Illegal alien couple applied for home loan, bought cars, using stolen SSNs

Theft of childrens’ SSNs a growing problem

Arizona Department of Public Safety detectives arrested a couple applying for a $159,000 home loan using stolen social security numbers and other false documents.

Jose Ozuna Alvarez and Ana Laura Balerrama are both illegal aliens. Investigators said they got jobs, bought as many as three new vehicles and obtained multiple credit cards using stolen social security numbers – one belonging to a nine-year-old child.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is holding the pair for deportation, according to a report by KTAR News.

Seeing Red AZ has previously reported on this pervasive and reprehensible criminal activity. A company known as Identity Theft 911 estimates that in Arizona alone, some 1.57 million people, or a quarter of the state’s population, have been victims over the last six years.

About one-fifth of the victims are children — whose Social Security numbers are especially valuable targets, since children usually aren’t employed, making discovery of the fraud unlikely until years after it has occurred.

One of the most alarming aspects of the criminal activity involves health-care employees with access to children’s medical files, working for organized gangs that trade in illegal documents and are willing to pay handsomely for the data. “We have a major problem with workers in medical offices stealing patients’ identities, selling them and making a direct profit,” says Sergeant James Bracke of the Phoenix Police Department.

11 Responses to Illegal alien couple applied for home loan, bought cars, using stolen SSNs

  1. Ray says:

    Just another example of more “good people coming to do the work Americans refuse to do.” (This has irresponsibly become the rallying cry of our congressional delegation these days.)

    The theft of children’s social security numbers is obscene. It appears a new hub for facilitating this type of theft is medical records. How are new hires at hospitals and clinics vetted? Are criminal background checks done? What about residency status checks? We have become a inane nation of sitting ducks, concerned more about political correctness than our safety and national security.

  2. Keeper says:

    I’ve had two credit card numbers stolen this year, tho I still had the cards. Two people applied for unemployment under my company that never worked for me. Its scary out there. I now have my kids SSNs protected with LifeLock. It’s cheap and very worth it for the reasons you cite.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for the tip on LifeLock, Keeper. I’ve heard their ads. It sounds like a good idea.

  4. Jonathan says:

    Our GOP congressional delegation are all hoping to be mini-McCains and win a prize if he is elected. I am sick of them and will not be sending any more campaign contributions until they remember they represent Americans. Illegal is illegal and should never be rewarded. Amnesty didn’t work last time it was tried and will only serve to encourage more law breakers.

  5. Carrie Mason says:

    Our congressional delegation has repeatedly proven they are not worthy of our trust. We are truly voting for the lesser of two evils when we vote for any of them. They are so full of the code talk for supporting the illegals that it makes me ashamed that we are in the same party. Do they believe we are that stupid?

    We will never accept Amnesty, Comprehensive Immigration Reform, guest worker programs, etc, etc, etc. We know they are lying. Kyl has proven this so. McCain, Flake, and Shadegg have proven this so. They say they get it now, but have they kept their promise to build the Duncan Hunter Fence or to stop illegal hiring by employers? No. On the contrary, they have tried to defeat our local leaders who are taking the actions they refuse to take.

    Did anyone mention stopping illegal immigration at the Republican Convention? I must have missed it.

  6. SherriAZ says:

    I was dismayed to hear that Jeff Flake is considered a “rising star” in the GOP. Another case of a politician who forgets who sent him to Congress and why. Clearly the voters who support him are more interested in where he comes from and who he is associated with than what he is actually doing to this country in Congress. Note I said what he is doing TO this country, not FOR this country. Maybe this creep will finally get it when his kids have to learn Spanish to get a job in Arizona.

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  8. Seen It All says:

    I attended a district meeting the other night and actually heard McCain’s AZ Chief of Staff say that no one cares about illegal immigration anymore. He said it was an issue during the primary, but no longer. His comment was so preposterous, no one bothered to challenge him, since the elected precinct committeemen in attendance knew they would merely be spoon-fed more lies. You have to remember that McCain was the architect of the failed “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” that would provide amnesty to the 30+ million illegals living in the United States. The other repeated lie is that the number is 12 million. Anyone paying attention knows that number has been used for close to a decade. Given the constant flood, that purposely erroneous figure is nowhere near to being a correct estimate.

    I can’t think of one single person I’ve spoken with regarding the coming election who hasn’t mentioned their distress over illegal immigration. For McCain and his staff to diminish the magnitude of this enormous problem is obscene.

  9. Sal says:

    The only reason the illegal alien invasion isn’t a subject in debates is because the host refuses to ask an immigration question and the candidates refuse to mention it.

    The only reason Mr Hickman had the guts to speak at LD Dist 6 is because the Chair, Mr Braswell is a McCain lackey, his officer corps contains Horst Kraus, the nudist colony owner and McCain flunky, and his web master is two-ton Jeffy Vath who runs a McCain web site.

    You cannot expect to hear the truth at these meetings. Just ask for a list of your fellow PCs and listen to the reasons why this cannot be provided. Don’t expect to be treated fairly at these meetings if you don’t fall in line with McCain’s Amnesty agenda.

  10. Carrie Mason says:

    George Will knocked it out of the park with his article on McCain’s temperament. He has a great temperament when dealing with fellow liberals who inhabit the Democrat party. But if you are a conservative Republican, he will work behind the scenes to replace you with a liberal Democrat who will support McCain’s liberal agenda.

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