The fox guarding the henhouse

Comprehensive Immigration reform returns with a local touch

For Phoenix’s sanctuary city mayor Phil Gordon to be chairing the U.S. Conference of mayors task force on immigration reform, would be laughable if it were not so serious.

“I want to get the next President and Congress to make securing our border and a comprehensive immigration policy the top priority,” Gordon said. The daily carries the article here.

In a circle-the-wagons move, Gordon, who is currently the subject of a citizen recall effort due to his lax policies regarding illegal immigration, was appointed to chair the conference’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform Task Force by Manuel A. Diaz, the mayor of Miami, Florida. Diaz is the conference’s president.

If the words “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” have a familiar ring, it’s due to the fact that the failed congressional amnesty scheme bore the same title. That was the effort designed by Arizona Sens. John McCain and Jon Kyl along with liberal Massachusetts Democrat Ted Kennedy. Although the team of architects crafted the bill they hoped to ram through, American citizens across the country flooded congressional phone lines and jammed fax machines expressing outrage.

In addressing the Philadelphia conference, Diaz said he believes that “Washington no longer invests in its cities and its people. Washington has lost its values–lost its principles–lost its sense of purpose–engaging in endless debate and partisan bickering while people of this country continue to suffer….Plain and simple, Washington has abandoned us,” he said.

No wonder he appointed Gordon. Perhaps he’ll appoint San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom to chair a marriage and family task force.

8 Responses to The fox guarding the henhouse

  1. Thomas says:

    Great title on this post! I’m carrying recall petitions and have filled four sheets without any problem. Seems everyone wants to sign.

  2. Kate says:

    More like the patient running the asylum….God help us, because these people won’t be happy until they have destroyed all that is good about our blessed Republic.

  3. Craig B says:

    Check out the link in the article for American Citizens United. You can learn where and when recall petitions are available to sign. Great move ACU and thanks for the tip Seeing Red AZ!

  4. Calypso says:

    The comments made by Miami Mayor Manuel Diaz are an integral part of the liberal blame-game. To say illegal immigration is solely the problem of the federal government, while shifting responsibility from the city, county and state level is also a major aspect of this growth industry. Every citizen is impacted by the high costs of funding illegals medical, educational and justice system burden. There is plenty that can be done at the local level as we have seen in Maricopa County with our sheriff and county attorney. Phil Gordon has no desire to control this invasion of law breakers. That’s why it is such a bogus plan to put him in charge of the task force.

  5. LeeTurner says:

    Phil Gordon has but one thought and that is to govern this state! Whatever it takes to accomplish that will work for Phil. That includes pandering, groveling and turning our city over to those who disrespect our laws, language and national history.

  6. Charlie Conservative says:

    SEEING RED you are too funny…. This appointment of Gordon is like appointing SanFran Mayor Newsom to chair a marriage and family task force. It is so true but also so funny. What and energetic wit you are.

  7. SLGOP says:

    So Mayor Gordon is going to “Chair the task force on immigration reform for the Conference of Mayors” (“Gordon to Lead U.S. Task Force,” 8/9/08). And said mayors “will develop a reform proposal to be shared with top U.S. officials.”

    One wonders who the other members of this task force might be. Perhaps Mayor Kevin Newsome of San Francisco; Mayor Villagairosa of Los Angeles—all impartial arbiters of fairness.

    Will there be anyone on this committee to represent the concerns of the American taxpayers? Will they receive the factual studies done by the Heritage Foundation that show how much each of these illegal aliens are costing taxpayers? Or the studies done by NumbersUSA that show how our burgeoning population (whether it is legal or illegal) will soon overcome our resources? Will they hear facts or the usual emotional arguments favoring the interests of poor, uneducated, but hard-working people who just want to better themselves?

    Will the displaced American workers get a hearing in this task force? What about all the computer techs who are fast being replaced by H-1B visa holders on which Congress keeps raising the program caps? And we just know that they will let the DEA officials testify on the amounts of drugs coming across the borders! And the Border Patrol will be given ample time to testify about the shameless treatment they receive if they dare apprehend illegal aliens who are trying to stone them to death—with force! My God, these illegals are treated better than any American citizen ever hoped for.

    And we feel sure that hospital administrators will be allowed to tell how they are required to absorb the huge costs of providing any and all medical care to non-paying illegals.

    Will the school administrators be given time to tell the fiscal and educational impacts of trying to teach non-English speaking children? Conversely, will the folks who teach La Raza studies in public schools be allowed to promote the hate-mongering program that will so benefit all the young sculls full of mush they propagandize? We know the mayors will be thrilled to hear about such “progressive” programs that will so uplift and enable those students to succeed in life.

    In this topsy-turvy world in which we now live, there can be no fair outcome for America from the work of Mayor Gordon’s task force. He has shown his partiality in his sanctuary city program in Phoenix which only got slightly changed because of public outcry. But the public won’t be allowed anywhere near the Mayor’s task force, so we can just forget about a “real solution” from such a stacked deck.

  8. js says:

    Anybody ever wonder how many illegals have been or are voting here in AZ w/ fake ID’s, etc? I don’t see why Janet and Phil are playing this issue so deceitfully unless there are a bunch of illegals voting…. is this the case? What voting block are they trying to gain with all this dereliction of duty? Seriously, I’m not quite sure who’s being pandered to, illegals who can’t vote anyway, or illegal sympathizers? What demographic makes up enough of a percentage that could make/break a mayoral or gubernatorial election? Anyone?
    Oh yeah, great blog. I’m more interested in local stuff these days with our fastidiously vane governor and her Climate of Subterfuge.