A tale of two candidates

JP race offers voters clear choice

The Sonoran News has a masterful piece on the race for Justice of the Peace in the newly constructed Desert Ridge Justice of the Peace Court. The Northeast Regional Court Center at 40th Street and Union Hills Drive will serve portions of legislative districts 6, 7 and 8.

Investigative reporter Linda Bentley does a comparison of two candidates vying for the position, tagging it with this descriptive line:

JP candidates have logged plenty of hours in court, one as a lawyer, one as a defendant.

Paul Henderson brings a wide array of legal experience and vitality to the post. He has also won the endorsement of the PAChyderm CoalitionMany knowledgeable voters regard the thought of a scalawag such as Clancy Jayne, a man simply in need of gainful employment, wearing a judicial robe, as more than disturbing.

 William (Bill) Ponath is also a candidate for the JP seat. 

The complete article can be read here.


13 Responses to A tale of two candidates

  1. Sam says:

    Clancy Jayne running for Justice of the Peace? That’s horrifying! I’ve seen his signs but there is no indication of the office he’s seeking. That gives him greater freedom to use them repeatedly for whatever office he’s currently running for–and he’s run for many.

    This guy is a real piece ‘o work. The Mrs. is no prize either. This Sonoran News article is a classic. Thanks for this link, Seeing Red. I’m sending it out to my friends who are in the areas mentioned.

  2. MacBeth says:

    During his single term in the state legislature, before the voters rejected him, Clancy Jayne voted for every tax hike imaginable despite taking a pledge not to raise taxes! He voted with the Democrats on passing a bloated state budget and diverted over two billion dollars from construction of much needed roads to the light rail debacle.

    This guy is not a straight-shooter.

  3. Kent says:

    Ask Sen. Pamela Gorman about Clancy Jayne. She successfully defeated him–using nothing but the facts.

  4. Buddy Breon says:

    Clancy Jayne has a lot more problems than those reported in the Sonoran News. The reporter who wrote the current story wrote one a few years ago about Clancy having his license suspended for failure to appear in court. It looked like he drove without a valid drivers license or car insurance for months before the story broke and he was forced to pay his fines.

    His life seems one of do as I say, not as I did. It’s all very scary.

  5. Orion says:

    I recall that now that you mention it. Thanks for the memory jogger. Can you imagine this guy sitting behind the bench?

  6. David J says:

    Another of Clancy Jayne’s qualities. He was a huge Laura Pastor for City Council supporter. Another big defeat for this loser JP candidate. Paul Henderson not only knows the law, he also obeys it. Vote Henderson for Desert Ridge JP!

  7. Joan Ponath says:

    PLEASE CONSIDER my husband; William Ponath, who is also running for the JP position as well! Not much is mentioned above regarding him. So I will tell you about him! He is currently in his fourth term as a judge pro-tem, 24 years experience as an attorney here in Arizona. Born and raised in Arizona. He went to Pepperdine Law School.

  8. Joan Ponath says:

    PLEASE CONSIDER my husband, William Ponath, who is also running for the newly formed Desert Ridge Justice of the Peace position! Not much is mentioned regarding him in this article. So let me tell you about him. He is currently in his fourth term as a judge pro-tem for the Justice Courts. He went to Pepperdine School of Law. He has been a lawyer for over 24 years. Born and raised right here in Arizona! Married to moi for 20 plus years! He is endorsed by: Len Munsil and P.L.E.A. (Phoenix Law Enforcement Association) and Arizona Police Association. PLEASE visit his website: http://www.Ponath4jp.com HE ROCKS! Thx for reading!

  9. TEO says:

    After reading & studing the men running for Desert Ridge JP, I have decided who I will vote for. BILL PONATH is the man! He is a lawyer & is a working pro-tem. Exactly what we need to fill that seat! He seems to be very intelligent & has morals! He is at the right age to be able to do the best with a great understanding of the law here in AZ. He has lived in the valley all his life. He understands what has been going on, here in the valley. Everything I have read about the man points to the positive & I know that if I ever had to stand before a judge, I would want it to be someone like him. I know I would be treated fairly. He knows the law.

  10. Greetings:

    I am a frequent reader of your excellent blog. As a conservative Republican candidate for Dreamy Draw Justice of the Peace, I am hopeful that after the primary election you might have a post with a link to my website. http://www.contiforjustice.com

    I have 18 years of experience in Arizona courtrooms as a lawyer and a judge, and served as acting justice of the peace pro tem for the Dreamy Draw Justice Court for one year during the reassignment and suspension of outgoing JP Jacqueline McVay. During my year of service our court was more productive, professional, and user friendly, and I want to keep that progress going by being elected in November.

    My opponent in the general election is a Democrat insurance adjuster with no legal background or judicial experience.

    I have always believed that a judge’s duty is to interpret the law, and not rewrite it… because to do otherwise would be to place myself above the people’s representatives, who we elected to write our laws. I have practiced this conservative judicial philosophy from the bench since becoming a municipal judge/justice of the peace pro tempore in 1997.

    Thanks for your consideration, and keep up the good work!


  11. seeingredaz says:

    Dear Mr. Conti:
    We are glad you are a frequent reader of Seeing Red AZ and are happy to print your comment here.

    However, we had to move it from where you originally posted it, which was on our “About” page, where ir clearly states the following, in bold print:

    Please comment under individual posts. Comments left under “About” cannot be accepted. This area is intended for use only as a description of the site

    While we have bent our rule and reposted your comment in the correct location, which is this post about a JP race, we hope you are more attuned to following the rules of the court than you are following ours.

    Good luck in your Dreamy Draw JP race.

  12. Thanks and my apologies.. there being no “contact” page on your site, I was left with this little box as the only means of contacting you. Unlike the rules of court, which I am duty-bound to follow, I am grateful that yours are more malleable.

  13. seeingredaz says:

    Thanks for checking back. Now that we’ve cleared up that small glitch, let us hear from you after the primary regarding your election information. Your comments are welcome.