Tony Bouie’s bankruptcy, foreclosure, vehicular recklessness show integrity in short supply

More problems for problematic candidate

In an article titled, Bouie Unfit? Judge for yourself, District 6 House candidate Tony Bouie is exposed for more than simply lying about his voter registration. The lifelong Democrat who opportunistically switched parties a mere five days prior to filing his intent to run for the state legislature has a history of major financial irresponsibility and vehicular infractions that should have been revealed with proper vetting by his political recruiters.

That Tony Bouie had the temerity to charge his rival, Carl Seel, with being ticketed for driving without proof of insurance and a now resolved threat of foreclosure, is laughable under the circumstances. His own foreclosure, initial bankruptcy filing and leaving his creditors with losses n excess of a quarter million dollars is reprehensible.

The information detailed on Growing Our Party blog tells the story of fiscal and vehicular tribulations, including Criminal Felony Speeding and driving on a suspended driver’s license. Such a background would cause any reasonable person to retreat from venturing onto the political landscape. Politics is not for the faint of heart. It is also not for those who cannot withstand public scrutiny.

Tony Bouie has shown himself to be an embarrassment to his supporters. It is time for him to step down.

32 Responses to Tony Bouie’s bankruptcy, foreclosure, vehicular recklessness show integrity in short supply

  1. newcomer says:

    Whoa, Whoa! Slow down here. TONY BOUIE has a
    FAILURE TO PAY (you can say that again)
    FAILURE TO APPEAR (hey, he’s picked a couple of those just in this primary!)


    Bouie, can you roll in that pointer finger while I try to make sense of ALL THIS?!?!

  2. Al B says:


  3. Seeing Red AZ says:

    Kerrie R. / Chessmom, John and Pete:
    It might be time for you and your multiple personalities to start your own blog,

  4. Richard Wayne says:

    I had a ticket – rightfully earned – and had the charge dismissed after I spent a few hours in detention for my unacceptable behavior. I still was speeding,

    I also had a ticket in Tolleson over twenty years ago that was dismissed by the JP as long as I paid his court costs and penalties. I still was guilty of the infraction.

    So is Tony saying he was never speeding or that he was not actually driving on a suspended license or is he saying that he found a way to have them dismissed after he did the acts?

    It seems that the Bouie people want to go back to their roots in the Democrat Party and parse what “is” is. Sorry, Bubba is no longer in control. Turn off the spin machine.

  5. LeRoy in CG says:

    Me too Richard. Eloy is famous for that little money collecting trick.

  6. MacBeth says:

    Of course Tony Bouie bears the brunt of the responsibility for not divulging the tawdry background of his life. Responsibility also lies with District 6 representatives, Sen. Pamela Gorman and outgoing one-termer Rep. Doug Clark for recruiting this guy and then prematurely jumping on the Bouie bandwagon.

    Sad to say, but too many pro athletes lead lives that reveal a narcissism exceeding any reasonable basis for such self-importance and conceit. Maybe it’s the roaring crowds, accessible women and the wining and dining?

  7. Marianne says:

    Being such an accomplished “concealer of fact” liar takes practice. What a guy!! I have more than a nodding acquaintance with this behavior. I had a husband who could have won the National Pinocchio Award.

  8. David Johnson says:

    I can’t help but wonder what would possess a man with so many problems to decide to enter a legislative race. He had to realize all of this was grist for the mill — as it should be.

  9. Hometown Guy says:

    I can’t imagine a man of this low character being elected and serving as a representative at the Arizona legislature. Who would ever trust him?

    I hope enough of the people in the district read this blog.

  10. Celia says:

    Thank you for the information. I live in the district and have never seen anything about all of this. I read the small bit in the newspaper over the weekend,, but that article didn’t give all of this information. A lot of my neighbors have already voted. This should have been available sooner. Why doesn’t the newspaper carry this?

  11. Steve P. says:

    He’s working on the perfect Democrat resume. If only Tony would switch back to his party, drive a young girl into a lake and leave her there to drown while fetching a cocktail, he could be lionized at the Democrat convention in 2040.

  12. Al B says:


  13. District 6 PC 2 says:

    Hey here’s the public record of the Notice of trust sale, for those who don’t believe. Remember Mr. Bouie’s previous business was named Halo Inc.

  14. Al B says:

    D6 PC 2, I tried your link. It went Bouie on me. You know, not happening.

  15. Nike says:

    Isn’t it about time for some of the endorsers to pull their endosements? What does it take for honorable actions? The current situation is pathetic.

  16. Republican in LD-6 says:

    Funny cartoon on this at

    I couldn’t say it any better myself.

  17. Gimlet says:

    I wonder if the creepy Horst Kraus would have posted the date and time of such a home sale under the comment section and then said how eager he would be to be there to purchase the family’s home and how happy that would make him to toss the young family out on the street. What a lovely gent. Somehow I get the feeling he’d only find such glee in the situation when the family are conservative Republicans.

  18. Al B says:

    Nike, right. What are we to make of this? John Shadegg and Pamela Gorman stand by this scofflaw? BK’ed out of a QUARTER MILLION dollars?! Unlike Seel, Bouie actually HAS a foreclosure to his name.

    Bouie campaign: Have you tried calling those creditors racists yet? That usually gets you pretty far. Try enraging all your friends into a race based frenzy and bring them all down to talk to your creditors. You may have avoided Bankruptcy this way.

  19. Lori says:

    This guys a nut-job! Bouie did a nice job of READING his list of endorsements at the LD-6 Forum. He can’t remember that John Shadegg and Pamela Gorman endorse him. He had to read them from the list.

    It was a riot watching Rep. Crump standing right next to Bouie and ticking off all the places Bouie told his “I’m a Republican” lies. This guy doesn’t want to be in this race anymore. The last thing this poor guy needs is to drive downtown every day for his 24k. Shadegg & Gorman why don’t you show some mercy here. Preserve some of your own credibility, ditch this liar and let him withdraw on his own terms. Or do nothing and let him earn his little 11% of the vote while burning up Seel & Rep. Crump resources. Thanks a bunch.

  20. Bill G. says:

    Doug Clark you must be planning on moving. Why else would you try to stick us with this jerk? Was this a last laugh on Pamela thing?

  21. Hank says:

    The Pachyderm Coalition made their endorsements for Republican candidates in the General (those without primaries). Gorman is the only Republican Senator failing to receive the Pachyderm Coalition endorsement. Bouie, you’re not helping anybody around here. Why don’t you pack it in until next time. Do you think the voters want to elect a guy just off a Quarter Million bankruptcy? You must be thinking of the democrats–still.

  22. Jean D. says:

    I thought Bouie, the insult to Legislative District 6 Republicans already dropped out?

  23. BOB HARAN says:

    I was at the LD 6 meeting Monday night and I’m a supporter of Sam Crump and Carl Seel but Tony Bouie was so far in over his head that I was actually feeling sorry for the gay.

    Shame on all those that got Phony Tony to run for the legislature and support his candidacy. I don’t know how anyone could support Bouie. I can’t figure out his political philosophy because he doesn’t have one. Is he a liberal, is he a conservative, I don’t know because he doesn’t know himself. Why is this guy running for office? Tony Bouie might be a good candidate for village idiot but for nothing else.


  24. Bill G. says:

    All of this is a very sorry reflection on Bouie endorsers. They still encourage a vote for this scofflaw. John Shadegg, Pamela Gorman, Arizona African American Republican Committee. I expect candidates will be running away from these endorsements in the future. A Quarter Million dollar Bankruptcy! No show for traffic tickets. Driving on a suspended license. Bouie is a real piece of work. If he is somehow mistakenly elected, I will have the recall petition available on day 1 and we can watch him defend all these facts that are coming out well after folks received their early ballots.

  25. Cindy says:

    RECALL PETITION. Hah-Bingo! I’m sure we won’t have to worry about that. If he gets 10% of the vote I will be very surprised. I expect he will get out now and spare us any further negative press on LD-6.

    He’s the guy who called LD-6 voters racists and white supremacists. And that was on a good day!

  26. Andy says:

    Tony Bouie’s FAILURE TO APPEAR citiation. Was that from the Citizen’s Clean Elections Commission for failing to appear for his debate?

  27. Jack says:

    Andy, you make a strong point! I watched that debate on the Citizens Clean Elections Commission video that was posted here earlier. It offended me that Tony Bouie would blow that off. It’s as though he thinks he’s entitled to be elected without expending any energy. I attended the District 6 forum (which took place after numerous protests over the chairman’s threatened cancellation) and Bouie continually made sports references. Maybe he thinks he can toss a bill over the goal post?

    This is the link that includes the televised debate video showing Bouie’s empty chair and nameplate on the table. Just click on District 6.

  28. Ron says:

    Debate? Why debate? Bouie was told by Kingmaker Sen. Pamela Gorman and her go-fer Doug Clark, that he had a lock on this race.

  29. Walter says:

    How long do you think The Arizona Repulsive will protect Bouie? A candidate for the Arizona House Of Representatives who just walked away from a QUARTER MILLION dollar debt. And that’s not news?! Not when it’s the liberal. Bouie’s strong democrat credentials really help him out here.

    “Arizona’s largest daily fish-wrapper” spent a lot of ink on Carl Seel. Proportionally, they would have to devote a whole section to Mr. Bouie on his FORECLOSURE, BANKRUPTCY, FELONY SPEEDING, DRIVING ON A SUSPENDED LICENSE,

    What are Rep. Shadegg and Sen. Gorman thinking backing this guy? The voters will remember how important it is for these two to stay friends with the exploited labor crowd funding Bouie. They don’t have to worry about the AZ Republic covering their unwavering commitment to possibly the strangest candidate ever to run for the AZ House.

  30. Jacee says:

    Interesting that Bouie is running in District 6—two years ago his wife told everyone who would listen how much they HATED Anthem, and could not wait to move out. Now they want our votes????

  31. […] This document clearly indicates the Seel matter has been resolved. Mr. Bouie has yet to publicly address his own problems. […]

  32. Dale says:

    Bouie totally turned me off after his campaign falsely called LD-6 Republican precinct committeemen “a bunch of white supremacists, racists and crazy people.” Bouie backers Mac Magruder, Jason La Vecke and the rest of the open borders lobby continue to stick by this fool who filed bankruptcy to avoid over $250,000. in debt he had racked up. A quarter million dollar bankruptcy to go along with his business foreclosure and failure to appear in court citiations–that’s Bouie.