Timing of dramatic appeal suspiciously tied to attempts to defeat Rep. Russell Pearce

Congressmen had full knowledge of Ready’s background last year

The daily is up to it’s conniving ways once again. In a slash and burn duo of news and editorial, (Time to dump Pearce) the newspaper takes on its nemesis, Republican state legislator Russell Pearce.

Pearce the popular District 18 representative is currently running to fill the district’s vacant senate seat. He is being challenged by immigration attorney Kevin Gibbons, the recruited brother-in-law of U.S. Rep. Jeff Flake. In a race that has been marked by the most vicious in campaign tactics, Gibbons has been the beneficiary of an independent expenditure campaign waged by the discredited political operative, Nathan Sproul.

In an article titled, 3 seek to oust GOP official, the trio of Arizona Republican congressmen denounce a precinct committeeman named J.T. Ready.

At the onset, Seeing Red AZ will make our distaste for this man absolutely clear. He stands accused of being a Neo-Nazi, holding views we revile, and which he has not denied.. Having said that, we also question the odd timing and tactics of the congressional trio‘s outrage. J.T. Ready is the latest tool in the arsenal being used against Rep. Russell Pearce and it is more than suspicious. In fact, Ready is not running for reelection as a precinct committeeman and has less than two weeks to serve in the position he currently holds. The attention is focused on him for a single reason which is to discredit Rep. Russell Pearce. The congressmen have long known about J.T. Ready, yet waited until just before the primary election to ask for his ouster — knowing full well that he would no longer be serving in the position after September 2, 2008.

What is even more amazing is that during the 2006 campaign cycle, U.S. Sen. John McCain’s staffers joined his donors and other friends to appear on the Republicans for Janet Napolitano website. (The link was taken down when it posed an embarrassment to a city council candidate, but is available on www.AZConservative.org) The elected precinct committeemen among them actively campaigned for Democrat Napolitano and against the qualified Republican candidate, Len Munsil.

These acts of betrayal to the Republicans who elected them, were greeted with stony silence from the congressional delegation. In fact, Wes Gullet was later rewarded with a promotion by McCain who named Gullet to chair his Arizona campaign.

What under-girds this entire issue is Rep. Russell Pearce’s standing as the legislative leader on bills relating to illegal immigration. He was the sponsor of the Fair and Legal Employment act, better known as Employer Sanctions. It was ultimately signed into law by Gov. Janet Napolitano, much to the chagrin of the open border/amnesty proponents, who later vowed to remove any legislators who supported the measure.

11 Responses to Timing of dramatic appeal suspiciously tied to attempts to defeat Rep. Russell Pearce

  1. Andy says:

    I understand Flake and Shadegg attacking Russell “secure borders” Pearce via a slimy J. T. Ready reference just before the primary election. I would expect nothing more from Flake and Shadegg here. Here’s my hunch on how dependable conservative Trent Franks got involved.

    When two congressmen (open borders Flake & Shadegg) came to Franks for cooperation on a letter to oust a neo-nazi what could Franks do? If he doesn’t cooperate then it will be spun Franks is in favor of nazis. Totally disgusting. Flake has sunk to lows never before imagined in his all out campaign to open the border. And Shadegg is right there with him. Sorry to see that filth splatter on our lone dependable secure borders conservative, Trent Franks.

  2. Jack says:

    The truth is, this was a set-up from beginning to end. The congressmen are on a mission to carry McCain’s water and keep their own donations coming in from the business community. This whole thing smells to high heavens. They knew Ready would b out of his position in two weeks. No need at this point to make a case of it, except for the blow-back on Pearce.

    If they were so concerned, why didn’t they say something after Ready was exposed in the media for distributing offensive flyers at the January 19, 2008 county meeting? What a bunch of frauds!
    The one who really disappoints me is the only conservative in the trio–Trent Franks. He should know better than to get involved in this scheme to take down Russell Pearce.

  3. Calypso says:

    You expect us to believe anything this newspaper disseminates, Nightcrawler? That’s too tall an order. Sorry, but I look for truth not the liberal agenda.

  4. Janelle says:

    The timing of this “tempest in a teapot” is totally connected to the LD18 race. There is no other reason there was no action taken in January, February, March, April, May, June, July, and the first 20 days of August – over 150 days. Tom Husband and Lyle Tuttle were very strong in condemning Mr Ready at the January Meeting and ordered all material to be picked up and destroyed.

    They waited until the last ten days before the Primary (only three days before the last day to mail in early ballots). Does anyone think that three congressmen who have nearly a half century of political experience do not know that timing and the possible impact on “The Little Flake’s” campaign to punish Russell?

    Profits from illegal hiring of aliens and the national chamber money rule the day for them. Shock!

  5. Jana Simmons says:

    I read your earlier article (yesterday?) about al of the people who are leaving the Republican and Democratic parties and reregistering as Independents. I can understand that more today than ever before. To be honest , the idea appeals to me. I am thoroughly disgusted with this underhanded display of partisan politics within our OWN party. We don’t have to wait for the Democrats to do us in. We’re ready willing and able to kill our own it seems. Phooey!

    !Do the congressmen really think this appeals to any of us? I can tell them it turns me off, BIG TIME. I am hopping mad!

  6. Liberty says:

    Today I finally dropped my subscription to the lousy Arizona Repulsive and tore up my Republican registration card. I will vote for Republicans but will never again support my current congressman or send a donation to anyone outside of my own district legislators. They are closer to home, more responsive, and far less haughty. Washington DC has corrupted these lightweights. They all think they are Gods once they step off the plane at Dulles. They can pray to each other. I’m outta here!

  7. Stanford says:

    The scathing editorial was written by Ken Western and is a disgusting mix of innuendo, half truths and downright lies. This newspaper will stop at nothing as it attempts to get it’s job done. I felt as though I needed a shower after reading this slimey editorial. I noticed it was not linked in the post. When I tried to find it, I was unable to locate it. It would be nice to think they were ashamed. I read it at my neighbor’s, a venue that will soon be closed to me, since they are discontinuing their subscribtion.

  8. Vince says:

    The Arizona Republic, and most of it’s staff, are morally bankrupt. They want to reconstruct Arizona in the image of liberalism. I pray that all of this gutter politics will backfire on them and those spewing the venom. The paper expressed outrage and disgust at the tactics of Nathan Sproul, but they are on the same level.

  9. Villanova says:

    You nailed this one right! Flake was able to bring in his congressional cohorts to bolster his brother-in-law, Gibbons in an effort to defeat Rep. Pearce. This isn’t rocket science, although it is extremely disappointing.

    The charade is concealed behind the otherwise reasonable question of, “who wouldn’t be against an accused neo-nazi?”

    What proficient and shamefless tricksters our delegation have shown themselves to be.

  10. westsider says:

    Villanova, it has been noted on many occasions”

    “We get the leadership we deserve.”