It’s time to stop the embarrassment, Tony Bouie

Arizona Republic carries more news on the infamous Tony Bouie

Lightening rod candidate, Tony Bouie, can’t seem to stay out of the spotlight these days. Becoming notorious is not the preferred status for any candidate, let alone a novice making his initial venture onto the political landscape.

Today Bouie, a probem-plagued, lifelong Democrat who re-registered as a Republican a mere five days before filing his intent to run, has made the front page of Section B, known as Valley & State.

In an article titled, Candidate’s registration as Republican is recent, Mary Jo Pitzl, the newspaper’s lead legislative reporter, reprises the theme of her Political Insider blog post of yesterday, which she began with this memorable line: Legislative candidate Tony Bouie lied when he said he had been registered as a Republican while playing for the NFL in Florida. Apparently, Mr. Bouie, the bogus yet arrogant candidate has not mastered the cardinal rule of Politics for the Novice 101: Know your facts and speak the truth.

Instead, this Machiavellian candidate should have his picture under the heading What NOT to Do When Running for Political Office. For those residing in District 6 where Bouie is waging his bizarre campaign for the state legislature, we provide some informative links. Seeing Red has been on this story for weeks. We appreciate the newspaper finally exposing him for the imposter he is.

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5 Responses to It’s time to stop the embarrassment, Tony Bouie

  1. Kathy says:

    You think Shadegg will rescind his endorsement now? Doubtful. Seeingredaz – you’re doing a great job in reporting the truth, the AZ Repub. must be soooo jealous!

  2. Dale says:

    If Bouie had any self respect at all he would withdraw now. He should have withdrawn when he first heard the words Mac Magruder and learned what those words stand for. Bouie is forcing our real Republicans, Crump and Seel, to deal with a primary race when they should be marshalling forces to compete in the General Election.

    Thanks a lot for wasting the time and resources of our real Republican candidates Mr. Bouie. It is shameful the words LD-6 have to be associated with the word Bouie.

  3. Gary says:

    Embarrassment is right! Can you imagine a man of this low caliber representing anyone? It makes my skin crawl to think of sending such a liar to the legislature. BTW, I wonder if he’s ever been in a committee hearings or watched the process as it takes place. I suspect this is all an ego-centered lark for him. He never attended a district meeting until he announced. What a committed Republican! I’m sure impressed!!

    And where is the District Chairman on this? Whoever he or she is has been mighty silent. There should be a statement on the inappropriateness of this foray.

  4. Republican in LD-6 says:

    “He” is not interested in doing what is right in this matter. “He” is more concerned pandering to Horst, Jeff, and that liberal crowd. His silence is very telling. Liars, even in our district, should not be welcomed with open arms. There is no spin that makes this ok. There is no twisting of what Bouie said or reworking what Bouie meant.
    Bouie meant for people to think he was a registered Republican for many years. Bouie was not. Bouie lied. Bouie lied repeatedly about the same thing. Found out, Bouie lied trying to get out of it. “He”, the Chairman, is a nice guy, that’s why I’m not printing his name. But, “he” had better change what “he” is doing in regards to this matter. It’s time for him to stand on one side of this issue or the other. If “he” remains silent, we will know which side he is standing on.

  5. Ron says:

    Republican in LD 6,
    Must disagree with your assessment that the chairman is a ‘nice guy,’ He’s a delegaeor and lets his evil twin carry his water. He wanted this position to give him the cover of legitimacy after the voters booted him off the school board where he was the chairman. He does nothing and under his “leadership” the district has become a divided battleground. In a great display of leadership, I heard he took a summer break when facing a major September primary election. He just doesn’t seem to get it! Not as keen as you are to give him cover, I’ll allow him stand for his inaction. His name is Dave Brazwell. He needs to speak out on this situation within his district. You are damn right when you say he isn’t interested in doing what is right in this matter. He takes the path of least resistance. The time has come for him to send out an email – at the very least and denounce the Democrat who is trying to cause an upset in the distinct.
    What’s so “nice” about a guy who lets it all go to hell in a hand basket?