Making sense of Congressman Pence

Congressman Shadegg calls in his chips for open borders candidate

All the way from Indiana Congressman Mike Pence is showing interest in an Arizona state legislative district primary election.

 And who is this Republican U.S. Representative endorsing? Would you believe a lifelong Democrat who registered as a Republican FIVE SHORT DAYS before filing his intent to run?

We couldn’t make this stuff up, folks.

How nice to know that the honchos in middle America care so deeply about an Arizona State House race. It’s inspiring that congressmen, now holding a dismal 9 percent national public approval rating, are not too busy to thoughtfully get involved in primary races thousands of miles away.

Many of us recall the days when pre-primary endorsements were considered inappropriate. Now our own U.S. Representatives are collaring cohorts in other states to unite against electing a credentialed conservative Republican.

Something is very wrong with this picture.

Will Pence next be moved to endorse in the frenzied Arizona legislative District 18 race in the East Valley, where the smear campaign against Rep. Russell Pearce is unparalleled in its viciousness?

Make no mistake. The issue is the same. It is illegal immigration and the high dollar donors to congressional campaigns, who directly benefit from the low-wage workers and want to ensure that the illegal flow continues unabated.


15 Responses to Making sense of Congressman Pence

  1. Seen It All says:

    Our economy is in the toilet, food and gas prices are through the roof, foreclosures are crippling American families, we are waging a war, and Americans are facing two untenable choices in the upcoming presidential elections, yet Congressmen Pence and Shadegg are pulling these shenanigans? This is pathetic. I am rethinking my commitment to John Shadegg.

  2. Vince says:

    Where’s Nancy Pelosi when Democrat Bouie needs her? Isn’t this a role SHE should be fulfilling?

  3. Sideliner says:

    This is disappointing. Congressman Shadegg is becoming a mini McCain. Is this how he begins his campaign for McCain’s senate seat? Bad start!

  4. Craig B says:

    This completes Shadegg’s sell-out to the profiteers of the illegal invasion occuring at Arizona’s southern border. Recently Shadegg supported the “Arizona Guest Worker” bill. Although, he said it was just a coincidence that he recalled his fondness for “a” guest worker bill on the eve of the Arizona legislature vote for THE guest worker bill.

    Nine killed and 10 seriously injured in one vehicle rollover accident. Shadegg and Bouie favor supporting those that offer the incentive to illegally cross into this country. Seel and Crump stand tall against the chaos and carnage. By the way, the nine killed are a non-factor in the Arizona economy. You can’t go getting yourself splattered on our highway and expect a job from Mr. Magruder or Mr. LeVecke. You don’t count.

    How well do you think Pence understands what he endorsed? What is Shadegg endorsing in Indiana? “Scratch my back Mr. Congressman?” Yuck.

  5. Jack says:

    Conservative Rep. Sam Crump, who has done a fine job in the state legislature, has become a victim of this high stakes “game.” As the Republican ‘powers that be’ seek to elevate the Democrat Bouie, Crump finds himself in an awkward position. These actions by Shadegg show his contempt for conservatives. And to think for years I supported him and regarded him highly.
    Those days are gone!!!

    Rep. Sam Crump and Carl Seel are the only Republicans in this race. They get my vote.

  6. Watchful1 says:

    Where is the party loyalty? I’m a PC in this district. If Bouie wins, King Shadegg would do well to stay away from our district meetings. He rarely attends anyway even though he lives in the district. When he does show up it’s never without his entourage.

  7. Calypso says:

    I find the intrusion of Congressman Pence into this Arizona local district race, outside the realm of reasonableness. That Shadegg is endorsing this lifelong opportunistic Democrat is reprehensible.

  8. Stanford says:

    Can we now expect to see John Shadegg endorsing Democrats in Indiana? It would just be a returned courtesy, after all.

  9. Gimlet says:

    After reading this I’m more disgusted with the political machinations than I ever expected to be. I’m not naïve, but this shocks me. John Shadegg has proven to be a huge disappointment.

  10. Carrie Mason says:

    This just shows what the political elite of Arizona are made of. I had thought Shadegg was walking a tight rope not to offend McCain, Kyl, and Flake and not to upset his conservative base in the open borders battle. Looks to me now like he has abandoned all pretense.

    The Executive guidance Committee of the Maricopa County Republican Committee, the grassroots leadership of the county, tells him unanimously that he errored in endorsing a life-long Democrat in a Republican primary against two life-long strong conservatives, and what does Shadegg do?

    He tells the EGC to GO TO HE double L Hockey Sticks and gets his friend, Representative Pence, from a thousand miles away to endorse the 5 day Republican in LD 6.

    The EGC did the same the month before by endorsing State Representative Russell Pearce in the LD 18 debacle being run by the lizard Sproul at the behest of Representative Flake. At least the EGC is representing the Republican base.

    How utterly pathetic of our delegation. Gosh almighty, how the elite politicians and money brokers hate conservatives nowadays. Guess they are capable of winning without us. Look for fund raisers for them now to be held at the Shangri la Nudist Colony.

  11. Chuck says:

    Pence should confine himself to the politics in his home stste of Indiana. Shadegg should confine his endorsements to Republicans — inthe GENERAL. Shadegg has really lost me on this one. Sorry pal, but if you act like a Democrat, I might as well vote for a real one. Not a smart move in the midst of an election.

  12. Kate says:

    This last stunt by Shadegg has made up my mind for me. I am not going to take it anymore. I am so fed-up-to-here with these jerk Republican representatives. I am a Republican, but I am so ticked at the current arrogant power structure of the Party that I am not going to vote for any of them except those who come down firmly against illegal immigration. And John Shadegg you have clearly demonstrated that that is not you.

    I know all the code talk…..guest worker program, God’s children, came here just to work, can’t deport 12 million etc. They are not going to fool me again. Illegal immigration is the only question I want to know about. That tells me all I need to know.

  13. Kathy says:

    The Republicans keep this up they will lose big time in November. The Rino’s are trying to throw Conservatives out & it will be their demise. OF course they will blame us (like they are doing now) – instead of looking in the mirror and seeing what they have become – Democrats!

  14. Macbeth says:

    I’m stunned by this turn of events. John Shadegg must be sipping hallucinatory tea for breakfast. He’s acting as though he’s lost his senses. And while he and his cronies are propping up the open borders Democrat Tony Bouie, in their effort to discredit conservative, Carl Seel, Rep. Sam Crump gets his head placed in the vise.

    Obviously, nothing and no one matters to Shadegg. He’s learned well from the AZ senators he wants to replace.

    I hope he pays attention to the substantially fewer votes he gets in this primary.

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