The games people play

It appears some people think everything is a game.

In Arizona politics, it appears that Legislative District 6 is a preferred arena for game playing.

Tony Bouie began his adult life as a “game” player. His athletic skills allowed him to make hundreds of thousands of dollars playing a game. Recently, however, he has begun to play another game. It is called gaming the system.

Just months ago Bouie said he was measuring life in terms of months, while at the same time as he was laying out a game plan for a whole new career.

First and foremost, Bouie decided to game the voters by running for the legislature as a Republican when he has lived his entire life as a Democrat. His advisors, members of the pro-illegal hiring business community, convinced him to switch his party because the demographics of the district highly favored Republicans.

Bouie, a former pro-football player, is trying to feed at the trough by gaming the government procurement system, by receiving preferential consideration over other more qualified small businesses.

Everyone knows you can’t play a game alone. If you are a rookie you need experienced role models to provide instruction. Bouie has surrounded himself with professional game players.

One of Bouie’s major endorsers, Vernon Parker, is under investigation for allegedly gaming the government by making false claims in order to acquire a lucrative contract.

Bouie’s major contributors believe in gaming our state and federal laws by hiring illegal aliens in order to increase their personal profit margins.

Bouie’s major fundraiser host is now trying to game the people of Arizona with an initiative that will destroy our new laws mandating workplace enforcement for those who intentionally hire illegals.

And now, it appears that there are assertions that Bouie was gaming the compassionate residents of Anthem.

Mr. Bouie, life is not a game. It is time you stop playing others for fools by this sordid gaming of the voters of LD 6. Running for the state legislature is serious business, not just another playground.

The game is over.



24 Responses to The games people play

  1. Virginia says:

    Doesn’t the NFL have insurance and retirement plans for their players? These tactics of his have a suspicious scent to them.

  2. Sauerkraut says:

    Bouie didn’t even bother to show up for the Dist. 6 debate I attended. His empty chair with his nameplate in front of where he should have been sitting told the whole story of a man who is ill prepared to answer questions on topics he knows little to nothing about. He has been to one district meeting. That was when he informed the elected precinct committeemen he was running to represent them and the other citizens of the district. What a hoot! He’s never returned!

  3. Buddy Breon says:

    This says it all. Who would support this guy? A liar and a traitor – he lied to us about being a Repubican and was a traitor to the community that supported him in his illness. Maybe it’s all explained away with “God cured me.” I can hardly stop laughing at the stupidity of this whole thing.

  4. Maggie says:

    He’s also listed as a former Market Manager at Circle K Stores. That is a swell credential.

  5. Frankly Speaking says:

    This previous post, up on your own website, tells the background story very well. As a Republican elephant, I have a good memory.

    I hope those with questionas about what’s motivating Bouie’s supporters, will take a moment to read this:

    These folks and their cohorts at the Arizona and Phoenix Chambers of Commerce, along with the fast food multi-millionaires like Mac Magruder and Jason LeVecke are fostering these same deceitful tactics to unseat or defeat good, solid conservatives who stand in support of the employer sanctions law.

  6. Maggie says:

    Great, Kerrie! Does it also require a background in deceptive practices?

  7. Charlie Conservative says:

    What I love about SEEING RED is that the writers back up everything with links to the facts. I wouldn’t vote for Bouie for all the money in Horst Kraus’ purse. Even Bouie’s own web site lists Magruder and LeVecke as endorsers & fund raisers. Under “illegal immigration” on his site, Bouie talks about the federal gov’t not securing our border and his commitment to finding real solutions at the state level.

    Sounds like Magruder and LeVecke double speaking to stop the real solution we already have (Representative Pearce’s Employer Sanctions law) that is now preventing illegal hiring and causing illegals to head back to Mexico.

    Any wonder why Magruder and LeVecke are backing Bouie. The illegal immigrant employers are putting all their ill-gotten dough on a vote(Bouie’s, if elected) they are counting on to overturn Pearce’s Law if their doublespeak, lying, “Stop Illegal Hiring” initiative fails to fool the voters on Nov 4.

    Two more deceitful businessmen you would not be able to find than Magruder and LeVecke.

  8. Seen it all says:

    I have read the contemptible comments on another site about one of the other candidates in the Dist. 6 race. Horst Kraus is an angry and hateful man. The person he is going against is a family man with young children, yet this swine gloats over the fact that he would like to put the family out on the street. What a shameless, despicable creature this Kraus is.

    You might notice he “cleaned up” the photos on his nudist colony webpages. This is the “business” where his campaign dollars originate. He previously had frontal nude photos and depictions of adult men and children in the swimming pool. Just great stuff, huh?

    Candidates accepting money from this man should rethink their allegiance to such a vicious and vile brute.

  9. Tom P. says:

    When your main supporters are the Wake Up Arizona, the former McCain employees, and the Kraut/Jeffyex crowd and that is combined with so many obvious ethical and philosophical conflicts that even you don’t know what you stand for, you are one confused puppy.

    Bouie is an enigma wrapped up in a conundrum. Even worse, he is a pawn being played by the illegal worker sympathizers to try to take away the gains that Arizona has made in reducing this rotten danger to our existence as a state and country.

  10. Rightfighter says:

    Seeing Red, can you fill me in? I just got back from an week long beach vacation in San Diego and didn’t even think about a computer.

    What has happened w/ the LD6 race now?

    I was worn out before my vacation when we had another go-around about cancer. That was almost 2 weeks ago when that whole thing started. What in the world brought this out again?

    I’d already read the newspaper story and the REPORTER said Bouies’ time is beginning to be measured in months. The reporter’s said that BEFORE the chemo, etc. (I have a family history of cancer so it’s a sore spot)

    These were Bouie’s words about his future that were published in the newspaper:

    “Whatever the outcome is, good or bad, whether I survive a long time or whether I don’t, I hope people see my consistent faith through all of this,” he said.

    I got maybe a little too fired up at another SRAZ poster before I left & posted this about my brother – because it just tore me apart to watch him struggle w/ the $$ just to try to stay alive.

    [My brother is a small business owner and doesn’t have group health insurance, only a private policy. He got cancer and decided to have chemo. He had a huge deductable (3-5 thousand $) and an 80/20 split on all expenses. His chemo treatments were (drumroll please) $25,000 EACH! (eight firstline treatments and 6 second line treatments). Count in all of the scans, blood tests, office visits, specialists, etc. and he was out over $80,000. It was unbelieveable. Just wanted you to know that these things happen to real people and it’s not funny and shouldn’t be exploited for someone’s political endevors.]

    Again, I’m not endorsing the guy, but picking at him like he’s a deformed new born chick makes me feel kind of sick inside.

    I tried to see the article about the Anthem residents being upset (is that article in a paper?) but nothing is there. Can someone point me to another copy of the article or tell me where I can pick one up?

  11. Tim D says:

    This is the site where bouie’s neighbors were complaining about donating money for his cancer treatment mere weeks before he switched from Democrat to Republican and filed to run for the State House. However, I just visited the neighborhood blog again and it’s now been scrubbed clean. I expect those pesky neighbors (those who know him best) have even more reason now to wonder why their speech is controlled in this manner.

  12. Tom P. says:


    It seems that every time a site is linked that raises major conflicts for Bouie, it gets erased. There must be more to this race than meets the eye to make that happen.

    As to the heaalth issue, while life insurance requires some strict guidelines, Bouie is a retired professional football player and his wife is a school teacher. If he does not have a great medical package, he should be ashamed. He was never in the same situation of your brother which makes his behavior even more bizarre.

    The problem with Bouie is that everything that he has done politically in the past six months defies common sense. He has never stated that he was blessed with a miracle healing – which I have believed in since one of my friends in high school had a brain tumor miraculously disappear, with not even any scar tissue – yet Bouie was meeting with a consultant and the open border crowd while he was still in the middle of chemo and “was measuring his life in terms of months. That is really strange.

    Of similar importance is his list of supporters as referred to in this great posting by Seeing Red. To have the most liberal, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, pro-illegal immigration activists in the area strongly supporting his candidacy raises huge red flags. Specifically, when Politico Mafioso, Horst Krause, and Jeff Vath are your most vocal supporters within your legislative district, and their position for decades is in conflict with your position of being a pro-life conservative, something stinks.

    Any one of the items in this article by itself may not be a story or an issue. Putting them all together paints a picture that is very, very troubling.

  13. Clark says:

    FOX News has scrubbed the post from it’s site. I saw it earlier, so I know for sure it was there and has now been taken down. Someone must have gotten to them,

  14. seeingredaz says:

    Note to readers:

    The FOX News reader’s blog posted by Tony Bouie’s neighbors critical of his fundraising for his illness, has been removed from that site this evening.

  15. Gimlet says:

    Kraus has been busying himself contacting news sources with his spew. Wouldn’t be surprised if the FOX News blog was on the top of his list to complain about. He feels he can smear people with impunity, but can’t accept that others have First Amendment rights. This arrogant old man gets a kick out of bullying.

  16. Rightfighter says:

    Thanks Tom P. for the filling in the blanks. I though maybe there was a big newspaper article or something like that while I was away. There’s no reason now to open up the pile of rubber banded AZ Republics my neighbor kept for me.

    My oldest son helped me find something that will at least clear my sick feelings about all of the talking about Tony Bouie’s cancer. I hope that it helps some here at least believe he really was sick. – I’ll at least be able to live with that.

    Hospital Video Blog from Tony on Vimeo.

  17. Rightfighter says:

    Thanks Tom P. for the filling in the blanks. I though maybe there was a big newspaper article or something like that while I was away. There’s no reason now to open up the pile of rubber banded AZ Republics my neighbor kept for me.

    My oldest son helped me find something that will at least clear my sick feelings about all of the talking about Tony Bouie’s cancer. I hope that it helps some here at least believe he really was sick. – I’ll at least be able to live with that.

    Oh, well – I guess I can’t get the link to work once I hit submit. Maybe I’m not allowed to connect a link here. Sorry if I messed something up.

    All I was going to show was a video that Tony Bouie made that shows him getting chemotherapy. If you’ve ever sat w/ someone who has had chemo, the sound of the drug pump is as real as can be. That part made me sick. Bouie talks about the drugs and possible side affects, thanks everyone for their thoughts and prayers and work on his behalf.

    It’s not going to clear up all of the questions everyone has raised but it does take away any doubt about whether or not he had the Big C. That’s all I was shooting for. That makes looking at all of the other issues much easier for me.

  18. Sam says:

    In no way am I making light of the putrid stench of what appears to be Tony Bouie’s spectacular charade on his Anthem community,(now removed from FOX News blog) but the issue to focus on is the opportunistic re-registration a mere FIVE days before filing to run for public office. Add to that the synchronized financial backing by the pro-illegal labor business contingent, and SHAZAM! You have a conniving candidate who appears more adept at deceit than at addressing the issues, without careful coaching from his handlers. Why do you think Tony Bouie refused to particiapate in the Dist. 6 candidate’s debate?

    This is the biggest farce perpetrated on any legislative district voters in my memory.

  19. Richard Wayne says:


    I undestand the trauma from seeing a loved one go through a potentially life ending medical issue without insurance. I have experienced it and it is something you never forget and the nerves never completely stop being raw. That is one of the resons this whole situation bothers me as much as it does.

    Bouie was never in the situation financially that your brother was in. Bouie had his contacts at the UofA as a former all-american at that school, his NFL medical plan available as a retired player and his wife had coverage available for him through the AEA – a very comprehensive plan.

    In addition, Bouie was a Democrat his entire adult life and had never been involved in politics even at the grass roots level and he was going through chemo and he was measuring his life in terms of months and he was meeting with Clark/Baker/etc. at the same time, and he was participating in fundraisers for his family because he was going to die, and he re-registered as a Republican and he filed as a candidate for the legislature, and he had never attended a Republican Party or support group meeting of any kind, and he ws part of the background for McCain’s press conference, and …, and …, and …,! It is just too weird for words,

    I do not know you or your brother, but from what you have said I am comfortable that he did not have all the options available to him that Bouie had and I am comfortable that he did not display the same type of aberrent actions by establishing a new, high visibility commitment to a lifestyle and career change in the middle of the medical procedures when he was still worried about losing his life and his ability to take care of his family in the future.

    Then nearly all of Bouie’s support has come from those who are opposed to the efforts to crack down on illegal immigration. Those people are shrewd businessmen and do not throw their money around without some comfort level that they will get a return on their investment. The money at stake here can be calculated in the billions – for the home builders, fast food owners, farmers and cattlemen, realtors on one side and for the taxpayers of Arizona on the other side.

    That kind of money has made cowards and scofflaws of decent, honorable men. But then, that kind of money always has.

  20. Barry R. says:

    Illness or no illness, I understand the Anthem neighbor’s frustration at having donated money to the Bouie family only to be shunned from any explanation as to it’s use.

    What matters to me most is the job we are electing the candidate to do. I trust “the finger on the voting button” for Sam Crump and Carl Seel. I do not trust that voting finger when it comes to 5 Day Republican–Bouie.

  21. Rightfighter says:

    Thank you RW for taking the time to write back. Since today is the Lord’s day, I’ll spend some time tomorrow checking up on all of the loose ends you’ve brought up.

    I need to go to the PO & get my vacation mail – hopefully my early ballot is there.

  22. Republican in LD-6 says:

    If Horst Kraus is supporting me, I’m insulted. But, not Bouie.

    He should go back and check on this supporter. Kraus ran a nudist camp for teens, without their parents, a few years ago and defended it as a good thing. Of course, if newspaper accounts are accurate, he also defended a child molestor at his nudist camp. The scum is still in prison for those offenses. Yet, Kraus went as a character witness for the guy.

    The offensiveness of Horst Kraus is unimaginable. If Bouie likes him and he likes Bouie, I vote for someone else.

  23. Charlie Conservative says:

    Glad to see that Richard has admitted in his next to last paragraph that Money tops sovereignty, Constitution, and honesty when it comes to illegal immigration. That’s what I have been saying all along about Magruder, LeVecks and those politicians they support. God bless Russell Pearce and Carl Seel and all those who deal from the top of the deck.

  24. seeingredaz says:

    Pete, John and Kerrie:
    You are all the same person, attempting to sabotage the comments section with unacceptable postings.

    Your remarks will not be posted due to their objectionable nature . Try that elsewhere. Seeing Red AZ strives to maintain a principled site.