Nathan Sproul defends the indefensible: Himself

Whines about “personal rebuke”

In a My Turn column in this morning’s Republic, the man whose name has become synonymous with below-the-belt, political toxicity, attempts to defend his repeated muggings of Republican state Rep. Russell Pearce.

Disingenuously declaring his independent expenditure campaign a “battle for the heart and soul of the Republican party,” he smarts at the Monday editorial which defended Pearce, as a “rebuke of me personally.”

Seems discredited political operative Sproul can give, but is unable to take “personal rebukes.”

His viciousness has given rise to the use of the term “Sprouling” to describe the tawdry tactics he employs. The elephant in the room is, of course, illegal immigration. For his efforts on their behalf, he is well-paid by the proponents of the steady stream of exploitable illegal laborers they desire to continue to hire at substandard wages while enriching themselves. These same business moguls vowed to oust legislators and defeat others who supported the employer sanctions bill.

That is the reason immigration attorney Kevin Gibbons has been recruited to challenge Rep. Pearce by Gibbon’s brother-in-law, U.S. Rep. Jeff Flake. Flake, who often partners with his liberal congressional cohort, Illinois Democrat, Luis Gutierrez, is a known advocate for funding illegal aliens at taxpayer’s expense. The STRIVE act which touts “earned citizenship,” or amnesty is a case in point. Flake was one of only 7 Republicans who joined with 71 Democrats who voted for this misadventure. Ditto the DREAM act, a massive illegal alien amnesty program disguised as an educational initiative, was also supported by Flake.

The Executive Guidance Committee of the Maricopa County Republican Committee recently took the unprecedented step of making pre-primary endorsements in both Pearce’s Legislative District 18 and LD 6. A similar recruitment process has resulted in Tony Bouie, a life-long-Democrat-conveniently-turned-Republican, being pitted against incumbent Rep. Sam Crump and conservative candidate Carl Seel. The EGC endorsements of the conservatives were unanimous.

Backers of Bouie and Gibbons also support the deceptively named “Stop Illegal Hiring” initiative, which actually guts key provisions of the employer sanctions bill, crafted by Pearce and signed into law by Gov. Napolitano. The law has been upheld in federal court and is being emulated in other states across the nation.

Sproul whines at what he considers his mistreatment, but his inauthentic complaints are likely to fall on deaf ears.

24 Responses to Nathan Sproul defends the indefensible: Himself

  1. Stanford says:

    I do wish we had a process in place for excommunicating delinquent Republicans. Sproul would be the first to get the shoe on his butt. What a sad excuse for a man.

  2. Gimlet says:

    Sproul is a backroom brawler who defends his slimy and divisive actions as being best for the Republican party. The only one who benefits from his spew is Sproul and his own bank account.

  3. Seen it all says:

    I knew this guy slightly when he was ED of the State Republican party years ago. He seemed an earnest sort then. He has obviously been corrupted since those days. Reading his comments and his excuses for engaging in these savage attacks, makes me sick to my stomach. Time wounds all heels.

  4. renterjoe says:

    If Mr. Sproul wants the party, he claim he wants, then why doesn’t he work with the opposition to fined a better solution to the border issue?

    Why doesn’t he tell his friends in Washington to do something about the border and listen to what the grassroot people are saying. The problem is that very few of the Washington people (delegation) listen to those they represent. They only listen to the money.

    The problem for Mr. Sproul is that he lost his soul when he got mixed up with the likes of those who defrauded the Baptist Foundation.

    Pray for him he needs our help.

  5. Kate says:

    The snake Sproul needs a cake of my grandmother’s lava soap shoved down his throat with a gallon of cod liver oil to smooth the way. Such an evil and deceitful excuse for a human being. And may God bless Senator Russell Pearce for standing tall to defend the country and us all. There are very few who would be willing to stand up to such an ugly attack for the good of the country and party.

  6. RonB says:

    Nathan Spoul has sold his soul to the open borders crowd money. I can’t believe he really believes that the majority of Republicans–and the majority of Arizonans–do not support cracking down on illegal immigration, including holding employers accountable for hiring illegals. It’s MacGruder and his crowd that are just as culpable, perhaps more so. They will always find someone willing to do their dirty work.

  7. Fejj says:

    Sproul is a vile piece of work and Gibbons advocacy for illegals and the businesses who hire them is like oil and water with Republican voters. Ive had a glimpse at the pieces the Maricopa GOP are putting out in support of Rep (soon to be Sen) Pearce and they are awesome and will spike Sproul’s guns big time without any nastiness.

    Latest polling shows little likelihood of Gibbons prevailing. Russell Pearce has done more the save the State of AZ from the ravages of illegal immigration than any other legislator state or federal

  8. Tryor says:

    Sproul would do better to argue the issues. His personal attacks against Pearce will not be believed. Immigration is complex. Good and bad, the repercussions of Pearce’s bill are hitting some employers hard, in a difficult economy. I believe we should forge ahead with eliminating illegal immigration, but Sproul has a better chance giving sound reasons for opposing the policy than giving spurious reasons for disliking Pearce.

  9. Pete O'Malley says:

    Excellent piece of writing. I wish the author’s name was given the prominence it deserves.

  10. Seen it all says:

    It is not the repressions of Pearce’s bill that is harming business, Tryor. The economy is in bad shape, both here and globally. These are no longer stoop labor field jobs that illegals are taking. They are taking middle American construction jobs that have been the framework of families for generations. Don’t kid yourself on this issue. Why do you think the contractors are supporting the illegal laborers? They don’t want to pay American wages to American employees, yet they want to continue selling their homes at prices that many families simply cannot afford.

  11. DSW says:

    The best thing anyone can do is to shut Nathan Sproul and Lincoln Strategy Group down.

    Please contact the State Party and the Republican National Committee and file complaints against Sproul/Lincoln Strategy Group.

    Please ask anyone or any candidate who does business with Sproul to severe the relationship immediately.

    Join Sonoran Alliance, SeeingRedAZ and other conservatives to shut down Sproul/Lincoln Strategy Group and their despicable campaign tactics by hitting them in the pocketbook.

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  13. Chuck says:

    He also has out of state contacts. He has to monitor himself and for that you need integrity and principles. Sproul has neither. Didn’t you read how he justifies his actions? Anything for a buck.

  14. Sandy says:

    Without Nathan Sproul, Phoenix would have been rid of Ops Order 1.4 in 2006
    Without Nathan Sproul’s treachery, Phoenix would have been rid of Ops Order 1.4 after the November 2006 election. The 2006 Phoenix City initiative Prop 405 would have outlawed sanctuary policies like Ops Order 1.4 permanently. Because of Nathan Sproul and his scumbag tactics, Phoenix citizens were deprived of the opportunity to vote to reject Phoenix’ sanctuary policy.

    In the early months of 2006 (prior to May), the GOP did a campaign to register new voters as Republicans, and Nathan Sproul was the leader of that project.

    Undoubtedly at the direction of Mr. Sproul, the voter registration forms weren’t immediately submitted to County Registrar, but instead were withheld until AFTER the August registration deadline for the September primary.

    His motives became clear when it became known that he was a major player in the Len Munsil campaign. Newly-registered voters voting in the GOP primary would be more likely to go with name recognition and vote for Don Goldwater instead of Sproul’s candidate Len Munsil. As we know, Len Munsil won the 2006 AZ GOP primary.

    But Sproul’s “last-minute” submittal of voter registrations had a second achievement, as those who joined me in working for Randy Pullen and the Prop 405 Protect Our City Initiative know. The 4,000+ signatures disqualified because they weren’t registered voters defeated the initial submittal of qualifying petition signatures. We gathered enough in a second submittal, but the open borders opposition sued in court to exclude it, and the Arizona Supreme Court sided with the Open Borders Lobby.

    Good for you in dragging Sproul by the scruff of his despicable neck out of the shadows. Please bandy his name about so that everyone knows.

  15. Keen Observer says:

    Sproul’s piece is more of an indictment of Kyl, McCain, Shadegg, and Flake than it is a defense of himself. His piece is so much hogwash and Democrat talking points, …”embrace politics of division, embrace diversity, reaching out for common ground” …as to make me puke. As if Maverick McCain is not the star example of division and polarization for the entire country to emulate… But Pearce objects to the policies of the “BAD FOUR” being rammed down our throats and Sproul pronounces Pearce as the villain. Absolute, unadulterated HOGWASH.

    The “BAD FOUR” should have disavowed Sproul’s attack at the outset. They should have blown the whistle on the deceit riddled “Stop Illegal Hiring” initiative that Sproul is peddling. BUT they are Mum. Sproul is doing their dirty work. No wonder he wants to have the party led by McCain and Kyl and not the likes of the defender of TRUTH, JUSTICE and the AMERICAN WAY………..God bless Russell Pearce.

  16. BOB HARAN says:

    Nathan Sproul is what you call a political prostitute, he’ll do the deed for the highest bidder, regardless of how dirty it is. Sproul has no principles, he stands for nothing and believes in nothing but money. Nathen Sproul’s God is $.


  17. SLGOP says:

    If the Chairman of Mesa Deserves Better, Nathan Sproul, is battling for the “GOP soul,” those of us who walk Republican precincts and do all the work of the elections want no part of him! He doesn’t represent the soul of the party we support!

    Many of us have been working with Russell Pearce for the past few years in trying to do something to save this state from the financial burdens of illegal immigration. We know Russell to be a man of the law who cares deeply about his state and country. He has worked tirelessly to find legal means to stop the daily invasion of thousands of illegals crossing our borders. He has had to work against most of our elected federal representatives in trying just to get existing federal laws enforced. So he had to get state laws passed to do the job already required by federal code.

    We have proof now that employer sanctions are effective and thus, their opponents have pulled out all the stops to destroy the man responsible for writing this legislation. We know Russell’s motives to be pure–he gains nothing for his efforts and has to bear the hateful campaign rhetoric that hurts he and his family. Can we say as much for Nathan Sproul and his cronies? He is being paid for his quest for the “soul of the GOP” big time.

    Clearly Sproul and his big money supporters have no compunctions about the depths to which they will stoop to destroy their fellow Republicans or the country in their quest for power and money.

  18. Vince says:

    Sproul has presided over a pathetic record of campaign losses, from removing the not-so-clean-elections to the defense of marriage amendment. Both of these issues should have won easily. Somehow the operative Sproul screws up most things he touches. It looks as though that will be the case with his overkill campaign that will backfire from his intended victim, the honorable Russell Pearce. My bet is that Kevin Gibbons will get the same super-duper Sproul treatment his other clients have gotten And don‘t write to tell me that this is an independent expenditure and Gibbons isn‘t his client. . Gibbons has been as silent as a church mouse on this matter,
    They will both lose. It couldn’t happen to two nicer guys than Sproul and Gibbons.

  19. Republican in LD-6 says:

    I (gasp) agree with Bob Haran. Sproul has to go. He has destroyed what little he had left of his reputation after the fiascos with federal elections. Now, he is rolling around in the mud of a local election and can’t really get it off of himself. Well, Nathan, it’s going to hit the fan, and the rule of politics is: what hits the fan is never distributed evenly. Good luck getting that off of you.

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