed Nappy in 2002. Sure, he says that he just “stood up for her.” But Matt Salmon point blank asked Joe to give a public endorsement – and Joe refused. Look at the numbers from Maricopa in 2002 – I’m not saying that Salmon ran the perfect campaign, but Joe could have helped him with the base here in our stronghold of the state. I put a lot of blame on Arpaio for Nappy running our state into the red and renaming my favorite hiking peak. 2002 was when I started to dislike Joe.

    As for immigration, I just don’t see Joe making a huge impact substantively. He’s been here for 16 years, and only in the last 18 months has he got involved in the issue. For Thomas and Pearce I think immigration is a cause – for Arpaio, it’s a political wedge used to manipulate people like you and me that have been scorned by so many elected officials on the issue. I’m done with him.

  10. Bob says:

    Dan Saban is a liar and a fraud, and Alex P Keaton runs his own blog dully supporting Saban, and fully disregarding the truth.
    Saban says he can reduce response times to 2-3 minutes now, by reassigning 65 deputies to patrol…except there are not 65 deputies to put in patrol without reducing detective staff. The grand total of the immigration unit, public information office and command staff would net about 25 people. Where’s the other 40 coming from? Dan’s imagination.
    Saban, and Alex, continually quote completely inaccurate statistics, even after being corrected. Lawsuits, arrest stats, arrest warrants, and response times are all flat out wrong, and neither will change their chant after being confronted with the truth.

    Find the truth about Saban at http://www.JerkyDan.blogspot.com

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