Phil Gordon makes it crystal clear: Amnesty is his goal

Quick! There’s “a sense of urgency” here

Casey Newton, who covers City Hall for The Arizona Republic has an interesting piece in Saturday’s Phoenix Republic supplement, titled Gordon talks about immigration, not Arpaio.*

Newton writes that Mayor Phil Gordon, speaking at a press conference he had scheduled to talk about a speech he will deliver next week to the Police Foundation and his role as chairman of the immigration reform task force of the US. Conference of Mayors, declined to take his usual pot shots at Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The two, shall we say, do not see eye-to-eye on the subject of law enforcement as it pertains to illegal immigration.

But the most telling part of Newton’s article was this:

As he has before, Gordon called for a guest-worker plan and a path to citizenship for the millions who have entered our country illegally.

The mayor said he wants to create a sense of urgency in Washington about enacting immigration reform as quickly as possible.

This statement is as close as it gets to being handed the golden chalice of truth in the often veiled arena of Phoenix politics. Gordon, the target of a citizen recall, makes no attempt to conceal his scheme to push illegal aliens to the front of the immigration line. “Quickly” is the key word.

Gov. Napolitano is term limited and looking at either a position with the Obama campaign, for whom she was an early endorser — or a run for John McCain’s senate seat. Democrat Gordon is salivating at the prospect of plopping down in that vacant governor’s chair.

And wouldn’t those new and grateful citizens, “quickly” registered as Democrats, be the clincher he needs to help him attain his desire?

No wonder he’s called Sanctuary City Phil.


*Unfortunately, we were unable to locate a link to Newton’s article.


11 Responses to Phil Gordon makes it crystal clear: Amnesty is his goal

  1. Clark says:

    Of course Phil Gordon wants to give amnesty to the illegals. You’ve provided the answer right here. Get those recall petitions filled out and turned in!!

  2. Sam says:

    Phil Gordon has a dream. Don’t let it become a reality.

  3. Gary says:

    Pay close attention to Gordon’s words. He’s using the same exact terminology that McCain, Kyl and Kenney tried to serve up. When you hear the words “Comprehensive Immigration Reform,” just substitute “Amnesty.” That’s what the US Senators mean; that’s what Sanctuary City Philly means.

    This is a scam of gigantic proportions. Stay alert, because it will be coming at us again on the federal level. Gordon wants to ensure it on the city level and this post explains why, in the clearest of terms.

    Thanks for cutting to the chase with this. I’m sending this out to our entire email list, along with a reminder to circulate the recall petitions and vote to retain the current sheriff and county attorney, who enforce the law.

  4. Jeanne says:

    The article says it very clearly: “Gordon called for a guest-worker plan and a path to citizenship for the millions who have entered the country illegally. “

    And what about all of the people seeking American citizenship who have played by the rules and done everything right? They get pushed to the rear of the line so Phil Gordon gets his new Democrat voters? This news will enrage the average citizen.

  5. Orion says:

    Kudos to Casey Newton for this enlightening report. He doesn’t sugar-coat the truth of what Gordon has in store for the citizens of the City of Phoenix. Gordon is running non-stop ads on television telling us what a swell job he’s doing and got his buddy to appoint hi to a prestigious sounding position with the US Conference of Mayors. It is all with the amnesty agenda in mind.

  6. Ron says:

    Yes, it’s clear the “sense of urgency” is the upcoming election. How crass is this man?

  7. Jonathan says:

    When is someone going to expose the so-called “guest worker” program for the super con job on America that it is? I’ve noticed that its supporters have recently begun referring to the scheme as “temporary worker.”. Neither term is accurate. The “guests” get their foot in the door to be swited through to amnesty. Also, the guests have American citizen babies while they’re here. These babies then begin the process of the family reunification program, sometimes called chain migration, which allows all of the family members living in Mexico to gain legitimate access to our country. That is where the term “anchor babies” originated.

    Wake up! When you hear our elected representatives using this lingo, question them. Don’t let them get away with perpetrating this hoax on us.

  8. PhxMom says:

    When did our mayor become our chief law unenforcement officer? Learn when and where to sign recall petitions at

  9. SherriAZ says:

    Gordon is not unlike the rest of the politicians in this country, ready to disregard all other voters in order to pander to the growing bloc of Hispanic voters, some voting illegally. These loons also disregard the fact that many Hispanics FAVOR tightening the border and don’t want amnesty. They are concerned about the continued free flow of unknown persons into this country. By serving the interests of the minority instead of the majority who still favor the rule of law, politicians are doing a huge disservice to the country. They will only start to “get it” when they are thrown out of office.

  10. GreatJob says:

    So, you think that the illegal immigrants in this country would have citizenship in time for an election in two years? Really? First they would have to become legal permanent residents — who can’t vote. In the best case scenario they could become legal permenent residents immediately (this is not realistic, but I’ll go with it), then they would have to remain in the country for 5 years before they could apply to become citizens. So, in the best case scenario they could be citizens able to vote in 5 years. Way too late to help the Mayor become the Governor.

    If we were dealing in reality, it is much more likely that they wouldn’t be citizens for more than 10 years — more if the administrative backups are not addressed.

  11. Ray says:

    Yes, indeed! We are talking about people who do NOT play fair, have a pro-open borders agenda and are in concert with the sanctuary city policies of the wanna-be governor, Gordon. Gordon has one vision in mind and that is seeing himself in that ninth floor office. Why do you think he is pandering to the open-borders groups every chance he gets?

    I have more than a passing interest and knowledge associated with this issue. I am the Spanish (and of course, English!) speaking son of a Mexican mother. One side of my family are in the Gordon camp for these very reasons. When I attend family events on my maternal side, I hear the conversations, all still in Spanish, by the way. They have no desire to acclimate and are mostly LaRaza supporters, The one thing that motivates them is VOTING in our elections. How difficult do you think it is for those who have become so proficient at forging birth certificates, driver’s licenses and social security cards to get voter’s ID? Especially now that anyone can take their forged documents to any library or driver’s license establishment and register to vote. Let’s be realistic here. I am certain I am much closer to this issue than you are.

    What I say is truth.