Republic endorsement omits factual information on candidate Bouie

Newspaper calls their own misdirection play

The daily has made its endorsement in the District 6 state legislative race. Although the newspaper gets it right with strong conservative Rep. Sam Crump, it falls far short on assessing candidates for the open seat, Carl Seel and his ethically challenged opponent, Tony Bouie.

The paper, in attempting to malign Carl Seel’s involvement with the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps, actually reveals how in sync Seel is with 75% of voters who passed restrictive illegal immigration legislation.

Seel, immediate past chairman of the conservative PAChyderm Coalition, is in good company, since the monthly meetings are routinely attended by a large number of state Republican legislators. Congressman Trent Franks was a recent guest, as was Arizona Republic columnist Robert Robb, who just addressed the August meeting.

The daily refers to Seel as a “political newcomer in the sense that he has never been elected to office…” This is an inane assertion, considering Seel currently serves as an officer of the Arizona Republican Party and is an elected state and precinct committeeman. A tireless grassroots GOP worker, Seel has personally recruited over one-third of the entire membership of the precinct committeemen in his legislative district.

Tony Bouie, as a lifelong Democrat has only recently attended two Republican district meetings. First, in June, where he astonishingly announced his intention to run for a House seat and again last week where he was pressured to participate in a candidate forum at which he was ill-prepared to address fundamental Republican principles. A former football player, he constantly referred to his familiarity with the game to draw political analogies.

Bouie refused to attend the Clean Elections debate in which Rep. Sam Crump and Carl Seel participated. Bouie did attend one community debate at which he lied to the voters and withheld other pertinent information.

It is preposterous that the Republic makes this questionable endorsement after having documented his many lies during his interview with them and the Capitol Times.

With today’s endorsement the daily newspaper excuses Bouie’s foreclosure, quarter million dollar bankruptcy and run-ins with the law.

“Traditional Republican values” has comically now become a concern of the left-leaning Arizona Republic.

13 Responses to Republic endorsement omits factual information on candidate Bouie

  1. Dale says:

    It’s one thing for the paper to have a slant towards the open borders candidates. It is a very disturbing however, to see them omit Bouie’s quarter million dollar bankruptcy, which he filed after the forclosure on his business was complete.

    This is not a newspaper. It is a misinformation paper. They excuse Bouie for “fudging” on his voter registration. Lying in a church full of LD-6 voters at a candidate’s debate, lying to the Republic’s editorial board in their interview and lying in an interview to The Capitol Times qualifies as a little more than “fudging.” Bouie is a liar who cannot be trusted to represent anybody at the state legislature. This is an astonishing disappointment, even considering the low standards of this fish-wrapper. I do not believe the voters in LD-6 will be fooled.

  2. Jack says:

    The paper is going to extraordinary lengths on this one. Dale’s right. Bouie lied to the Republic’s own editorial board in their interview! And yet they endorse him!

  3. Robert says:

    Bouie’s entire campaign has been an embarrassment to LD-6. He should have excused himself when his campaign put it out that Republican LD-6 precinct committeemen are white supremacists, racists and crazy people that were going to attack Tony Bouie at a District Meeting. All this in a vain attempt to stir up his supporters to attend a District Meeting. And they still didn’t show up for him!!

  4. Mark Z says:

    The newspaper editorial board is famously biased against the principles contained in the Republican platform. The newspaper is “pro-choice,” pro-tax and spend, anti-border security and on and on. Of course the newspaper endorses Bouie against Carl Seel. No surprise here.

    Carl Seel is a dependable conservative platform Republican. Of course, so is Rep. Sam Crump. The newspaper could be “genuinely” impressed with Rep. Crump. Or, they may just be unwilling to swim against the tide for this highly popular conservative Representative. Judging by most Republic decisions, I would wager the latter is true. The Republic’s endorsements in the General Election will answer this question.

    Rep. Sam Crump and Carl Seel for the Arizona House! Two dependable conservative platform Republicans!

  5. Jacquelyn says:

    I’m afraid of Bouie getting to the legislature. He may vote his conscience which is one that belongs to a life long democrat.

  6. Carrie Mason says:

    Az Republic and Tony Bouie. They deserve each other.

  7. Dave G. says:

    The paper endorsed Rep. Crump. Crump endoses Seel because Bouie is a liar. I think election night is very safely put away Carl. Good work!

  8. Gimlet says:

    Although the Republic’s Mary Jo Pitzl actually called Bouie a liar, the newspaper is now willing to give him a “pass.” (Humorous nod to his football lingo that permeates his every third sentence.)
    This unequivocally shows the appalling lengths they will go to to get another Liberal in the AZ legislature. For Bouie to continually call himself a “conservative” is simply another one of his lies. Chris Baker, his campaign consultant, should be more of a straight shooter than that. He’s losing credibility along with his client.

  9. Vagabond says:

    Carl Seel has had another disadvantage other than the paper’s confusingly bizarre endorsement.
    His own district chairman has been solidly behind promoting the five-day Republican, Bouie. I read an email he sent out challenging the Executive Guidance Committee of the Maricopa County Republicans in their highly unusual endorsement of Rep. Sam Crump and Carl Seel. The slippery chairman’s lackey, the Nudist King, was not there to protest, so this dude mysteriously blasts another district chairman.

    Makes perfect sense, if you have no clue–a description which fits which Slippery Dude to a T.

  10. Janelle says:

    The good news is most Republic endorsed candidates lose in Republican Primaries. They support the employers of illegals and those who are truth challenged. With those qualifications, Seel did not have a chance.

  11. Reginald says:

    Bouie? Businessman? Bouie disposed of his business by filing bankruptcy on over $250,000.! Thank goodness the majority of voters do not subscribe to the rag.

  12. Lori says:

    Right, Bouie the businessman? They’re bigger liars than Bouie and that’s no easy feat!

  13. BOB HARAN says:


    The Republic’s endorsement of Phony Tony Bouie is just more proof of the desperate need for drug testing of their editorial board. If the Republic didn’t like Carl Seel they didn’t have to endorse him, but to endorse Tony Bouie is irresponsible. Bouie played football but if he had played baseball he would have three strikes and be out.

    STRIKE ONE: Tony Bouie was registered as a Democrat only five days prior to filing for the Republican nomination for the Arizona House. Five days is hardly enough time to embrace the Republican philosophy of government or to demonstrate loyalty the GOP.

    STRIKE TWO: Tony Bouie is supported by members of Mac Magruder’s, WAKE UP ARIZONA Coalition, which has vowed to defeat any candidate or legislator who supports employer sanctions. Included on the list of greedy employers dedicated to obstructing the Arizona’s employer sanctions law are: Mac Magruder; Jason LeVecke; Jim Click; Steve Chucri of the Restaurant Association; Gordon & Lisa James. This shows that Tony Bouie is the candidate of the greedy employers and will represent them and not the people of Arizona.

    STRIKE THREE: Tony Bouie lied to the Arizona Republic’s Editorial Board about his party registration while residing in Florida. Makes you wonder why the Republic would endorse him unless they were on drugs at the time. Lying to the press is a cardinal sin in politics. When a candidate lies to the press they are also lying to the people and is therefore unfit to represent the people.

    Tony Bouie, Three Strikes, you’re OUT.


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