Lacking prosecutorial skills, Tim Nelson curries new voter base

Nelson punts and misses mark

In an attempt to build name recognition and give some momentum to his humdrum challenge to Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas, Tim Nelson has now zeroed in on women. After all, the approach has breathed new life into the campaign of John McCain.

But Nelson’s not just seeking any women. He is configuring himself to be the savior of victims of domestic violence, whom Nelson says are not getting the attention they deserve.

Nelson, a former ACLU lawyer and longtime staffer of liberal Democrat Gov. Janet Napolitano, called a news conference to allege that County Attorney Andrew Thomas does not pay sufficient attention to domestic violence cases.

The flawed strategy was exposed by career prosecutor Barnett Lotstein, who said such a court already exists, and “for Mr. Nelson to claim that we don’t (pay attention to domestic violence cases) is ludicrous and underscores his lack of knowledge about the County Attorney’s Office.”

Lotstein said the County Attorney’s Office has put “significant emphasis” on the cases, and he’s “surprised” by Nelson’s claim.

“Maybe it’s because he’s never been a prosecutor,” Lotstein said.

7 Responses to Lacking prosecutorial skills, Tim Nelson curries new voter base

  1. Stanford says:

    How telling. Domestic Violence courts already exist but apparently fly under Nelson’s radar. He’s spent years working for Napolitano and is out of the courthouse loop.

  2. Vince says:

    Nelson needs a Sarah Palin. As a standalone, he is very unimpressive. He strikes me as a recruit who would never be running if JNo handn’t convinced him to do so.

  3. Calypso says:

    The guy is desperate for an issue. Give him a break!

  4. Facts Please says:

    Question: What exactly was the range of prosecutorial experience of Andrew Thomas before his election?
    Answer: Anorexic!

  5. Jeff Richards says:

    Andrew Thomas will win this election with Joe Arpaio style numbers. Appearently, Tim Nelson is expecting the paper to carry the day for him. We all saw how much the newspaper endorsents did for legislature candidates.

  6. Maggie says:

    Great comments from Barnet Lotstein. Like a warm knife through butter. He certainly gets the message across with a very few well chosen words!

  7. Orion says:

    I attended a fundraiser for Sheriff Arpaio this past Saturday night, County Attorney Andrew Thomas was there. Let me tell you, those two are quite a team!

    The evening put things into perspective for me as nothing else could. There were probably 1000 people there! These two men are doing something right to bring in such a crowd. I was encouraged to see it. The people of Maricopa County are very fortunate to have such men in public office.