Drama exposed!

This is the letter sent to the Arizona Republican congressional delegation (Reps.  Jeff Flake, John Shadegg and Trent Franks) by Maricopa County Republican Chairman Tom Husband, in response to their letter to Chairman Husband dated August 19, 2008 demanding the removal of an errant precinct committeeman.



10050 West Bell Road, Suite 49, Sun City, AZ 85351

623-977-4532  mcrchairman@cox.net

Tom Husband, Chairman

Diane Ortiz-Parsons, 1st Vice-chair   Jeff Greenspan, 2nd Vice-chair

Debbie Lesko, Secretary   Chuck Hammerslag, Treasurer

 August 21, 2008

Trent Franks, Member of Congress

John Shadegg, Member of Congress

Jeff Flake, Member of Congress

Re: Your letter dated August 19, 2008


I understand your sense of urgency in this matter because, as of September 3, 2008, Mr. Ready will cease to be a Precinct Committeeman (“PC”) by operation of law, thus depriving you of this dramatic appeal for his censure. What I don’t understand is why you would make a request for a resolution asking for his resignation when our next opportunity to consider such a resolution would be at our regularly scheduled meeting on September 4, 2008. This timing would render a grant of the request a nullity. Even if Mr. Ready were inclined to accede to this request, he would not be able to resign from a position he would no longer hold. Surely you knew this.

In your letter dated August 19, 2008, you asserted that I had knowledge that Mr. Ready is a member of the National Socialist Movement (“NSM”). This assertion is incorrect. I do not possess that knowledge but apparently you do and, if that is true, your outrage is justified. Such an affiliation would clearly be inimical to the principles of the Republican Party. For a year, you have apparently been aware that Mr. Ready was a featured speaker at a Neo-Nazi conference in Omaha and Mr. Shadegg’s representatives were present at the Maricopa County meeting January 19, 2008 where Chairman Tuttle demanded the removal of objectionable materials, reportedly distributed by Mr. Ready. Your knowledge of Mr. Ready’s presence at the January 19, 2008 meeting should have been sufficient notice of the likelihood that he was a PC. Now you seek immediate action, even if it be effective for one week claiming that his PC status has only recently come to your attention. We would not take such action in any case unless and until we had credible evidence of such an affiliation. Additionally, we would give the individual an opportunity to rebut before voting on such a resolution.

I appreciate your unfamiliarity with the procedure by which PCs are removed from office and your uncertainty as to its possibility; however, had you made your request in a timely fashion, and produced credible evidence of Mr. Ready’s membership in the NSM and had he been given an opportunity for rebuttal, I would have entertained a motion to adopt a resolution calling for Mr. Ready’s resignation.

Flake, Franks, Shadegg

I trust that you will consider my response to be timely.

Very truly yours,

Thomas F. Husband

Maricopa County Republican Committee Chairman

Cc: Randy Pullen, State Party Chairman

Matt Tolman, District 18 Chairman

10 Responses to Drama exposed!

  1. Villanova says:

    I’ve said it on the previous post.This is not rocket science. Jeff Flake has brought in his congressional cohorts to assist his immigration lawyer brother-in-law in defeating Rep. Russell Pearce. John Shadegg has already interfered in another legislative district race where the underlying issue is also illegal immigration.

    They doubtlessly jumped onto the foolish J.T. Ready issue since it plays into the mailers that erroneously attempt to align Rep. Pearce with Ready, who has been accused of being a neo-nazi.

    I maintain that the issue is foolish, not because I hold any quarter for Neo-nazis. Which I certainly do not, but because it is a non-issue and the congressmen know it. Ready’s term as a precinct committeeman expires in less than two weeks and he is not running for reelection to that post.

    This is a blatant attempt by our GOP congressmen to intrude in and alter the results of a state legislative district race. Or in Shadegg’s case, TWO such races. I have sent him money in the past. Never again. He has shown himself to be a petty and meddling man, who would do well to sticking to his own campaign –which he wasn’t even certain he wanted to run just a short time ago. I for one wish he would have kept his word and stepped down. I’m going to give him a helping hand in that abandoned effort on election day.

  2. Mesan says:

    If we let it die, it goes away and doesn’t keep it in the news.

  3. Joe Evans says:

    I will remember the name Tom Husband. I look forward to shaking this man’s hand one day and telling him how much I respect his ability to call the players out on this one. What a well crafted letter! This guy is brilliant.

  4. Maggie says:

    Oh, come on, Mesan. If we don’t call evil by its name and hide behind the thought that ignoring problems will make them vanish, then we should never expose fault and vile acts.

    Do you advocate we turn our heads when justice demands a response? Should we stop presecuting criminals? Should we negotiate with terrorists? Were we wrong to engage in righteous wars?

  5. Thomas says:

    The same rules that would apply to recalling any other elected official — even Congressman Flake — apply to removing J.T. Ready. Chairman Husband is absolutely right. He has no more authority to get rid of J.T. Ready than State Chairman Randy Pullen has to remove any other elected official from office.

    While J.T. Ready is an embarrassment, so are the actions of our congressional delegation.

  6. LeRoy in CG says:

    If I thought that our Congressmen were totally incompetent I would try to educate them on the rules of how you recall a duly elected county official. However, since I know they have a bigger problem with dissembling and arrogance than with incompetency, it would do no good.

    They already know the law, and, somehow, believe that no one can figure out that this is all a plan to keep the issue in the media. Since the media supports their position of amnesty for illegals, it plays along.

    Flake, Shadegg and Franks should follow the rules and not ask Chairman Tolman and Chairman Husband to violate them. To stop this charade in the future, elect Russell Pearce, Carl Seel, AL Melvin and the rest of the candidates who support Americans over illegal aliens.

  7. Keen Observer says:

    Seeing Red called it correctly in the previous post. JT Ready was only accidentally tied to Pearce. When Pearce realized the accident, he quickly repudiated it and distanced himself from JD Ready. The only damaged done was by those who, by no accident, were directly tied to support of the illegal alien invasion and the law-breaking associated with it. They attacked Pearce to fulfill their vow to remove him from office for passing the employer sanction legislation.

    It is no secret who these individuals are….Magruder, LeVecke, Click, Sproul, McCain, Kyl, Shadegg, Flake and now apparently Franks has allowed his name to be associated with this disreputable group.

    For those who would argue the point, let me remind them as has often been said by others previously,…. have you seen any of our delegation endorse Pearce, criticize the unconscionable attack on Pearce, or expose the deceitful, “Stop Illegal Hiring” initiative for the fraud it contains?

    Additionally, Seeing Red, pointed out that it was no accident when McCain staffers, who were elected as Republican Precinct Committeemen, volunteered their names to be listed as Republicans for Janet on her Website. McCain later rewarded Wes Gullett by making Mr Gullett Chair of McCain’s presidential run for the state of Aizona. Again, no accident. The embarrassment and damage done by these McCain staffers was purposeful, no accident, and rewarded.

    How far different the manner in which our delegation handled the McCain staffers purposeful transgressions (silence, ignored) from the manner in which Pearce handled the accidental Ready incident. Who has demonstrated integrity, character, and honesty? No need to answer; it is just a rhetorical question.

  8. Carrie Mason says:

    Just read Representative Flake’s response to Chairman Husband. Don’t bother looking for it. It is a piece of absolute (excuse the expression) crap, and its arrogance will just infuriate you as it did me.

    Any person with a fraction of a brain can see what this is all about. Flake knows Ready could not be removed without a huge effort to gather signatures for recall from voters in his precinct, and then, if the signature gathering were successful, scheduling a new election, get someone else to run, and campaign for the new PC and get the County Elections to prepare ballots and run the election.

    This from the genius Flake who represents the illegal aliens in Congress. Why Jeffy, don’t you spend as much time defending this country from invasion as you do with this idiotic drivel. You truly are a disgrace. God bless Chairman Husband for exposing your hypocrisy.

  9. nightcrawler says:

    One thing to keep in mind folks is the letter by the Congressman was for PUBLIC consumption via the main stream media. The real audience is the voter who is not as active as the people who read and post on this site. So the letters of response by Tuttle and Husband will never be read by the average voter. Non-PCs won’t grasp the terminology or nuances of political speak even if they did receive a copy.

    I do agree with many posters that timing of this is calculated. It is like ordering a wedding cake 10 minutes before the reception and yelling at the chef when it is not ready. A more proper letter would have been made directly to JT with the request that he tender his immediate resignation. He probably would have told them to pound sand, but then at least there would have been a chance, however slim, of avoiding this response from the grassroots who are still very much needed in the general.

  10. lyle tuttle says:

    Uh, I sent mine to every news outlet I could……I hope they print it, and people are smart enought to ask questions and look at the facts…….

    I said FACTS.