Getting it right on leftie Tony Bouie

Seeing Red AZ has previously reported about the duplicitous Tony Bouie and his decision to change his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican a mere five days before filing his intent to run for a District 6 House seat in the GOP dominated district.

Candidate Bouie has been so insistent about his longtime Republican credentials that he recently told the Capitol Times, “In fact, I’ve been a Republican half of my voting life.”

His acquiesce to the open borders crowd has won him unlikely supporters, although the Maricopa County Executive Guidance Committee was not taken in and unanimously endorsed Rep. Sam Crump, running for reelection and candidate Carl Seel, the two Republicans in the race.

Bouie reportedly gave the same longtime Republican story to the editorial board of the Arizona Republic, although he was more candid when announcing his candidacy in June to the elected precinct committeemen of the district he wants to represent, telling them he had been a lifelong Democrat “because my family were all Democrats.”

When that response met with stunned queries from the attendees at the meeting, he was apparently counseled by his advisors to add a bit of embroidery to give his story some appeal.

The problem with weaving tales is remembering who heard which story and losing all semblance of credibility as distrust takes hold. Weren’t we all admonished as children to stick to the truth, regardless of the hardship, for this very reason?

The Sonoran News questions other aspects of Mr. Bouie’s saga.

Today, the North Valley Voice does a fine job of exposing the string of inconsistencies, culminating in revealing the indisputable duplicity of this opportunistic candidate. Bouie now admits to his calculated deception with this press release:


August 18, 2008 PHONE: (623) 551-7557

Bouie Clarifies His Historical Party Affiliation

(Anthem, AZ) – There has been much discussion and debate about my former party affiliation while I resided in the state of Florida. While I was playing in the NFL after my college playing days at the University of Arizona, I experienced a political epiphany. After receiving my first check in the NFL, I noticed, from my perspective, an unusual amount of money missing from my check. I remember it being almost half of my gross pay. I marched straight to the head accountant for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and asked if there had been some mistake. After he told me there was no miscalculation in the net pay, I decided that my party affiliation should be Republican since they believed in lower taxes. This moment was a culmination is my belief that the Democratic Party no longer represented what I ideologically believed.

Unfortunately, I did not complete the voter registration paperwork to make this switch official. This left my party affiliation officially unchanged. My official party affiliation has not detered (sic) my conservative views on the role of government, education, immigration, 2nd amendment rights or traditional family values.

I hope this clarifies any confusion about my party past.


Tony V. Bouie


Arizona House of Representatives


16 Responses to Getting it right on leftie Tony Bouie

  1. Kathy says:

    Busted – now the spinnnnnnnnn!

  2. Sideliner says:

    Will we hear a peep out of Rep. Shadegg, who not only endorsed this counterfeit Republican but in the most bizarre of actions, elicited support for Tony Bouie from Indiana Congressman Mike Pence? What a disappointment!

  3. Chuck says:

    Bouie has given this football / paycheck story previously. Those were consultant Chris Baker’s words coming out of Bouie’s mouth. They must think the district voters are dolts.
    This is ventriloquism at it’s all time best!! They should take their show on the road. The voters of the district have had their fill.

  4. Dist. 6 PC says:

    And speaking of having our fill, I’d like to hear from Sen. Pamela Gorman who is rumored to have recruited this fake. One termer Doug Clark is the other wanna-be king maker here. They both owe the voters of the district an explanation for this flimflam.

  5. Lori says:

    In Bouie’s first sentence of his press release he tells us all that he still does not get it. There was never any “debate.” My State Representative, Sam Crump and my Republican candidate, Carl Seel both pointed out that Bouie was a democrat in Republican clothes. Bouie denied that and cautioned voters that Crump and Seel cannot be believed. That is not a “debate.” That is a Bouie lie and false accusation. Mr. Bouie, get a dictionary and look up the word debate. You will find nothing that fits your denial and false accusations against credible Republicans.

    Bouie is still giving himself undeserved credit by referring to his divisive behavior as a “debate.”

  6. Dale says:

    John Shadegg and Pamela Gorman still endorse this liar? We’ve got a General coming up. As for me and my neighbors, we won’t be voting for backers of this Bouie liar.

  7. Republican in LD-6 says:

    I give up on Pamela Gorman. First, this supporter of family values devalues families with her decisions. Now, she supports a proven liar. Bad enough she supported a switch-over Dem, but now that’s he’s lied, how can she still support him? It’s time for a change, even if that change is a Democrat. I will not vote for Gorman as long as she backs this loser.

  8. Jean D. says:

    “Unfortunately, I did not complete the voter registration paperwork to make this switch official.”

    Shouldn’t that read “Unfortunately, I did not CARE ENOUGH to complete the voter registration…”

    And yeah right Bouie, it’s just paperwork. Keep on minimizing. Everybody understands it’s “just” paperwork. Serving in the legislature requires a lot of paperwork. Paperwork you are not very attentive to. You don’t admit you lied, you only admit to neglecting paperwork. Take responsibility for your actions instead of minimizing and soft sell. You blew it. You were caught in your lie and only then, you (sort of) admitted it.

  9. Joe Evans says:

    In reading this amazing press release, I missed the crucial point you made about the “debate’ surrounding this issue. You got it right, Lori. Thanks for calling attention to the calculated misuse of the language as Bouie attempts to put a better face on his often repeated and bald-faced lie.

  10. Dave G. says:

    Left your party officially unchanged? There is only one way to change your Party and that is “officially.” I’ve never been an unofficial democrat!

    Your press release does not wash. Who worte it for you? Sounds like it would take a Doug Clark to claim there is a conservative position on immigration. Immigration is niether conservative nor liberal. 80% of Arizona voters want existing immigration law enforced. Strike 4 Clark/Bouie.

  11. Barry R. says:

    JOHN SHADEGG, PAMELA GORMAN, AAARC. DO YOU WITHDRAW YOUR BOUIE ENDORSEMENTS? WE STILL HAVE A GENERAL ELECTION TO CONTEND WITH. Bouie has had his fun with our primary. Are you going to pay his price in lost credibility? My neighborhood does not support a liar like Bouie or his backers.

  12. Evan says:

    Thank you Seeing Red AZ for being out early on the BIG BOUIE LIE 4 days ago! Thanks to you, Bouie finally came clean…sort of. It was “only” paperwork.

    Look how disjointed Bouie’s press release is. “His official party registration does not ‘deter’ his conservative views on….” What the heck does that mean?!

    I never did like Bouie pointing his finger back at Rep. Sam Crump and Carl Seel. I was always uneasy with that. Now I see my hunch was right. Bouie must resign to keep damage to the Republican Party as low as possible. Can you imagine this guy winning the primary? If he does the democrat is already elected. Bouie is a found out liar.

  13. Charlie Conservative says:

    Tony Bouie lied! SACRE BLEU! Seeing Red, SACRE BLEU!

  14. Kate says:

    My spouse and I just completed our primary ballot. We did not render a vote in the Shadegg uncontested election. I believe that is called under voting. We are underwhelmed with Congressman Shadegg. So we will be underwhelmed with him in the gereral as well. We are so sick and tired of the idiot four Republicans….McCain, Kyl, Flake and Shadegg putting a knife in our backs all for their illegal alien supporting businees donors. We can play the maverick role just like they are doing.

  15. Steve M. says:

    We are not voting Shadegg or Gorman in the primary. How solid is their judgment when they get behind a bonehead like Bouie. They have not withdrawn their endorsement yet. They are at best, too slow and at worst willing to hang with the liar to the detriment of their constituents. Shadegg and Gorman will hear from me by my silence. I encourage all readers to withhold your vote for ballot candidates that support(ed) Bouie over the Republicans.

  16. GenghisJhan says:

    Don’t you just love a liberal liar like Bouie? He seems to think conservatives are stupid enough to believe his liberal lies.