Well, what a surprise!

“We are extremely pleased with the outcome of the 2008 endorsement process,” said Glenn Hamer, president & CEO of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry. “Each of the endorsed candidates and ballot measures received overwhelming support of Chamber leadership on behalf of Arizona businesses.”

Readers will recall Hamer, the former Executive Director of the state Republican party, who dashed over to his new job with the pro-illegal hiring Chamber just in time to preside over the endorsement of liberal Democrat Janet Napolitano‘s gubernatorial bid in a cheery demonstration of bipartisanship. Such an endorsement was rare enough, but the disappointment caused by Hamer’s defection still resonates within GOP political circles.

Both the Arizona Chamber and the Phoenix Chamber are rife with former aides and associates of Arizona’s senators, part of the trio of architects (along with Ted Kennedy) of the failed amnesty bill masquerading as an immigration reform measure. The Phoenix Chamber is now chaired by Andy McCain, son of the GOP presidential nominee. Andy is VP and chief financial officer of his step-mother’s Anheuser-Busch beer distributorship, Hensley & Co.

In an endorsement list as notable for omissions as inclusions. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and County Attorney Andrew Thomas are MIA. The group dismissed conservative Carl Seel and endorsed Tony Bouie, the Legislative Distinct 6 candidate who switched his party affiliation only five days prior to filing his intent to run. Bouie is supported by the open-border business crowd at the AZ Chamber, coveting a replenished stream of exploitable laborers who eagerly accept sub-standard wages. The East Valley LD18 senate race is omitted entirely. In LD 3, conservative Sen. Ron Gould and Rep. Trish Groe are mysteriously missing.

The sheer numbers of Republicans ensure there are still reliable folks on this list, but seeking obedient legislators and other public officials is a major consideration as the vetting takes place.

7 Responses to Well, what a surprise!

  1. MacBeth says:

    Alas. Nothing more than the expected. Would that it were otherwise.

  2. Ray says:

    These groups have an agenda–which is lining the pockets of business (which I have no problem with) often at the expense of American workers (which I have a BIG problem with).

  3. It appears that they are still mad about me sending their “guest worker bill” to AMENDMENT PURGATORY.

  4. Joe Evans says:

    I would take that lack of an endorsement from such a group as a badge of honor, Senator. These people are not fit to polish your shoes. Please keep up the excellent work. Even those of us who are not able to vote for you, support your efforts on our behalf.

    Thank you for your vote on the “Guest’ worker bill. I will never support such legislation. These guests have children who are gifted with birthright citizenship. They are not called “anchor babies’ for nothing. Family reunification efforts allow for the movement of the entire family into the U.S.
    We are the last industrialized country to allow this foolishness.

    Isn’t it time to repeal the Fourteenth Amendment provisions giving citizenship to children born to parents in this county illegally?

  5. Charlie Conservative says:

    A democracy can only survive if the population has a moral foundation. The members of the Chamber of Commerce provide an example of why we are headed down the tubes.

  6. Tim L says:

    Tony Bouie life-long democrat. Filed for the LD-6 House race 5 days after switching to Republican. Chamber of Commerce endorses highly confused legislative candidates. Why isn’t Bouie likely to switch away from policies C of C likes? The color of the illegal invasion is green. Now is the time for patriotic business owners to cancel their C of C membership.

  7. […] Glenn Hamer,  President and CEO of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry said, “It will be hurtful to our economy if there is a perceived environment that, even if an employer is playing by the rules, using E-Verify and other methods, there could be a raid any time and day. We certainly don’t support what’s going on. This is not something that’s going to make Arizona more attractive for companies looking to relocate here or start a business.” […]