Unanimous decision for Rep. Sam Crump and Carl Seel

The Executive Guidance Committee of the Maricopa Country Republican Committee (EGC) cast a unanimous vote tonight in favor of District 6 House candidates, Rep. Sam Crump and Carl Seel.

Since the unprecedented endorsement of contender Tony Bouie by Congressman John Shadegg in that race, members of the EGC thought it was necessary to send this strong message. Several members expressed dismay over Shadegg’s outlandish endorsement, saying they would appreciate an explanation why he ignored two dedicated conservatives, Rep. Sam Crump and Carl Seel, in favor of a shill for the open borders proponents.

Tony Bouie was a lifelong Democrat until five days prior to filing his intent to run for the district seat after his advisors counseled him that the demographics of the area would not support a Democrat legislator.

A question was raised regarding Bouie being financed by Democrat campaign donors. It was also pointed out that his recent fundraiser was hosted by Marion “Mac” Marauder and Jason LeVecke fast food moguls, who vowed to defeat Rep. Russell Pearce and any candidates or legislators who supported the employer sanctions law. Lisa and Gordon James were also on the host committee.

Last month, the group voted to endorse Rep. Russell Pearce in his senate bid against Congressman Jeff Flake’s recruited brother-in-law, Kevin Gibbons, an immigration lawyer.

This is another example of the deep divide between the Republican delegation — Sens. McCain, Kyl and Reps. Flake and Shadegg and the grassroots activists of the AZ GOP.


25 Responses to Unanimous decision for Rep. Sam Crump and Carl Seel

  1. Ajo Joe says:

    Spirited Republicans, acting in unison, and doing the right thing, is what the GOP was always all about.
    So glad to see this is not a rarity in ALL circles. Bravo! EGC!!

  2. Orion says:

    There is still a backbone in the Arizona Republican party. It’s not always evident, but it’s there if you look long enough. Here, it is easily seen. This gives me hope.

  3. Gimlet says:

    Good going, EGC!

  4. Janelle says:

    Thanks. I, my family and many of my friends and neighbors are encouraged whem people of character stand up against the forces trying to destroy our beloved land. Again, I say thanks. You did the right thing.

  5. Horst Kraus says:

    Why am I not surprised.
    I was not there because of the National Convention Delegate Meeting at the Arizona Club at the same Time.
    I also like to remind all readers and contributors here that I was the lonely voice voting against a similar resolution for a different Candidate a month ago when I duly represented LD-6 by Proxy at the EGC meeting.
    My life experience and memories during my formative years in another country under a different regime have made me very cautious when it comes to peer pressured endorsement and resolution votes. (c.c to politico mafioso)

  6. Barry R. says:

    April 12 LD-6 State Delegate’s vote. Carl Seel’s slate 76%. Krause slate 24%. Endorse Pearce? Krause votes no. I don’t know what Kraus was doing at that vote,,,but it wasn’t “representing” LD-6.

    Obviously somebody did a better job of representing LD-6 last night, or that vote wasn’t cast. Which was it?

  7. Elephant's Opinion says:

    You are not surprised, Horst? No one should be surprised that you would be the only vote against Russell Pearce. You and Jeffy Vath revel in investigating and exposing the misfortune of others. One of your close conspirators, Shiree Verdone, has a sordid past of which I am sure she is not proud. and would not want exposed.

    Yet she, with the help of Kraus’s $1,000 donation, is leading the effort at the grass roots level (AZ GRASSROOTS PAC) to defeat precinct committeemen who would favor strong enforcement of our immigration laws. Ask Kenny Going about Shiree’s attempt to defeat him via post card campaign in his own precinct.

    Kenny is not one to take a slap and not respond in kind. He has not been too happy about Shiree’s efforts and is letting everyone know about it, including a confrontational call to Shiree. Shiree is the “architect” of AZ GRASSROOTS PAC and has a very close relationship with Nathan Sproul, Mac Magruder, and John McCain’s Chief of Staff, Paul Hickman. She has learned well, or judging from her previous exploits. she may have taught them. Shiree can’t wait to be the “Bell of the Ball” after McCain rewards her with a D.C. appointment.

    Anyone should be able to connect the dots here. Sproul, Verdone, Magruder, Hickman, Vath, Kraus and the McCain camp making good their vow to defeat, at any cost, those opposed to amnesty for illegals. Why Shadegg would hook himself to this gang is the mystery. I hate to think it was only for the money, and McCain’s endorsement to replace him in the Senate. But that is the only thing that makes sense.

  8. Seen it all says:

    Kraus is NOT the representative for his district at the EGC. His district chairman, who should attend, rarely shows up. The First Vice Chair is next in order of succession. Kraus is only the SECRETARY but attends most of the time. The leadership of that district is obviously lacking and they send an obstructionist to represent the elected precinct committeemen. It’s a sad state of affairs to observe.
    BTW, Braswell only won the post by a coin toss. After vigorously campaigning for the position, a late entry jumped in the afternoon of the election and TIED Braswell. Many have wished the coin had landed on the RIGHT side to have provided real leadership to the district. Braswell had just been removed from his coveted school board post and was trying to rehab himself with the chairmanship.

  9. Sideliner says:

    Where is David Braswell? He ran for chairman knowing there were obligations that went with the job.

  10. Chuck says:

    Elephant’s Opinion is, unfortunately, telling the truth about the underpinnings of this virus infecting the AZ GOP. Is there a remedy for this infection? We can only pray that these opportunists fail in their mission before they render the Republican Party indistinguishable from the Democrats. I have several registered Democrat associates at my office who plan to vote for McCain. Doesn’t that tell the story about the GOP nominee and his nefarious associates?

    Conservatives have to expend their energies getting good people elected to the state and congressional offices. I applaud the EGC for their excellent and UNANIMOUS endorsements. And thanks to Seeing Red for providing the whole story.

  11. Horst Kraus says:

    Wow, Elelephant’s Opinion,
    I see I find myself in better company than expected. McGruder, Hickman, Sproul, McCain, Wow Wow, double WOW. I guess I have to buy me a new suit now.
    You know when you get as old as I got is is so good to be able (with my Elephant like memory) to draw on early childhood experiences.
    In my youth I had to say “Heil Hitler” more than enough for a lifetime and a half.
    There is only one thing that gives me colder night sweats than the thought of having to say Heil Haney and that is Heil Seel.

  12. Jan says:

    Here is Arizona’s newest conservative blog.

    It is a solid site and you won’t find and Tony Bouie press releases. Take a look.

  13. David J says:

    LD-6 representation at EGC? What representation? Two LD-6 AZ House Canidates under consideration for endorsement at EGC and no LD-6 Chairman or proxy at the vote. Why? Well…let’s see…Seel and Crump were not dependable RINOs and therefore were not on the RINO slate for State Delegates at the April 12 LD-6 elections meeting. Another one of those very strange coincidences by the LD-6 officers? No, an intentional missed vote by the LD-6 elected officers serving in their role as trusted representatives for LD-6. Had lifelong democrat “open borders” Bouie been under consideration for endorsement by EGC, you can be sure the RINO LD-6 officers would have shown up for that vote.

    EGC unanimously endorses Sam Crump and Carl Seel to go along with their Russell Pearce endorsement. Fantastic! One major group of Arizona Republicans get it. LD-6 officers don’t get it and they refuse to represent the majority will for LD-6.

  14. Horst Kraus says:

    David J.
    As I always say: “Those of you who think they know what they are talking about, but don’t, aggravate the living sh-manure out of those of us that do”
    You belong to the former in that group.
    Sam Crump was on the ballot (#13) he was also on what you call the RINO (McCain) slate. He was elected to the delegation with Rank #3 i.e he got the third highest vote rating.
    Carl Seel was also on the ballot (#41) because of the order of the alphabet. He was on his own slate. Not knowing whom he was slating, we can call it the Harold Stassen Slate.
    PUN intended.
    He came in with Rank # 20.
    Ten of the candidates that Carl brought in on April 12 and nominated from the floor as write in Candidates and got elected with the Ra-Ra-Ra of the “Seal and Semmel” show as I called it, did in the end not show up for the State Convention.
    Good fortune had it that LD-6 had six alternates, whom I had begged to show up, but the district was still 4 votes short.
    That was Harold Stassen’s last loss.
    For statistical purposes only. Approximately 22,440 registered Republicans from LD-6 and among them Mr. Bouie did not participate in the Caucus meeting on April 12. perhaps they were all out of town that day.

  15. Kathy says:

    It’s funny to see Mr. Kraus squirm, s-e-n-s-i-t-i-v-e.

  16. Cindy says:

    Bouie wasn’t at the April 12 or May 10 meetings because he was still a democrat then. Now he has Gorman’s endorsement. Wow! Haven’t heard Gorman endorse the solid and proven conservative, Crump. Only Bouie.

  17. Horst Kraus says:

    I am not squirming. I just told some guy who obviously didn’t know which hole is facing up, that which is facing down, politely.
    I am always eager to educate the chronically dumb.

    it is refreshing you understand Senator Gorman endorsed ONE proven Conservative Tony Bouie.
    Frankly, Sam Crump, although I support him has become a tad disappointing.

  18. Six Shooter says:

    I can understand why HK is disappointed in Sam Crump. He will not click his heels and yell “Heil Horst. ”

    As I understand it, Bouie did not attend any meetings before he announced, and has not attended after his initial appearance.

  19. A Funny thing happened says:

    To be fair, I believe Bouie announced at the last meeting. LD went dark for July. The rest is true, he nevered attend a meeting before that.

    He could have attended the April and May.

    Bouie was a no show for the Clean Election Debate. The candidates are schelduled for a AUG 12th forum in New River.

    Date: Tuesday, August 12

    Meeting start time: 7:00 PM

    Place: Crossroads Christian Fellowship
    42425 N. New River Road, New River

    Note: This church is located approximately six miles north of the intersection of 7th Street and Carefree Highway.

    I suggest you all come and ask questions.

  20. Marianne says:

    You are a crude and patheric old fool with a very mean streak. I feel very sorry for you.

  21. Frankly Speaking says:

    Funny Thing:
    Tony Bouie never showed up at a district meeting before making his announcement because he was still a DEMOCRAT.
    That’s the beginning and end of that story.

    Bouie is a shill being promoted by the business establishment seeking open borders for a continued flow of low wage workers. He’ll do their bidding because he has no core values.

  22. Barry Spinka says:

    Whether or not Congressman Shadegg knows that Mr. Bouie is a Democrat or not is only one of the problems. It is also blatantly obvious that John Shadegg is NOT a Conservative. One also has to wonder if the Congressman is a conservative or is he just like the rest of his colleagues-a professional politician first and a Republican maybe?

  23. AZNative says:

    The AZ Republican party once again stands firm against the tactics of the “devils” who need to be exorcised from our ranks! Get rid of the RINO’s and lets take back our state and country!
    Another good reason for TERM LIMITS!

  24. Janelle says:

    Term limits has both negatives and positives. It gives you turnover which prevents individual power plays to an extent, but it also takes away knowledge of the system and the history (and accountablity of previous actions.

    The best solution, although not likely,is a more informed electorate. Maye the actions of Sproul will be a tool to encourage that to happen.

  25. Ron says:

    You stole part of my thunder, Janelle. The Founders considered term limits, but discarded the idea because they desired citizen participation in the process. Too often, when voters know someone they would not support is due to be “termed out,” the voter simply doesn’t vote, since he/she feels there is no reason. Term limits are subverted in our own state all of the time. When elected officials are ‘termed out,’ they often switch positions with another person at the same election crossroads.

    We have term limits right now. They are at the ends of our fingers. We can vote to keep people in office or boot them out. Very easy.