Lawbreakers morphing into asylum seekers

Reconfiguring illegal aliens into victims

Sunday’s Republic front page story, A land of brutality, a life of fear, provides an insight into what could be the next level of escalation in the newspaper’s relentless pro-illegal immigration stance.

The claim of “good people just coming to find a better life for their families” has not resonated with Arizona voters, clearly evidenced by last Tuesday’s primary election victories. Reelection of legislators who enacted tougher employer sanctions and new candidates who campaigned on the issue of border enforcement are substantive indicators that even the most vicious personal attacks on these candidates fell on deaf ears.

The daily covered three pages with numerous articles on drug-cartel violence, relating the life and death risks of exposing criminals to one titled, Looking for opportunity, getting kidnapped instead.

This gem details the heartrending saga of Felix Hernandez, who paid $2,500 to a transporting “coyote,” for his 12th illegal border crossing.

That’s right. Twelfth!

From the tone of the articles, it appears the obvious next choice for the daily newspaper is to configure the lawbreakers as asylum seekers.

The concept of a refugee was expanded by the United Nation’s Conventions 1967 Protocol to include persons fleeing violence in their home country. 

What an ideal fit for the daily’s agenda.

7 Responses to Lawbreakers morphing into asylum seekers

  1. Kathy says:

    If Felix Hernandez paid $ 2,500 for each border crossing (12 times) that equals $ 30,000!!! I could think of a lot better things in spending my money on – than supporting illegal activity. When you chose to break the law – then you will suffer the consequences of your actions – it’s all a choice!

  2. Kent says:

    I read these articles and had the same reaction. The newspaper is obviously moving on to a new tactic.

  3. MacBeth says:

    How about an article in this joke of a newspaper suggesting the Mexican citizens band together to clean up the corrupt governments they keep putting into power?

  4. Jeff Richards says:

    Victims? The real victims are displaced American workers. The illegal invasion has played a huge role in the slumping American economy. Let’s get our new crop of Republican state legislature nominees into office. Then we may finally get Sen. Jack Harper’s plans for a citizen’s militia and a National Guard base at the border into affect. Sen. Harper’s plans will go a long way toward ending Arizona crossings. Now we may get the votes in the AZ legislature to get it done.

    Do something to help an AZ Legislature border security candidate today!

  5. Steve says:

    You’ve got that right, Jeff!! If our luck holds, the new legislature will be able to get some work done, won’t be caving on the Guv’s near-and-dear issues and budget and the Republicans will stop acting like Dems.

  6. Joe Evans says:

    Actually, the newspaper has been angling itself into this position for a while, already. I’ve noticed how the illegals–oops –immigrants–oops–migrants–oops– entrants, have become “victims” of kidnappers.
    Never mind that they contracted with them. The pertinent omitted fact is that these so-called victims are paying their “kidnappers.” Sounds like collusion to me! The illegals and “coyotes “ should more realistically be called, PARTNERS IN CRIME.

  7. Bill says:

    Political asylum worked for Cubans, Somalians and Haitians.

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