Illegal Update

Just a few more good people coming to do the work Americans refuse to do

The daily reports and reports and reports

7 smugglers, 23 men in W. Valley drophouse

Phoenix police arrested seven smugglers in a west Valley drophouses Tuesday.

The bust is the third suspected drophouses found Tuesday. A shotgun and handgun were also found in the residence.

Mesa police find 22 at suspected drop house

Mesa police discovered at least 22 people in a suspected illegal alien drop house near Dobson Road and Eight Street, near the Mesa Riverview retail complex.

50 found at suspected drop house in Phoenix

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has 49 illegal aliens and one suspected smuggler in custody after Phoenix police responded to a call early Tuesday morning notifying them of a possible drop house.

ICE spokesman Vincent Picard said the illegals in custody consist of 33 adult males, 13 adult females, one unaccompanied juvenile male, and two juvenile females who were accompanied by their families. He said the number of individuals crammed into the home is “probably a little bit more than what we’ve seen recently, but it’s certainly not that unusual.”

2 Responses to Illegal Update

  1. Ajo Joe says:

    By my calculation, these arrests reflect nearly 100 illegals. Good job! Our best hope to curtail this human flood is to make the area inhospitable. And that means shutting down the demand for low wage, illegal workers. The business owners who put their bottom line over our national security and American workers should be ashamed of themselves. I say “should be” because they obviously aren’t. I wouldn’t go to a Mac Magruder owned McDonald’s or Jason LeVecke’s Carl’s Jr. on a bet! They are conspiring to give our future generations a third world country.

  2. MacBeth says:

    These arrest numbers are heartening on one hand and distressing on the other. It’s good that these people who are breaking into our homeland are being apprehended. The fact that they show this blatant disregard of our laws entering, gives them less reason to respect them once they are here. The associated costs to our taxpaying citizens is astonomical in terms of education, health care and the impact on the criminal justice system. We must build the wall.

    As a lifelong Republican, I will withhold my vote from anyone – Republican or otherwise – who does not address this horrendous problem. And guest worker progams are not the answer as long as the “guests” have American-born citizen children, the problem compounds.