VP Sweepstakes: McCain’s conservative selection could neutralize the Obamadrama

Gov. Sarah Palin, former Miss Alaska runner-up, wins a more significant second place

In 2006, Sarah Palin won the Alaska governor’s race, first beating the incumbent governor in the primary and then taking out former Gov. Tony Knowles, a Democrat, with 48.33 % to his 40.97, (four others were on the ballot).

Of significant and timely importance is her stated support of drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Her letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and key congressional members is accessible here. WorldNetDaily has more here.

She is pro-life, choosing to give birth to a Down’s Syndrome son after tests revealed his condition during her pregnancy.

And although opposed to same-sex marriage, Palin complied with a state Supreme Court order, signing same-sex benefits into law. After a public vote on the issue, Alaska was one of the first U.S. states to pass a constitutional ban on same-sex “marriage,” in 1998.

Yet, Palin’s first veto was used to block legislation that would have barred the state from granting benefits to gay state employees and their partners, granting State of Alaska benefits to same-sex couples.

Athletic and a lifelong hunter, Palin worked for a time as a sports reporter. Her husband, Todd, a native Alaskan, works in an oilfield for BP, and is a four-time champion Iron Dog 2000 mile racer. They are the parents of five children, one of whom is serving in the U.S. Army and is about to be deployed to Iraq.

The fact that she was named Miss Congeniality in that beauty contest could be a real plus in dealing with the rigidly stubborn John McCain.

Finally, the Republican ticket has some glam and slam.

20 Responses to VP Sweepstakes: McCain’s conservative selection could neutralize the Obamadrama

  1. AZ Conservative says:

    I’ve been a solid Mitt Romney fan, but have to admit this is an excellent selection. Good move.

  2. Ajo Joe says:

    As Alaska goes, so goes the nation? Seems so. I don’t know much about Gov. Palin. (Thanks for this information) but she sounds like a fine choice. With a son in the military and having been a union member, (along with her husband,) this will appeal to middle America. I’ve never been, and am still not, a McCain fan, but this selection can make the ticket palatable.

  3. Virginia says:

    .This choice has the potential to solidify irked Hillary voters who want to see a woman on the ticket.

  4. Kent says:

    Just finished watching the announcement. Gov. Palin is well spoken and strikes me as a leader. I have to admit that I knew nothing about her until this morning.

  5. Jana Simmons says:

    Wow! A choice that can bring conservatives back to the GOP. I have to say this is a brilliant selection. She is better qualified than the Democrat’s presidential nominee!!

    McCain has never been my choice, In fact he has never represented me, and I was going to leave the top of the ballot blank. This could sway me.

  6. MacBeth says:

    A surprising, but good move. From what I’ve read and heard this morning, she appears to be the type to stand up and speak her mind. I was fearful of a female wimp that McCain could put in Number One Observatory Circle, the VP’s official residence., and throw her an occasional bone.
    I don’t think that will happen with Sarah Palin. I hope and pray it doesn’t!

  7. Joe Evans says:

    “Glam and slam?” What a great line. Seeing Red AZ has captured this excellent choice in three words. Why wasn’t that your headline?

  8. Fooled Twice says:

    Well, I hope I’m not going to be fooled again.
    I do like Palin’s independent spirit. I’m willing to give this ticket some consideration. Count me as another who has had NO intention of voting for McAmnesty. The only thing I wonder about and haven’t read or heard is her position on the border. This is absolutely fundamental to me.
    How much is she impacted by this issue in Alaska?

  9. Sauerkraut says:

    I heard this quip from a friend and thought it funny enough to share: Palin is McCain’s third beauty queen in a row

  10. Jason says:

    Good point, FT. I’d like to hear her speak on this critically important subject. Alaska is not exactly on the frontlines of south of the border illegal immigration. Then again, maybe they get influxes of illegals from Asia. I frequently travel to Washington state and British Columbia. Illegal Chinese immigration is huge in those regions. Palin’s views on this subject will be interesting to explore. I sure hope she doesn’t acquiesce to McCain as the border state expert. That would be a disaster!
    He has shown his willingness to sell us out and grant amnesty to 35 million illegals who got her by breaking our laws and continue to break them once they are here by using fraudulent and stolen identification and other documents to gain access to American jobs and benefits. (The 12 million figure we so often hear, bad enough as it is, has been in use for over a decade, That number doesn‘t take into consideration the hundreds of thousands who continue to stream in or the soaring birth rate.)

  11. Richard says:

    She apparently supports Pres. Bush and Sen. McCain on comprehenisve immigration reform with a path to citizenship, and that’s a plus. Obviously, the next Congress will be Democratic and they will work with McCain to pass the bill by next spring.

    This is as sure a thing as you can get.

  12. Maggie says:

    But Richard, she doesn’t support your pet item of same-sex “marriage.”

  13. Ron says:

    If she supports McCain’s Shamnesty, she will lose me. That will dictate my children’s future, which is far more important to me than ANY political party.

  14. westsider says:

    I sure hope GOPers can get past the ‘runner up for Miss Alaska’ thing pretty fast.

    We are voting for the future leadership of the country, folks. This isn’t American Idol!

  15. Celia says:

    Oh, Westside, get a grip. This is a ‘today’ issue. No one knows much about Sarah Palin. Her time as a contestant is fact and goes into making her who she is. She actually won a college scholarship in that pageant. Lighten up. It’s not derogatory.

  16. westsider says:


    The reason I bring it up is because this is the liberal’s view of the world:

  17. westsider says:

    So what are you all going to do if she agrees with John’s view on the border? Stay home on Nov 4 and give 1600 Pennsylvania Ave to Obama?

    From what I figured out so far – she does agree with John’s view.

  18. Janelle says:

    And exactly where did you go to get this “figure out” process. Is there any one or even multiple articles that even indicates her position on illegal immigration or sanctuary city policies? If so, please inform us so we can read about it.

  19. After reading a lot about her, there are definitely things that liberals as well as conservatives like. She and her husband are both strong union members and supporters of the labor movement. According to the New York Times article today, the majority leader of the Alaska State Senate, a Republican also from Wasilla, said Gov. Palin is “an economic liberal”; she got through a large tax increase on corporations which brought billions of dollars to the state. InstaPundit’s Glenn Reynolds says she is not too liberal on gay rights for him but may be for some conservatives. Although she’s recently been very much against pork projects, as mayor of Wasilla she made a year trip to Capitol Hill to plead for earmarks that would help the people of her city.

    As a liberal, I am now less concerned with who will win the Presidential election. This makes one thing perfectly clear: McCain is going back to his roots as a maverick. He cares little for the Republican party as a party, despite what he must say to get to get elected, and like him, Gov. Palin is not afraid to give the back of her hand to her state’s Republican party. I suspect McCain will have a bipartisan cabinet and may actually be able to implement more “liberal” policies than would a President Obama, who’d be facing a very hostile GOP minority in Congress which could at least stop things in the Senate, as I don’t expect the Democrats to get 60 votes.

    If he would put Mitt Romney in charge of national health care and getting nationwide the pretty good plan that’s worked well in Massachusetts, that would be awesome.

    McCain’s pick shows he’s not just going to run against Democrats but against the Republican congressional establishment. She is an outsider who will not play with the K Street lobbyists who are in bed with the GOP leadership (which maybe will be deposed). Just as Pres. Clinton went around liberal Democrats to pass stuff like welfare reform, a Pres. McCain will “triangulate” and work with the majority from the opposing party against members of his own party’s congressional minority.

    Like it or not, the conservative era that began around 1978 with the passage of Prop 13 and never waned (Clinton: “The era of big government is over”) is pretty much dead, both because of its many successes and its failures. A liberal era — how long it will last, no one knows — is taking its place, and whether McCain or Obama is president, that will be true.

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