In memoriam

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Chuck Hammerslag.


Chuck Hammerslag was twice elected as the treasurer of the Maricopa County Republican Committee, where he also served as a valued member of the Executive Guidance Committee of the MCRC. He was an elected precinct committeeman, serving District 6 admirably

Chuck passed away Monday afternoon. Arrangements are pending and will be announced here when finalized.

Chuck was a gentleman in every sense of the word. Those of us who were privileged to have known him can only be inspired by the example he set.


Services for Chuck will be held:

Friday, August 22, 2008    Phoenix Memorial Park & Mortuary  

200 West Beardsley Road  Phoenix, AZ 85027 

Visitation from 1:00- -2:00 PM      Funeral Service 2:00

14 Responses to In memoriam

  1. Dist. 6 PC says:

    What a loss to his family, community and the Arizona Republican Party.

    Chuck was a bright and warm man who was committed to conservative causes. He was a team player. Yet those of us who worked with him were always relieved when he took on difficult assignments, because we knew he would handle them with care and the finished product would be as near to perfect as possible. This was the man Chuck was. He inspired confidence.
    He will be sorely missed. Our prayers go out to his lovely wife, Shelly.

  2. Steve says:

    Just last week, John Rutledge, another Arizona Republican Party officer died. The passing of these fine men are tragic losses to their friends and families and to the county and state, as well as their individual communities. They will be missed.

  3. Mark Zemel says:

    Chuck was a real gentleman. He was also a dependable ally for conservatives state wide . He seemed to have a permanent smile. We will miss you Chuck. Rest in peace friend.

  4. lyle tuttle says:

    Chuck and Shelly Hammerslag are two of the most grounded, honest, genuinely wonderful people you could ever hope to meet and spend any time with.

    Our hearts go out to Shelly and family.

    Chuck was always there, complete with his dry, understated humor, willing to do whatever he was asked and whatever he felt was right. A friend indeed, and a true Republican.

    Thank you Chuck.

  5. Tom Husband says:

    The regard in which I held Chuck is limitless. His warmth and capabilities will be sorely missed.

    Tom Husband
    Maricopa County Republican Chairman

  6. Chuck was a great Patriot and he held the principles of this nations founding principles in sacred respect. We will all miss such a great American Patriot. May God bless his family. At a time when America needs great Patriots we have the passing of one of the best.

    Representative Russell Pearce

  7. Carl Seel says:

    Chuck, I thank you for your years of loyal service and your kindness. Your friendship and dedication to the Republican Party will be missed.

    Jamie and I send our prayers to Shelly and your family.

    Carl Seel
    LD-6 PC, AZGOP Assistant Sgt. of Arms, Fellow PAChyderm

  8. Rob Haney says:

    Marne and I have the deepest love and respect for Chuck and Shelly. They were always there when times were tough giving words of support in our shared internal struggles for the conservative causes. They are an example to us all of what the Republican Party should be. We will miss Chuck’s warm smile and friendly greeting. Our sincere sympathy to Shelly.

    Rob & Marne Haney

  9. Ken Going says:

    I was deistated when I got the news, but I know he is no more pain and in a better place. I became very fond of Chuck and Shelly ( who always attended MCRC meeting with him) and he had a wonderful sense of humor and it assisted him in times of frustration in the political arena. Chuck I will personally miss you whether it be at meetings or our phone talk , and Shelly you are a very strong and devoted person.

    Ken Going

  10. Sue Hammerslag Christensen says:

    As I was growing up he was “Uncle Fred” much loved and always respected. You described him perfectly as a gentleman. He always stood for what he felt was important be it family, friends, or politics. You could always count on him. I was honored to know him growing up and as an adult. The world will be a poorer place for his passing.

    Shelly you have my sympathy and prayers. As Chuck joins his parents and beloved sister we are left to carry on. I wish I could be with you. My thoughts and prayers go where I can not.

    Sue Hammerslag Christensen

  11. Bruce Ash says:

    We all thank Chuck for his many years of spirited and productive service to our GOP and all citizens.

    If we only had more Chuck Hammerslag’s the world would be a better place.

    WIth Chuck’s passing as well as John Rutledge earlier this month we now have two great men to cheer us on to victory from on high.

    Chuck’s life was a blessing . God bless his family.

    Bruce Ash

  12. Sandy Doty says:

    The Executive Guidance Council meetings were always brightened by Chuck’s warm smile. What a heroic battle he waged against serious illness–one never knew he had such a burden when we met–he was always cheerful and positive, with no complaints. He will be sorely missed as an efficient and effective Treasurer for the Maricopa County Republicans; as a truly principled conservative Reagan Republican who exemplified his beliefs; as a caring friend and compatriot.

    Our heartfelt condolences to Shelly, who truly exemplified a person who honored her marriage vows to support her husband in sickness and health–but who did it with a hopeful and positive optimism that we know helped Chuck through some very difficult times.

  13. Don Goldwater says:

    God bless Chuck for the friendship, leadership and education that he afforded all of us. Chuck you are and will continue to be sorely missed. I will for ever picture that certain look on your face you gave me if I ever started to stray from the principles you espoused and lived by. They say a pictures is worth a thousand words, your quiet expressions wrote volumes.

    God bless you Shelly for sharing Chuck with us and God bless you for your strength and support you gave Chuck throughout your years, but especially at the end. You are an inspiration to all of us and set standard of support and love that we can only hope to match.

    God Speed Chuck..

  14. Larry and Carol Turoff says:

    A lovely service today for a very special man. The depth of emotion in the loving words of Chuck’s stepson told so much about the impact of this good and caring man on a young man’s life. The memory of Chuck will endure as we continue to speak of him and his impact on our lives. His life was a blessing to so many. He and Shelley were fortunate to have found one another.