Tony Bouie’s answers to editorial board conflicts with public records

Seeing Red AZ has been informed that at a meeting with the Arizona Republic editorial board last Thursday, Tony Bouie, candidate for a House seat in Legislative District 6, departed from his well rehearsed, consultant-fed script. When asked about the length of time he has actually been a registered Republican, Bouie insisted he was a registered member of the GOP when living in Hillsborough County Florida from 1995 through 1999.

The Capitol Times reports that Bouie stated, “In fact, I’ve been a Republican half of my voting life.” Bouie told the Capitol Times that from 1995 to 2003 he was registered as a Republican. Prior to that, he said, he was a Democrat. The switch back to Democrat in 2003 coincided with his return to Arizona after his pro football days were over and was based on concerns about how a black man would be received by state Republicans, according to the article.

Apparently Tony V. Bouie, the recruited political rookie, is unaware of the fact that Voter Services at the Hillsborough County Elections Department maintains voter history records that are available for public perusal.

The facts stand in stark conflict with the story he told the editorial board and the Capitol Times.

Candidate Bouie’s registration has been called into question when it was revealed that he changed his party affiliation to Republican only five days prior to filing his intention to run for public office.

At the June Republican District 6 meeting, Bouie told the precinct committeemen he had been a lifelong Democrat because his family were all Democrats.

Which is it?

29 Responses to Tony Bouie’s answers to editorial board conflicts with public records

  1. Tom L says:

    Bouie lied to the Republic and lied to the Capital Times. How many donors contributed to this “Republican half my voting life?” Where do these donors get in line for a refund on their fraudulently obtained donations?

  2. Cindy says:

    He had “concerns about how a black man would be received by state Republicans?” And this is coming from a “Republican at heart?” I DON’T THINK SO! Thanks for all your confidence in we Republicans Mr. Bouie. Tom is absolutely right! Where does the line form for donation refunds??!!

  3. Jean D. says:

    Caught in the act of lieing to The Arizona Republic and to the Arizona Capitol Times?! This democrat running as a Republican has just been found out. I can tolerate a Democrat turned Republican a lot better than I can a damned LIAR! If the Republic knew all this Friday, why did they not report it today? The Republic is as guilty as this RINO that is Republican In Name Only and the term has never fit better than it does right here. This is an insult to the LD-6 Officers and all LD-6 PC’s. Thanks a lot for discrediting our District and making your supporters all look like fools. Lieing to the Arizona Republic and Capitol Times…not the brightest bulb in the box and not even close to electable. I’ll bet dollars to donuts this imposter runs home and is all registered up with the Democrats again by December.

  4. Evan says:

    Im not much into politics but, I am all into smoking out creeps! Nice work Seeing Red AZ. I was at this April 12 debate when Bouie bald face lied to an entire church full of LD-6 voters. Wow! Roll the tape!

  5. Andy says:

    Now lets see…what was it Carl Seel has been saying since this race started? He has been saying “Mr. Bouie is a Democrat.” Mr. Bouie has been saying “No, no, Carl has got it all wrong..I’m a Republican.” Obviously, even Seel did not contact Hillsborough County elections even though he would have had every reason to. Carl Seel vindicated. Like Evan says, Wow!

  6. Craig D says:

    My neighbor just told me to get a look at this site. Hmmm…Tony Bouie not only discredited all of LD-6, he has especially discredited the entire town of Anthem. I’m glad he’s been found out now. What about all the people who have already voted for this “half of a Republican?” This man says he has been voting 18 years. He has only ever been a Republican since April 9th, 2008. Doug Clark’s guy huh? What did you take us for? How left is the Arizona Republic? We will know by their endorsement choices in LD-6. Will they endorse a man who stood there and lied to them?

  7. Tim L says:

    Craig D hit the nail on the head. That’s what I want to know. Will the Republic endorse somebody that obviously lied to them and to The Capitol Times?

    But wait everybody…I was a Republican in Florida….

    How pathetic that Bouie figured Arizona Republican voters do not do their homework.

  8. Dale says:

    Nice job Seeing Red AZ but your headline should read..
    Congressman Shadegg Endorses The Liar In LD-6!

  9. James says:

    Good point Dale! Does Bouie offer all of his endorsements back now. Oh wait! NRA, Right To Life, Arizona African American Republican Committee–thats right, they all endorsed Crump and Seel! Besides Shadegg, Bouie has no significant endorsements to relinquish. And that’s only if you want to call Shadegg’s significant.

    Thank you Maricopa County Republican Committee for giving your rare endorsement to Seel and Crump! You were not taken in by Tony “Open Borders” Bouie. For as much as Republicans have to be ashamed of by Bouies found-out lies, we also have to champion our leaders who got it right and have been telling us all along…Bouie is a fraud.

  10. Kate says:

    Guess what, Tony? Black Republicans have been GOP leaders in AZ and throughout the US for a long, long time. Suggest you meet the wonderful members of AAARC. In fact, if you sincerely wanted to become a Republican, how about paying your dues and joining AAARC, participating actively for a minimum of a year before you run for a House seat? Arrogance is the crippling disease of politicians, but they usually contract it AFTER being elected. Disturbing to think you got an early start……

  11. Maggie says:

    This Bouie fella sounds like a real Piece’o work to me. Why is Congressman Shadegg endorsing him?

  12. A Funny thing happened says:

    Try this link for the video:

  13. Charlie Conservative says:

    Need anyone say more? I don’t think so. Maybe there is some rational explanation. We just need to hear an honest response from Mr Bouie……We are waiting Mr Bouie. We will give you time to consult with Mr Baker, Ms Gorman, Mr Clark, Mr Magruder, Mr LeVecke, Mr Shadegg etc. Tick,Tick, Tick.Tick

  14. Kerrie R. says:

    I missed the link to the document that he was a democrat in Florida. That would change everything!

  15. John says:

    The YouTube link was taken down. What gives?

  16. Republican in LD-6 says:

    Bouie is a joke. Think about this, he is Doug Clark’s candidate.

    Ask Mr. Clark why he is no longer at Desert Breeze Church. That would explain a lot.

    I voted. My vote did not go to the liar. It went to Sam Crump and Carl Seel.

  17. Sideliner says:

    I just watched the YouTube video. It’s up! Try it again. The audio isn’t great, but you can make it out. Watch it, It speaks volumes. Bouie has to read what he wants to say to this genial crowd. He’s not even conversant with his topic — even after all of Chris Baker and Doug Clark’s coaching.

  18. PhxMom says:

    Will John Shadegg do the right thing and withdraw his endorsement for this liar? Will AAARC do the right thing? Or, will they stick by this dummy? Will we all teach our kids that lying is fine as long as you don’t get caught?

  19. Gimlet says:

    What I find appalling is this excuse about registering as a Democrat because he didn’t know how the Republicans in AZ would accept a black Republican. Grow up, Mr. Bouie! Do you really expect anyone to buy that load of garbage? You have a white wife. Were you worried about not being accepted by the black community because of your marriage? What absolute foolishness.
    This is a crafted excuse to make yourself a victim and prey on the sympathies of others. It certainly doesn’t work with me. I have a wonderful black boss who is respected by everyone in the office. I have worked for him for three years and have NEVER heard anyone mention his race during that time.

  20. Jonathan says:

    Tony Bouie obviously thought he could pull this charade off or wouldn’t have tried. Glad he’s been exposed. I’d like to hear his explantation now, I’d also like to hear from some of his high level endorsers.

    I’m calling the Hillsborough County Elections Dept, nyself Monday morning. I know official voter records can’t be published on the Internet, but I want to hear what they have to say.

  21. Walter says:

    Not one peep in the Republic that they were lied to by this imposter, Bouie. Bouie told the LD-6 meeting he was always a Democrat. Then he told The Republic and The Capitol Times he was a Republican in Florida. Hillsborough County elections said he was a Democrat in Florida. You are found out Tony Bouie. You cannot be trusted to tell the truth to your constituents. Shadegg, Gorman, and any/all other endorsers of this fraud must withdraw their endorsement or they will have as much credibility as this 5 day Republican. Bouie, you have shamed a lot of good people with your charade. Since you threw the election with your lies, are you offering donation refunds?

  22. Jack says:

    What happened to the “good friends” at SA. They have gotten real quiet on their open borders poster child, Bouie. Used to be, not a day would go by without their big press release on Bouie. Nothing from them on the ‘BIG LIE” Bouie story.

  23. Dist. 6 PC says:

    From what I can see, those good friends have fallen into the Tony Bouie/Horst Kraut camp. They print Bouie press releases, and Bouie softballers as well as threats against the Seel family by the nudist Kraut. I wonder how close their involvement in this campaign is.

  24. Steve P. says:

    Bouie turned in two surveys to AZ Right to Life, according to, with different answers. What does the guy stand for?

  25. Rightfighter says:

    If AZ Right to Life comes out and says that he turned in two surveys – they could show us the different answers. A lot of things come out on these blogs and I know you can’t believe everything you hear – even if you would like to. I’d like to see the two papers.

  26. Republican in LD-6 says:

    Yeah. Getting those from Right to Life shouldn’t be that hard. They are conservative friends. So, if this isn’t a lie, then produce the paper. Otherwise, we are falling into the same verbal tactics as Bouie. Let’s not lie, we don’t have to, he does it for us.

  27. Watching the Action says:

    Monday morning, take a few minutes and call Voter Services at the Hillsborough County Florida Elections Department The telephone number is (813) 272-5850. Sharon Smith is the Deputy Supervisor of Voter Services. They have already received several such calls. Although this is public information, I’ve been told it is a violation to post it on the Internet, which is likely why it doesn’t accompany this post.

    The name you will be checking is Tony V. Bouie. Date of Birth: 08/07/1972

    You’ll get the facts you aren’t getting from the candidate.

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