Tony Bouie’s wife: “We have to fight off the crazy people and white supremacists”

Over the top and then some

In a bizarre request to her friends to disrupt the regularly scheduled GOP Legislative District 6 meeting, Allison Bouie, wife of notorious candidate Tony Bouie, describes the elected precinct committeemen as “part of a white supremacy group.”  In the frantic world of Tony and Allison Bouie, Republicans who choose to vote for other Republicans, rather than an opportunistic Democrat who only registered as a Republican a mere five days prior to filing his intent to run for the state legislature, are White Supremacists.

Read this disturbing missive for yourself:

Dear Friends,
I am writing begging for help. Carl Seel’s crowd (Carl Seel is Tony’s opponent in the LD6 race) is planning an attack against Tony at the LD6 meeting. This group of people are part of a white supremacy group, so they will stop at no costs. It is next week Monday at 7p.m. at the Deer Valley Airport. 702 W. Deer Valley Road. Just inside the airport terminal. They are going all out to crucify Tony. I think this is one of those all gloves off beat the living daylights out of Tony’s character. We HAVE to form as big of a group as possible to fight off these crazy people.

We have legitimate concern that they will go to no stops to destroy Tony. I will be honest as Tony’s wife that I am scared about what they will do. I know that we all have busy lives, but I wouldn’t ask unless I had a REAL need here. We must join around Tony here. Please let me know, if you can be there physically. Please call or email me, if you have questions. Tony said it was okay to reach out to friends asking for support. I just feel I need to do something to support a man I respect and love more than anything on earth. Tony is a man of great character and faith, and we need to make it clear that he has a lot of supporters and won’t be bullied by white supremacists.

Please feel free to invite anyone you think may want to support Tony.

Allison J. Bouie

(She included her private email and home and cell phone numbers, which we have omitted)

33 Responses to Tony Bouie’s wife: “We have to fight off the crazy people and white supremacists”

  1. Kathy says:

    And out comes the race card – how convenient. Where is her proof? What is she so afraid of? That the truth is coming out?.

  2. Seen it all says:

    Calling the elected grassroots party workers, the precinct committeemen, “crazy people and white supremacists” is an outrage! This woman is as big a liar as her husband is. And just how many district meetings has she attended? Have either of them ever been elected as PCs? Of course not –unless it was in the Democrat party!

  3. Hometown Guy says:

    This is obscene. What do the Bouie’s know about precinct committeemen? Obviously NOTHING!! I find these baseless allegations infuriating. I’ve been an elected precinct committeeman for years. Never once have I heard anything that even remotely alluded to white supremacy. We are the workers who get the GOP candidates elected. REPUBLICAN candidates, that is. Bouie doesn’t qualify.

    BTW, the Democrats have precinct committeemen and district meetings, too. If they think Republicans are bigots, why didn’t he run as the Democrat he has always been? Only because the district is predominantly GOP. This is a scam from beginning to end. A scam built on lies.

  4. John Q says:

    This type of outrageous character assassination by the decision makers of the Bouie campaign. We need to clean house in the image of our Founding Fathers the Founder of our Party and the founder of our conservative Party, Ronald Reagan.

  5. Janelle says:

    Unbelievable. I have been a Precinct Committeeman since I was eighteen. I have never seen such underhanded and unethical behavior – even from Democrats. I hope that the Party sanctions those responsible for these actions.

  6. Thomas says:

    This infuriates me. How dare these people call hard working precinct committeemen such names! We are the real party workers and unpaid at that. This looks like an invitation to disrupt the meeting.

  7. Enuff says:

    These people have announced their plans to disrupt the last district meeting prior to the primary election and while early balloting is taking place. This is amazing. I hope there is some way to keep these fools at bay while the meeting is taking place. Do any of these recruited troublemakers have any idea of what a district meeting is all about or who the precinct committeemen and women actually are? Mrs. Bouie’s allegations are preposterous.

  8. LD 6 PC says:

    Playing the Race Card: Intentionally casting false suspicion on others for the purpose of building your own support numbers. This is the most despicable act possible because you are in fact lying to your own supporters to convict an innocent person or persons and indicting all the hardworking precinct committeemen as “racists” for exposing Bouie’s lies. Deflection is a convenient cover!!

    Mr. & Mrs. Bouie, Where did you get the information contained in your claim? After they refuse an answer and fail to provide any basis–that’s when you KNOW you are a supporter who has been LIED to (again in the case of the Boies).

  9. Jack says:

    Just got a weather report from the Bouies: They said it will snow in Phoenix this afternoon.

  10. MacBeth says:

    What in the hell is this woman talking about? White supremacists at the Republican district meetings? No district meetings I’ve ever attended had any such agenda.

    Her husband, Tony Bouie, has been outted as a lifelong Democrat who registered as a Republican five days before announcing his intention to run for the state legislature in a predominantly GOP district. When that lie was uncovered, Bouie told another. And another. Now they say that he is feeling the heat because his is black and the PC’s are crazy people and white supremacists.

    Where are the party leaders? Why are Bouie and his wife allowed to make such unfounded allegations against the backbone of the Arizona Republican party? I am disgusted by the Bouie’s, but the party officials and those who have endorsed this con man need to step forward and give this affront the official spray of antiseptic it needs.

  11. Lori says:

    JOHN SHADEGG, PAMELA GORMAN, JIM WARING ENDORSE TONY BOUIE. Are they that comfortable about the General?

    Arizona Right To Life, NRA, Arizona African American Republican Committee and THE MARICOPA COUNTY REPUBLICAN COMMITTEE endorse Rep. Sam Crump and Carl Seel. According to Mr. & Mrs. Bouie this latter group is white supremacists and racists. AMAZING! Democrats will say anything–do anything to get elected. The Bouie’s real roots are showing here.

  12. MesaMax says:

    I used to think Kevin Gibbons was as low as it could get. Wow! Calling LD-6 Republican PC’s white supremacists and racists because they choose to back genuine Republican candidates is a brand new low. I am across town but, I know and respect Rep. Sam Crump immensely. Didn’t he call for Bouie to withdraw? Crump would not have gone to that extent if it was not warrented. I know Sam. EVEN BOUIE himself cannot feel good about this. Get elected at all costs?

  13. Barry R. says:

    Insulting the intelligence of your own friends and supporters. Who is the genuis running the Bouie campaign?

  14. Alan B says:

    If Bouie did manage to get elected (which of course he won’t) he has no credibility. He can’t provide a report to any committee. They would all have to preface their remarks with Tony Bouie SAYS…..

  15. Andy says:

    Bouie: Withdraw and allow our candidates to prepare for the general. Please.

    LD-6 Republican Precinct Committeeman
    (who by the way, is neither a white supremacist or a racist)

  16. Robert says:

    Mr. Bouie
    1. You cannot be trusted to handle the Office.

    2. People have already turned in ballots influenced by your admitted lie that you were a Republican half your voting life, instead of the truth you finally admitted to…5 days.

    I have to echo the call by Andy.

  17. PhxMom says:

    This woman is trying to incite trouble at a meeting she has attnded maybe one time in her whole life. What could she know about the LD-6 Republican Committee meeting?

    Mr. & Mrs. Bouie, we call it the Deer Valley Airport Restaurant. Not the “terminal.”

  18. Jeff says:

    No wonder Rep. Sam Crump has endorsed Carl Seel and called upon Bouie to resign. Crump is a bright and honorable man, who tells the truth — unlike Tony Bouie.

    These alligations are shocking in the degree of ignorance they exhibit regarding precinct committeemen and district meetings.

  19. Alan says:

    Tony Bouie, Do what you know to be the honorable thing. Make that phone call to your opponents and thank them, wish them well and offer to be any help you can to get our Republicans elected in the General. Somebody somewhere may actually have a reason to say the words “Thank You” to you.

  20. Sylvia M says:

    I missed the last LD-6 meeting. I am really looking forward to meeting the Bouies Monday night!
    8 year Republican Precinct Committeeman

  21. Joe Evans says:

    These words of Allison Bouie are among the most reprehensible I can recall. They are on par with the viciousness of the discredited Nathan Sproul. The Bouie’s need to go on a vacation and leave politics to the honorable people who have paid their dues in the party over the years. Carl Seel certainly fits that description.

  22. Maggie says:

    Mrs. Bouie’s vision of PC’s and LD meetings is warped because she and her Democrat-running- as-a-Republican husband know nothing about them.
    This guy would be quite a representative of the GOP wouldn’t he?

  23. Mark says:

    PAChyderm Coalition meeting tonight! 7:00 PM. Guest speaker Robert Robb! Come early and have dinner. El Paso BBQ. 4303 W. Peoria Ave.

  24. Dave Johnson says:

    I just heard former Congressman JD Hayworth talking about the Bouie’s and this blog when I was driving home from work. I listen to his radio show every afternoon. He seems to think this is a pretty reputable site, so I’ll be back. If Seeing Red AZ is good enough for JD, it’s good enough for me!

  25. SherriAZ says:

    What a loon! I guess she equates anyone who wants our borders protected with racism. Must be nice not to be faced with illegals in your neighborhood on a daily basis. Maybe we should direct some of the illegal day laborers to the street corner closest to the Bouie home? Surely a little public urination won’t bother such an understanding and liberal person as Allison!

    Anyone stupid enough to marry a woman like that does not deserve public trust.

  26. Chuck says:

    Thanks for the meeting reminder. Mark.
    We attended and enjoyed hearing columnist Robert Robb. It’s a great group. Dist. 6 was discussed a bit. the attendance was outstanding tonight. lots of legislators and candidates. Everyone is accessible.

  27. BOB HARAN says:




  28. Carl Seel says:

    Carl Seel’s Response to Allison Bouie’s Accusations

    A great many people and members of the news media have contacted me today regarding Mrs. Bouie’s accusations that my campaign and my supporters are part of a white supremacy group.

    The accusation is clearly baseless and out of bounds. My disagreements with Tony Bouie have been on issues of policy and only more recently on a matter of integrity. These are legitimate areas of disagreement in a political campaign.

    Arizona Right to Life is not a white supremacy group.
    The National Rifle Association is not a white supremacy group.
    The Maricopa County Republican Party is not a white supremacy group.
    The Arizona African-American Republican Coalition is not a white supremacy group.

    All of these groups and more, support my campaign, along with hundreds of good and decent people who themselves come from a variety of ethnic and racial backgrounds.

    As a candidate for public office I understand that I may well be the target of a variety of attacks. That said, people who get involved to support candidates for office deserve far better treatment and should not be subjected to these ugliest of charges.

  29. Janelle says:

    I understand that the missing District Six Chairman has sent his junk mail addition to this mess. According to him, all of the problems with Bouie’s lack of credibility, qualifications, lying, and race baiting name calling wife can be traced to another District Chairman.

    Braswell has enough brass to plate every monument on the face of the earth. Why don’t you take the lying five day Republican to task for bringing such disrepute upon your district? Possibly because you are in bed with the purveryors of illegal immigrant hiring by disreputable employers like Magruder and LaVecke?

    You should be embarrassed that this has happened on your watch in the first place, but you should be humiliated at your lack of action to address this sorry state. You are clearly guilty of either misfeasance or malfeasance – only you, Chris, Pamela and Doug know which.

    I hopw this is a one term job for you. You are obviously not up to the task. As to “the other chairman”, his performance in standing up for principle and the platform is unrivaled, especially by you.

  30. John Q says:

    Hey Braswell. Can’t you read or can’t you count? The vote was UNANIMOUS! Obviously, not the work of just another district chairman. You have a problem that you failed to address and you complain when the county has to act for you. You are part of the problem when you should be leading the solution. Get over yourself.

  31. Sideliner says:

    Maybe by “the other chairman” Braswell means the person he has ceded his authority to. He has bypassed the next officers in line and sent his district’s secretary on missions he (Braswell) should be attending to. If he is indeed referring to a legitimate district chair, all I can say is the others are all more attentive to the posiitons they sought than he is. If he knew he was going to be absent most of the time, he shouldn’t have taken the post to begin with.

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  33. PullMyFinger says:

    Bouie’s chances at this point are between slim and none. His first foray in politics has become a statewide embarrasment. Lies and half-arse coverups are no way to kick-start a policial career. His endorsers are hanging in shame. His wife has gone nuts. Does his dog even greet him at the door?

    Seemed nice enough when I met him in July, maybe he’ll do the right thing a bow out. Politics-wise, he’s done in this state.