Frank Schmuck sends out warm wishes to opponent


 RE: Primary Election Ballots Counted

What is 0.6%? Well it’s not the interest rate being offered by banks in this struggling economy. Nor is it the grade of the South Mountain Loop 202 freeway proposal. 0.6%, this week, is the difference between winning and losing the 2008 Republican Primary Election in Legislative District 20 for the Arizona House of Representatives.

Team Schmuck can honestly say that our opponent, Friends of John McComish, is just that – Friends! The Honorable John McComish runs a positive campaign and we salute him for his service and for his example of leadership. We expect Representative McComish to win the General Election this fall and return to the legislature next year for his third term. When he does, he will face significant challenges such as our 2 billion dollar budget crisis, illegal immigration, high gas prices, a stalled economy, the build of the South Mountain Loop 202 and a possible decision of how to unify School Districts if the voters of the district decide to do so this fall.

Representative McComish can and will handle these issues well for the citizens of Legislative District 20. All of Team Schmuck goes to bed at night knowing we also ran a positive campaign focusing on the issues of the people with “well articulated” positions and researched solutions to the problems. There are statesmen and politicians; and, Representative McComish is a statesmen because he, like Senator John Huppenthal, thinks of the next generation and not the next election.

We ask the more than 5,700 voters who supported Team Schmuck in this election to offer your support to Mr. McComish and our Republican candidates so they will easily go onto victory in November. In so doing, together we can concentrate on working to elect John McCain and Sarah Palin as the next President and Vice President of the United States of America.

As Co-Chair of Arizona Veterans for McCain, I bring your attention to a line in a poem written by Charles M. Province. “It is the soldier and not the politician who has given us the right to vote.” I am proud and honored to be a military veteran and have fought for that right just as Senator McCain and millions of other veterans have done. May God bless Arizona and America? We are the land of the free because of the brave!

Our plans are to continue TO SERVE the community, State and Nation with your best interest at heart. To quote Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, “I’ll be back.”

Schmuck…That’s Right!

Frank Schmuck


6 Responses to Frank Schmuck sends out warm wishes to opponent

  1. Celia says:

    Nice, classy note. Run again Mr. Schmuck. This just wasn’t your time.

  2. BOB HARAN says:

    It does show class to point out when your opponent ran a positive campaign, I wish more candidates would do that.

    Don’t know much about Mr. Schmuck’s politics but I will always respect an honorable candidate with the grace to point out that his opponent won fair and square and ran an honorable campaign.

    Congratulations to both Mr. McComish and Mr. Schmuck for taking part in the political process and serving the people of Arizona. .


  3. Robert says:

    Well stated Mr. Schmuck. Coming together for a cause greater than yourself. There are a lot of candidates from last Tuesday’s primary who should be following your leadership here.

    Let’s hope District Chairs are listening too. Our nominees selected in contested primaries need and deserve very public support. So far, we’re hearing nothing in my District. Guess our Chair is dissatisfied with the primary resuslts. That’s how it seems with the silence.

  4. LD 6 PC says:

    Ditto with the chairman of my district. He was clearly in the camp of the losing candidate, and not a note of congratulations has gone out to the winners of the district primary. Very telling. Very déclassé.

    David Braswell actually tried to avoid having a candidate’s forum because his selected candidate would have been unable to debate due to his lack of knowledge of the issues (other than what he was spoon-fed by his handlers) and the fact that he became a Republican just five days prior to filing his intent to run for the legislature. He was caught in numerous lies which were reported by the Arizona Republic and the Capitol Times, but that had zero impact on the chairman.
    His lack of good manners in this instance have been appalling. A week has passed since the election and the silence is deafening. With the availability of the internet and those newfangled inventions called telephones, he could have gotten a congratulatory statement up — if he so desired.

  5. LD 18 Voter says:

    Our chairman still does not even concede that the elections are final with his chosen candidate losing by a relatively small margin. Is it not the chairman’s role to unify the party within his/her district so that we can be more sure of victory when the general election comes in just a short few weeks?

    My concern grows daily that Matt Tolman may purposely ignore a Republican candidate fighting for a seat in the House due to personal bias. Mr. Middlebrook, please follow the leadership of Frank Shmuck and endorse our Republican candidates so that Matt Tolman is encouraged to get on board. I felt that all of the candidates in the race ran positive campaigns and focused on their experience and their views of the issues. Now we have two qualified candidates that need the support of all the voters in the district.

  6. John says:

    Anybody here attend the LD20 meeting last night? Not so gracious there Mr. Schmuck!