Perfecting the art of luring of Democrats

“A lot of democrats will vote McCain, it’s okay….really.”

Conservative political commentator and former New York Congressman John LeBoutillier weighs in on the Demo-Duo, in a thoughtful piece titled, Biden Does Nothing for Obama.

Meanwhile, as the Obama camp focuses its efforts on enticing blue-collar voters, Republican presumptive nominee John McCain lures Hillary defectors who find McCain palatable on a variety of issues.

McCain’s even touting his liberal support in this astonishing new ad.


9 Responses to Perfecting the art of luring of Democrats

  1. Thomas says:

    If John McCain spent half the time and energy courting Republicans he expends chasing liberals, we’d have a cohesive party. This ad made me gag.

  2. Calypso says:

    Couldn’t agree more, Thomas. Why he shows such disdain for his own party is beyond me.

  3. He doesn’t NEED Republican votes!!! Nearly all Republicans will support him.
    Unfortunately for McCain, that isn’t enough to win. And he’s GOT a cohesive party already.

    Face it, McCain doesn’t need the people who read this blog any more than Obama needs the Daily Kos people so he can make them mad by supporting FISA and the death penalty for child rapists.

    From here on, the campaign is aimed not at people of any stripe who read political blogs, who are true-red or true-blue but those undecided. If both liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans would understand that, we’d save ourselves a lot of annoyance — which is bad for your kidneys and heart.

  4. Bill G. says:

    Republicans can only keep the White House by rallying conservatives. That is where the cross-over democrat vote is. Moderates/Liberals are lost to obama. See football stadium size crowds versus mcamnesty too scared to show at his home state convention. We are heading for a HUGE landslide dem victory because of bad mcnodrilling strategy.

    There are more pro-family, pro border security dems who don’t want to go socialist under obama than there are Hillary voters who will leave. mccwhatplatform may pick up some of the Hillary vote. Oh boy! Those crumbs are going to go a long way toward victory, NOT. Heartland America would vote against obama but mccabortion is giving them no reason to. Victory for mccenviornmentalist depends on attracting conservatives–that’s Republicans and dems.

  5. Maggie says:

    My! What a telling ad this is! McCain leaves the grassroots of the Republican party in the dust as he woos the Hillary Liberals. We’ve always “known” his bent is to the left, but this removes any doubt. If he is elected, he will be expected to kiss the rings of the Hillacrats. He sure never takes conservatives into consideration

    Thanks for posting this video. It needs to be seen by many Republicans. I’m sending this link to my friends.

    Note to Richard Grayson:
    You are a Liberal and have no concept of what Republicans think or how they will vote. If you were actually familiar with this blog, you would know that readers have often expressed that they would love to have a Republican to vote for. Count me among them.

  6. Jason says:

    Tsk, tsk, Mr. McCain. As an Arizona Republican whose vote you need to win your home state, his is not what I want to see.

    Funny that the crude and sycophantic McCain site that continually posts McCain feeds, including videos, has neglected to post THIS. Are you embarrassed by this Tony/Jeff?

    If you are, it means you have some redeemable qualities. That would be a plus!

  7. Kent says:

    McCain has slapped down AZ Republicans for years. His cohorts are liberals and he is behind the efforts to remove elected conservative precinct committeemen in his own district and others. If enough react as many of them say they will, he could be the next George McGovern or Al Gore, suffering the humiliating lose of his home state. Recent polling indicated he only leads the nutcase Obama by ten percentage points here in AZ. Sorry, but those are not good numbers for him.

  8. dorothy says:

    I dont care about ads. I just can”t decide if to buy riot gear if McCain wins,or build a bomb shelter if Obama wins, im a Democrat but I will vote for McCain,cause i need to sleep with both eyes closed.

  9. Marianne says:

    It is not about ads. It is about facing the fact that John McCain would rather approach you than me. I’m a conservative Republican. You two have far more in common than he and I do.

    Both of them give me nightmares!