The Arizona Republic says “Tony Bouie lied”

No wonder he often wears sunglasses indoors. They conceal his lyin’ eyes.

Mary Jo Pitzl, lead legislative reporter for the daily newspaper confirms what we have been saying for several weeks: Tony Bouie, running for a District 6 seat in the state House of Representatives, is a lifelong Democrat who opportunistically switched his party to run in the Republican stronghold.

Pitzl writes: Legislative candidate Tony Bouie lied when he said he had been registered as a Republican while playing for the NFL in Florida. 

Most egregious,  the switch occurred a mere five days prior to submitting his filing documents marking his intent to run for the legislative seat as a Republican.

In fact, the deception was on such a grand scale that he lied to the editorial board of the Arizona Republic and to The Capitol Times. He obviously thought he had perfected his two-step, but the informed people of the district, smelling a rat, were not to be snookered.

Bouie should do the honorable thing and withdraw his candidacy. And although we appreciate the validation of our assertions by Ms. Pitzl, we look forward to seeing this information revealed in a bona fide news story, rather than only on the blog site which is not as widely read. The perpetuation of this sham potentially affects thousands* of residents in District 6. The story deserves their attention.

* As of August 8, 2008, the total number of registered voters in District 6 was 117,193. This includes 50,173 Republicans; 26, 012 Party Not Designated and 8,324 registered Independents, all of whom can pull a GOP ballot. Democrats, who should be able to vote for their fellow party member Tony Bouie, number 31,578, are unable to vote in the Republican primary. There are Green, Libertarian, and other party designations reflected in the total count.

41 Responses to The Arizona Republic says “Tony Bouie lied”

  1. Marianne says:

    The Republic says Bouie lied because he DID. He thought he could pull the wool over the voter’s eyes. He needs to act honorably now and abandon his false premised campaign. Who would ever trust him now?

  2. Stanford says:

    This is shameful. Tony Bouie attempted to scam the Republican voters of the district.
    If he were to be elected, he would be an outcast among his colleagues. Lying is reprehensible to most of us. And this was done with willful iand malicious ntent.

    There are only 90 folks in the legislative body. Being known as the deceiver in their midst who lied to get elected would be a bad foot to start out on.

  3. Steve M. says:

    Seeing Red AZ you were on top of this story from the start. Thank you for informing we readers as soon as you had it. You are absolutely right calling for Bouie to withdraw from the race. He is only burning up resources of credible LD-6 Republican candidates.

    Tony, we LD-6 PC’s and voters have much more invested in our District’s credibility than an April ’08 conversion to the Republican Party. You are hurting the credibility and reputation of LD-6 voters, PC’s and office holders. Quit making a game out of something we care deeply for. You now know Doug Clark a lot better than you did when you got in the race. You now see you were in incompetent hands right from the start.

    Our real candidates have more important battles ahead. Free up their time and resources to concentrate on their races against the dems. Or, are you so selfish that you will take our real candidates down with you?

  4. Jill Franklin says:

    You are too kind to this phony Steve. Yes, he needs to free up our real candidates. But, enough of the kindness. This guy intentionally lied to all of us. He MUST withdraw. Anything less is hurting our real candidates. This bum needs to hit the road and take his whole left wing open boarders crowd with him. His press release was a joke, he called his lies a “debate.” We were not debating anything Mr. Bouie. Crump and Seel called you a democrat in Republican clothes. They were right. You said they were wrong. That is not a “debate.” That is called a lie. You cannot win dog-catcher. Yes, let our real candidates get to work beating the dems. You are way damaged goods. The dems. will have a field day with “the liar.” Quit hurting LD-6 Republicans and get out now.

  5. Jean D. says:

    Where is John Shadegg, Pam Gorman and Clyde Bowen on all of this? Their endorsements of the liar still hold? But all you PC’s make sure you get out and work hard for our Republican office holders. hmmm

  6. John Q says:

    Thanks Seeing Red. You can rehabilitate thieves, gang members, even drug addicts, but you can never trust a liar. This character flaw is one that affects every area of life. We need to remember the ones who put Bouie in this untenable spot. They created the problem because of their egocentric focus.

  7. Frankly Speaking says:

    There is no way this man should serve the people of the district. What concerns me, and I do not reside in district 6, is the ease with which Tony Bouie told his tall tales. If lie # 1 didn’t work, then he moved on to lie # 2 and 3. Living in the district is not a requisite to having an opinion on this issue, because the entire body votes on issues that affect us all, regardless of where in the state we live.

    Bouie must step aside. The district needs to put this fraud behind them and the legislature can’t function with a person this lacking in moral fiber as one of their members. We’ve had wife beaters and others of disrepute show up AFTER they were elected. That’s bad enough. But to send a man like this to the legislative halls would be shameful since the truth is now out.

    The problem is, this has not made the daily paper. I don’t know how many read the blogs, but early voting is already underway, and this MUST be made public.

  8. Gimlet says:

    Well, well. All of those Tony Bouie apologists are amazingly quiet. Cat got your tongues?

  9. nightcrawler says:

    I don’t believe he lied. Most people who read these blogs are insiders. Sure, none of us would take a political registration lightly. Keep historical perspective in the case. At the time he was in Florida he had no political ambition at all. Most likely someone put a form in front of him and he signed it. Voter Reg forms do get lost or never turned in, happens all the time, especially when volunteers aren’t organized. In his mind, he thinks he is a Republican, not the top of his priorities, so he never checks. Honestly, probably doesn’t care at that point.

    Bouie strikes me as a non-political person who is just now learning the rules. That doesn’t make him a bad guy or a liar, just a novice at politics. I give him a pass on this. More important to the GOP faithful is what he believes and for what he stands.

  10. Orion says:

    Tony Bouie has got to do the honorable thing and bow out of this race. He has shown himself to be an accomplished liar. Pamela Gorman and Doug Clark have made major miscalculations here. John Shadegg should be ashamed of his involvement in a primary district race. The are all getting as good as they gave here.

  11. Vince says:

    Nightcrawler: Are you kidding? Someone just put a registration form in front of him and he signed it? There is a great deal of personal information on those forms. This idea is preposterous! If true, he is a moron. Today a person can register at the library, while renewing a driver’s license, in front of the grocery store occasionally or at the library. There is no one putting a blank card in front of someone and just saying, “Sign it!’

    This guy knew exactly what he was doing! He is a practiced liar, with the help of his chums, Gorman and Clark and his consultant, Chris Baker. The stories changed when the pressure grew more intense. He felt the noose tightening and reacted in different ways.

    How do you have any idea what he believes in? Tony Bouie is a construct of the open borders crowd. Did you see who threw his fundraiser? The host committee was a cabal of those opposed to employer sanctions. This was no accidental candidate. Bouie was recruited and primed. The problem is, he never thought anyone would check on his stories.. He was asked early on where he was on the issue of employer sanctions and he said he wasn’t familiar with it and would talk to his campaign consultant and get back to the person who asked the question. Very impressive……not.

  12. Kerrie R. says:

    No, this site won’t let us post. The moderate everything.

  13. Thomas says:

    Well, I see you’re posted. What;s on your mind?

  14. seeingredaz says:

    Mr. Haran:
    Your post is too long. Additionally, you posted it on the “About” page, which clearly states that posts are not accepted there. You are welcome to join in the discussion, but a two page, single spaced typewritten comment exceeds reasonable limits. Anything that needs to be said can be stated more succinctly.
    Thank you for your interest.

  15. Kerrie R. says:

    Why should I? I support Bouie, so that makes me a liberal. I don’t like Carl Seel’s campaign tactics, so again I’m a liberal. I truly believe Bouie didn’t try to deceive anyone, so that makes me a liberal. I am a born-again Christian, raised in a conservative home and have led an ultra-conservative life, but that doesn’t matter here. I support Bouie, so I’m a raging liberal.

    There is nothing I can say that won’t bring out the Seel Peanut Gallery preaching “Bouie is a LIAR!”

  16. Justin says:

    What a rant, Kerrie. Calm down. I see you have posted here twice this evening and I haven’t seen you called a liberal once. Take some valium and ease it down a notch. You are very high strung.

    Vote for Bouie till the cows come home. I doubt anyone cares, Ms Carrie

  17. nightcrawler says:


    Bouie probably was recruited by the same people who endorsed him. Now step back and digest that for a moment. The endorsers did not find Seel satifactory. Why is that ? What is their ultimate agenda ? I would think the answer is that they want to win, The Dems are scared of Bouie, that is why they aren’t protesting this article. They want Seel to win the primary so they can wax him in the general Obama down ticket wave that is sure to come. They are playing you all like a fiddle.

    Kerrie, you are no liberal. If I lived in LD6 I’d support Bouie myself, simply to spice up the race and give us the best chance of winning.

  18. Virginia says:

    If you are so unhappy,Kerrie, I’m surprised you keep coming back I thoroughly enjoy this site, but you don’t seem to. By the way, Why should any of us care about your religion or family history?
    This is a discussion site.

  19. Jonathan says:

    How nice that you can’t vote in District 6, nightcrawler. Bouie is a con man. He allowed himself to be recruited and then he lied and lied and lied. He has NEVER exhibited interest in the AZ Republican party or in becoming a precinct committeeman. Of course that makes sense, since he was a DEMOCRAT!!!!!

    From what I hear, he attended ONE meeting where he made his announcement. That was when he said he had been a lifelong Democrat because he family were all democrats. He is funded by the open borders folks,

    Hey, if Vath and Sauerkraut like him. He must have a lot to recommend him, right?

  20. Kerrie R. says:

    I’m trying to show you that people you call a liberal just might not be. Just because they have a different opinion, does not mean they’re a liberal. It’s frustrating.

    I’ve been a long-time lurker. But some of the things that were said about a young man that I think is a decent guy seemed to go too far, so I decided to jump in the ring.

    If no one’s concerned about votes for Bouie, then why are there so many posts on the guy? Don’t talk about him then. If no one cares, then he should be a non-issue. Why doesn’t this blog go back to talking about other issues like the presidential election, and how no one wants to end up with a socialist president?

  21. John Q says:

    nightcrawler on 9:18 comment

    So are you saying that he lied again? His press release said he was registered as a Democrat and was unhappy about his tax witholding so he was going to re-register and never went down to fill out the paperwork. Was that made up? Do you know the real story, that he was too dumb to know the difference between the words Democrat and Republican? Your weak attempts to justify his lies only show that Baker must be coaching your comments.

    on 10:24 comment

    The people who recruited Bouie did not support Seel because they knew that he would never vote their agenda in the legislature. As bad as they are, even they aren’t stupid enough to put their money on a candidate who will vote against them. To that end, they will support Republicans or Denocrats who will vote to support their reapping illegal profits by hiring illegal workers at substandard wages. $$$$$$$$$$!!!

  22. nightcrawler says:

    John Q,

    I am just speculating like everyone else. Who is Baker ? We do agree on one thing. Bouie and Seel are not the main course at this table. The real story lies in the calculated distancing of the Congressional delegation from the grassroots conservatives. To use the John Edwards analogy, years of loyal support of time and money are quickly forgotten when a younger prettier babe walks in the door. This babe consists of moderates, independents and cross-over Dems that can help in their re-election efforts. The handwriting is on the wall folks. You need to find another dance partner, your date has left the ballroom. I get it, you are angry. I would be as well if I walked in your shoes. The question before you now is..who can you trust ?

  23. Jean D. says:

    Kerrie R, So, Bouie just signed the paper that was put in front of him and didn’t know or care about his party designation? Okay, suppose that is true. Then later in life you decide to run for public office. The opposition continually points to your prior voter registration. Even mails out a full color glossy postcard to thousands of voters on the subject. Don’t you think you would simply call Hillsborough County and confirm for yourself what your own voter registration was? I know I would. No, Bouie didn’t bother to do that. He insisted to the voters, to the Republic and to the Capitol Times that he was registered as a Republican. It’s not a case of he wasn’t sure. He could have easily checked it out. He intentionally lied to the voters on what could have been an insignificant issue. He’s not so much guilty of being a democrat. He is guilty of bald-face lying on an issue that was easily verifiable.

    Bouie is still burning up the resources of our REAL CANDIDATES! This should have everybody angry! Bouie MUST withdraw. If not, then you can add selfish to his title of liar. Bouie is damaging LD-6 Republican legislative candidates. We still have the dems. to fight in the general. Bouie came along to the Republican party in April ’08 and he is a one-man wrecking crew. Bouie GET OUT and let our Republican candidates get strong for the general.

  24. Bill G. says:

    Kerrie–This sounds surreal but, unfortunately it is true. You know it. You remember it. When employer sanctions became law, those profiteers of the illegal invasion vowed to take out all legislators that helped pass it. And this is exactly what is going on now. You saw the Bouie fundraiser list. I’ll bet you think Sam Crump is a great conservative. Crump is targeted by the illegal profiteers, that doesn’t bother you? And you know this is going on all over the state. Where there are primaries there is the illegal profits candidate against the border security candidate. Like I said, sounds almost surreal and crazy but, you know it’s a fact.

    I don’t know if the illegal employers crowd recruited Bouie. Clark voted for the Fair and Legal Employment Act. I really think the profits over patriotism crowd recruited Clark and Bouie later in the game. Not important “when.” What is important is this. Do you want your children growing up in a third world country or will you do everything in your power to prevent that? If so, then it is Seel and Crump you want with a finger on the voting button at the legislature.

  25. Stanford says:

    Tony Bouie is now, and by his own actions, a political pariah. If he is capable of doing the honorable thing, he needs to show that mettle and exit this race.

    Voters are in the process of voting early ballots and need to be informed. His intent was to hoodwink the people of his district. Fortunately, he has been exposed. This site has been on this for weeks, which I appreciate. Now, there needs to be widespread exposure of Bouie’s scam. Seems the embarrassment factor would be overwhelming.

    Incidentally, as a CD 3 resident, I’d sure like to hear something on this subject from my Congressman, John Shadegg. He endorsed this Democrat and brought in an Indiana congressional colleague to join him. What that was all about I have no idea, but it does not sit well with me and I’ve shared this ill-advised political hyperbole with my neighbors. Shadegg is being challenged by a well-funded opponent in the general. This was not a pile he needed to step into. The fact that he did indicates unbelievable arrogance on his part.

  26. Keen Observer says:

    With more than just this race on the line, Why is Congressman Shadegg still supporting this guy? (We all know that Shadegg wants to be the next Senator) I know I will not vote for Shadegg for Senate unless he publicly removes his support from Bouie. At this point I believe there’s no difference between Shadegg and Flake. I hope Trent Frank see all this and starts to consider a run. Trent Franks seems to be the only one who hasn’t sold out. Run Trent Run

  27. Chuck says:

    Kerrie/Carrie is so busy acting as an apologist for the bizarre actions of exposed deceiver Tony Bouie that she is unable to articulate rational thoughts. Can you imagine if her candidate is elected? He would certainly start out as a minus zero in the integrity department.

    Apparently, since he is black, if he is exposed for the liar he is, the persons revealing the facts are termed racists. There are also the questions raised by reporter Linda Bentley of the Sonoran News about his fundraising efforts on behalf of his young children since he was dying of widespread cancer.

    People don’t go into remission from liver or pancreatic malignancies, or those that “have spred throughout his whole body,” but Bouie has miraculously recovered from the unrecoverable and is now running for public office as a huckster. How many questions are there about this man? And how many are “off the table” because they are not politically correct to bring up? So are we just supposed to allow the scams to continue fro fear of being calling racists?

  28. Kerrie R. says:

    Bouie had lymphoma. DIFFERENT. Get the facts — listed on Bouie’s website. Call him about his cancer status. Or is that too much to ask? Don’t create rumors Chuck.

    Go ahead and say whatever you want to say else Chuck. Tell us your “off the table” questions that are “not politically correct to bring up.” I don’t know why you’re holding back when you have attacked someone’s cancer status. You might as well say it all now.

  29. Bill G. says:

    Shadegg, Gorman, AAARC. Your credibility is sinking right along with our famous LD-6 liar. Your endorsements remain intact? Good luck in the very challenging general coming soon to a voting booth near you. You’ve already lost some of your supporters. Will you withdraw your endorsements to salvage what you can?

    John Shadegg and Pamela Gorman endorsed open-borders backed Bouie and did not endorse proven stalwart conservative Sam Crump. Shadegg has obviously joined the magruder forces in their effort to take out legislators that helped pass workplace enforcement. 80% of Arizona voters like workplace enforcement Mr. Shadegg. Can you afford to throw away support? Frankly, I don’t think you can. And I think you DO need to worry about this general.

  30. Gimlet says:

    Did you ever look at Bouie’s own videos before they were removed? It was plainly stated that he had widespread malignancies. Fundraisers were being held to benefit his children. All of this seems very questionable in view of the fact that within short order he was then able to run for the AZ legislature.

    This Bouie character is one amazing guy! He’s done a masterful job of sucking you in. But you’re in fine company with John Shadegg, Mike Pence, Jason LeVecke, Big Mac Magruder, Lisa and Gordon James, the Chambers of Commerce and the rest of the amnesty for illegal immigrants crowd, who are so bonded to low wage workers to displace American citizens.

    You have young children. What kind of country do you want for them? It won’t be the one you were fortunate enough to grow up in, that’s for sure.

  31. Kerrie R. says:

    Gimlet. I like to find out facts for myself, so I googled the type of cancer Bouie lists on his website (Stage 4 Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma.). I am no oncologist, so I didn’t want to speculate. Anyway, I found information at cancer(dot)org. Here is what it said under his type of cancer:

    This is a fast growing lymphoma, but it often responds well to treatment with chemotherapy. Overall, about 3 out of 4 people will have no signs of disease after initial treatment, and about half of all people with this lymphoma are cured with therapy.

    I do think we need to be careful attacking someone who has battled cancer. I have a friend who had breast cancer several years ago, and my childhood pastor has prostate cancer. From a friend’s perspective, I think it’s really sad to go after someone’s battle with cancer.

  32. Kerrie R. says:

    And? I’ve seen the article. According to the article, they didn’t know what kind it was at the time. Bouie has since told what it was (on his website). I looked up that kind. I posted what it said about it.

    Again, why are you attacking his cancer? It doesn’t make sense to me. Have you had a stage 4 cancer with 2 little kids, so you know exactly how he should act? I just don’t get it.

    By the way, what’s the deal with spelling my name wrong? Is there something I’m missing here? Should I write Gamlitte and Stephen?

  33. Gimlet says:

    Carrie R. No one is going after a person suffering from cancer. You are quite the hysterical exaggerator.

    This is what was written in the Tucson Citizen just a few months ago about your prize- winning candidate:

    “Tony Bouie has cancer. Exactly what kind he will find out Wednesday. But it’s bad. It’s in his liver, elbow, neck, hip . . . the damn disease is all over his skeletal system.
    Time is beginning to be measured in months.”

    At that time, before he was recruited by the Amnesty purveyors, Bouie said if he was able to do anything, he wanted to serve God as a minister. Maybe he was planning to pray and try to save souls at the legislature rather than legislate?

    Since you like to Google, Google this!

  34. Kerrie R. says:

    Excuse me? Google this? Wow.

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  36. Jack says:

    Give it a rest Carrie. You are getting tedious. Reading your over-the-top comments is reminiscing of a trip to the dentist for root canal.

    You’ve got to be a colossal nag. Poor Mr. Carrie.

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  38. PullMyFinger says:

    I do have to say, from an “inside baseball” point of view, this is a fun race to watch with some HUGE reprocussions.

    Gorman (gosh she’s hott!) and Shadegg were pretty well cemented in the district. How they got behind this Bouie clown with marginal electability (even before the lying about party registration incident and the poor wife’s e-mail meltdown). I can’t figger it out, as both Pam and Johnny have better than average political instincts.

    At this point, Bouie is a state-wide embarrasment with zero chance of winning; the real question becomes how badly will this haunt Gorman and Shadegg in the future? Should they ride it out or pull endorsments to save face?

    My two takes on the situation:

    1)Crump’s stock is skyrocketing and Gorman/Shadegg are plummeting. Crump has a good chance to emerge as the “Godfather” of the district.

    2) Shadegg will have to run a campaign next time and he will have a legitimate Rep challenger

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