De Rigueur Politics, Arizona style

“I always have the view that the role of the state party is to elect Republicans to office. Period.”

Sen. Jon Kyl, as quoted in the December 7, 2007 Capitol Times regarding elected Precinct Committeemen, who took an active role in defeating the Amnesty bill he supported.

Ripping a page from his mentor’s book, Congressman John Shadegg (CD 3) has inexplicably endorsed Tony Bouie in the legislative District 6 House race. Bouie, a lifelong Democrat until five days prior to filing his declaratory documents, is deemed worthy of support against conservative Republican Carl Seel, because he will front for the open border business interests desirous of a continued flow of low wage illegal workers.

Dedicated conservative Rep. Sam Crump, seeking re-election finds himself in the middle of this unfortunate imbroglio .Both Crump and Seel are THE worthy candidates in this race.  Rep. Crump has his very effective legislative record to recommend him.   Carl Seel has been a tireless and active Republican within his district and the state GOP. His efforts have been recognized by his fellow Republicans who have elected him to leadership positions within the party.

The Arizona congressional delegation is quick to criticize Conservative PC’s for taking stances on issues vital to the country’s welfare such as border security. But they are not hesitant to endorse liberal candidates or erstwhile Democrats who campaign against conservatives in Republican primaries, particularly if the conservative’s opponent favors non-enforcement of our immigration laws.

The congressional posture remains consistent with opposition to Prop. 200 which required proof of citizenship to register to vote and access state benefits, as well as their advocacy of the misleading Comprehensive Immigration Reform, which amounted to de facto amnesty.

The delegation is heavily supported by the Arizona and Phoenix Chambers of Commerce which include businessmen desirous of low-wage illegal immigrant labor, such as fast food and construction industries. Coincidentally, the new chairman of the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce just happens to be Andy McCain, son of….. well, you get the picture.

This same business clique is now set on destroying Arizona’s effective employer sanctions law via the deceptively named Stop Illegal Hiring initiative, promoted by Andrew Pacheco. Tony Bouie, the five-day Republican, so worthy of Congressman Shadegg’s support, was recently hosted at a fundraiser by fast food moguls Jason LeVecke and “Mac” Magruder. Pacheco’s wife, Jessica, formerly the lobbyist for the Arizona Chamber is now onboard with the Lincoln Strategy Group, the more palatably renamed Sproul and Associates, running the Stop Illegal Hiring campaign.

Trying to keep up with the spinning without suffering vertigo is a job for the most stalwart. Many are left to wonder why they even bother. Once the delegation wrings the get-out-the-vote effort from the diligent party workers, the Johns (McCain, Kyl and Shadegg) seem all too willing to dismiss the precinct committeemen who got them elected as lowly non-essentials — causing some PCs to echo that opinion in return.


20 Responses to De Rigueur Politics, Arizona style

  1. Joe Evans says:

    When our own Republicans act in such a despicable manner, it makes me wonder what the difference is between the two parties. If I get the same from a Republican that I get from a Democrat, why support the Republican? It’s all the same garbage, only a lot more disappointing.

  2. Kathy says:

    I’m outraged – I’ve e-mailed Shadegg & Kyl. I’m so sick of being lied to. This is why I will not vote for McCain in November and why I will only support TRUE Conservatives monetarily. Thanks for your work exposing the dirty politics that are going on in the Republican party. Isn’t it amazing that the Republican party is so ignorant that they can’t figure out why they are losing elections with stunts like this!

  3. Stanford says:

    Shadegg is in a race with well financed opponent Bob Lord in a election year when congress’s approval rating is in the single digits. Is this the time to tick off the Republican voters he needs to retain his seat?

  4. Justin says:

    Great thinking, Mr. Shadegg. You lost me on this one. Bouie is a Democrat.

  5. Charlie Conservative says:

    Connecting the dots is a snap on this slap by Shadegg to the face of conservatives.

    Shadegg…Magruder….Bouie….Amnesty…..McCain…..Sproul…..Kyl…..lack of enforcement of immigration laws….Sanctuary Cities…..Flake…..campaign to defeat Pearce…..Vow by open borders big business owners to defeat any and all opposed to Amnesty……$$$$$support to Shadegg by Magruder.

  6. Maggie says:

    Right on, Charlie!
    It’s the money, folks! These business interests are Shadegg’s core donors. Wise up!
    There’s a senate race on his horizon.

  7. Orion says:

    First Shadegg said he wasn’t going to run again, and then after being urged to reconsider he was back campaigning. He said at the time he wanted to spend more time with his family. That’s commendable. But now we read that he wants to take a jump into John McCain’s seat. Have his family concerns become less important? Frankly, I don’t care what he does. After this sad display, he’ll do it without my help.

    Speaking of that senate seat, why has McCain continued to hold it on so tightly when he rarely shows up to vote? Wouldn’t it make sense to step down and let another Republican get a foothold? If only there was a dependable conservative.

  8. Ajo Joe says:

    Don’t be surprised. Shadegg is as opportunistic as the next one. He wants the big donor support, the big donor endorsements and the big donor dollars. He needs to feather his won political bed. You can bet he doesn’t care a bit about Bouie. He most likely has never had an in depth discussion with this democrat magically transformed into a republican. The only thing that matters to any of the congressmen is the next election. The concern is solely, “What will benefit me?” I’ve been disgusted since the immigration/amnesty was attempted to be shoved down our throats. Kyl deceived us all immediately after he was re-elected to a six year term. He doesn’t have to worry about any of us again. Especially true if his fellow senator McCain gets elected. There will be a nice administration ”gift’ waiting for Kyl, of that you can be sure.

  9. Kent says:

    Ha! These guys are aptly named! John/Jon is about as good as it gets! As far as I am concerned, they are all flushable!!

  10. Virginia says:

    I truly never expected to feel such a deep sense of disappointment in Cong. Shadegg. For some reason I thought he was on a different level than the others. This shameless endorsement of a liberal open borders stooge tells me the fix is in.

  11. Bill G. says:

    Shadegg has left us. His non-endorsement of Sam Crump is very telling. His non-endorsement of Carl Seel is an insult to all LD-6 PC’s. Endorsing a 5 day Republican over Seel is ridiculous. The NRA, Arizona Right To Life and the Arizona African American Republican Committee see things a lot different than Shadegg does.

    Lately, everything Shadegg does is in the interest of protecting the profits for illegal labor employers. Shadegg endorsed the Arizona Guest Worker program. Actually, he says he endorsed “a” guest worker program. It was just a coincidence that he remembered his fondness for “a” guest worker program on the eve of the vote at the Arizona legislature for “the” guest worker program.

    This does it. I won’t even “hold my nose” and vote for Shadegg now.

  12. Cindy L. says:

    Right Jon Kyl. You think our lives begin and end with electing Republicans to office? Not hardly, you should see us as voters with an attitude. When you were a dependable conservative, we were the ones working to get you elected–because we agreed with your politics. You ran on a platform of “no amnesty.” You changed your politics. We continued to work with our neighbors. No, you cannot fold us up and put us away after election time. We stay politically active and we have no problem coninuing to spread the message about you. You’re the one who decides what that message is. Now that message is that Shadegg, Flake, Kyl, McCain have all sold out to mac magrubby.

    LD-6 says thank you Shadegg. Thank you for Nothing! Can I get 15 signatures on that one?!

  13. Hometown Guy says:

    Rep. John Shadegg wants campaign funding from the high powered open borders crowd. He also want to be anointed into McCain’s seat. This is all about money, power and position and has nothing to do with virtue or Republican party principles. These guys all stink as far as I’m concerned. I’m sick of donating my time and money to this group of scoundrels. Know that I won’t do it again. I’m not a Jim Click or Big Mac Magruder, but my wife and I can take a nice trip to San Francisco on the money we give to Shadegg each election cycle. Next time around, we’ll be dining at Postrio’s instead! He can’t begin to know, or maybe even care, about the disappointment he has generated. So long, John.

  14. Marianne says:

    And I “always have the view” that we elected you, Sen. Kyl. You’re supposed to represent us, the citizens of the United States of America, not the people of Mexico. Ditto to your fellow senator, McCain, and double ditto to the opportunistic Mr. Shadegg. You’re all HUGE disappointments. I think they all act as they do because they think we have nowhere to go. They believe we Republicans would never vote for a Democrat. In that, assessment, they’re right. But, I can and WILL withhold my vote. I’m THAT steamed!

    I don’t even know the palyers/candidates here. All I know is I expect my congressman to endorse a Republican not a changling Democrat who can be manipulated.

  15. Stanford says:

    Shame on you, Shadegg!

  16. Jonathan says:

    What in the world is going on here? I read the post and understand it. What I don’t understand is my congressman. Tony Bouie is a DEMOCRAT!!!!!!

  17. Rudy the RINO says:

    How many times do I have to repeat myself to you dunderhead republicans? Your former heros are all undercover agents for the liberal agenda as dictated by McCain and Chamber of Commerce members in need of cheap illegal labor. They are now out of the closet, and there is not a damn thing you can do about it.

    You will still vote for them because you have no alternative and the liberal agenda will take a giant step forward thanks to the Az Republican delegation. What a hoot. The United States will be turned over to the rightful owners from Mexico and the Az delegation will have shown the way. How sweet it is.

    Way to go Shadegg! You da man. You fooled em for a long time, but I’m afraid the cats out of the bag now with your endorsement of life long democrat, Bouie over life long republicans, Crump & Seel. The conservatives are stupid, but not that stupid. Well, maybe they are. I think they will still vote for you. That’s the beauty of it.

  18. Kate says:

    Has anyone notice how much the amnesty crowd uses code language? Bouie says he is committed to find a real solution, at the state level, that will help put an end to illegal immigration in our state. Like we don’t already have an employers sanction law that is doing just that…..But ah ha, he is backed by those who want to do away with that law. so his code talk is really that he will gut the current law and enact law as directed by the cheap labor crowd.

    Remember Kyl’s code, “secure the border first” meant “along with comprehensive immigration reform”. Why we would believe a word they say is beyond me.

    How about Magruder and Pacheco even going so far as to say “Stop Illegal Hiring” in their “Rope a Dope” initiative. Of course the initiative actually does just the opposite of what it says. Such an honest, Bible thumping Christian that Magruder is.

  19. Horst Kraus says:

    Justin & Jonathan,
    Tony Bouie is a REPUBLICAN, and he is registered as a Republican. I ought to know, I am the keeper of the records.
    You, on the other hand I do not what you are or if you are even for real because you are too chicken shit to post with your real Cristian Name, if you have one.

  20. Kathy says:

    Horst – Bouie is a Democrat in 5-day Republican clothing. Looks like the truth is coming out & you don’t like it.