Sheriff Joe Arpaio rebuked by tantrum-throwing Tom Haney

Threatens to withhold support in the general election

Former District 11 Chairman Tom Haney (not to be confused with current District Chairman Rob Haney – no relation), has written two bizarre letters to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Haney is riled over Arpaio’s endorsement of a conservative slate of precinct committeemen.

Here are a few excepts from his missives:

In his August 11, 2008 letter, Lawyer Haney writes: It has been a longstanding unwritten but honored (until now) party rule that influential office holders (like you) do not endorse one Republican office seeker over another in the primary campaign.

Former Chairman Haney should inform U. S. Rep. John Shadegg, who just weeks ago endorsed Tony Bouie in a state legislative primary race. He might also want to enlighten Sens. Jon Kyl and John McCain who endorsed liberal Republican State Sen. Carolyn Allen over solid conservative Colette Rosati and Andrew Pacheco over Andrew Thomas — who ultimately won the 2004 county attorney election with a ten point spread over the endorsed Pacheco — that they were in violation of these “longstanding party rules.”

Further into his letter to the sheriff, Tom Haney uses the term “proxymorons” to describe precinct committeemen whom he erroneously believes were recruited only to sign over a proxy. He claims this practice has allowed rule by a few to promote a narrow agenda which excludes anyone who did not vote with those in charge. Using incendiary language, he called these elected precinct committeemen the “American Taliban.”

Tom Haney disingenuously pretends to be unaware of the 2006 failed campaign battle initiated by McCain surrogates to remove precinct committeemen who disagreed with his amnesty scheme.  The nationally syndicated magazine, The Nation, carries this account, titled McCain Mutiny.

Haney accuses the conservative border enforcement PCs of losing their hold on the district, but is unable to explain how he was defeated in his own home precinct by Republican voters.

In his second letter to Sheriff Arpaio, dated August 26, Tom Haney states: I no longer believe you can rely on the voters of Distinct 11 for support in the general election. Sorry.

Howard Levine writing for GOPUSA also covers the District 11 election.


26 Responses to Sheriff Joe Arpaio rebuked by tantrum-throwing Tom Haney

  1. Robert says:

    The struggle to end slavery gave birth to the Republican Party. Very closely related to this is the struggle to end illegal and exploited labor. McCain’s forces fight to continue access to exploited labor. The real grassroots conservative Republicans, Rob Haney’s team, are again fighiting against exploited labor. We are fighting the same fight our Republican Party founders were fighting. Let the open borders and amnesty crowd, as Ronald Reagan so eloquently put it…”go their own way.”

  2. Joe Evans says:

    What an amazing account of arrogance. If Tom Haney is indeed a lawyer, his communication skills, which should be his stock in trade, are wanting. Glad to read he is a former district chair and no longer an elected precinct committeeman. His neighbors didn’t elect him for a reason.

  3. nightcrawler says:

    I do love Sheriff Joe and he is entitled to his opinion. His name goes a long way.

    Elected officials do endorse candidates and that is ok, they are biased and everyone knows it. I don’t agree with Tom about jumping all over Arpaio.

    Tom Haney is correct on many other points. The AZGOP, MCRC and local district official should not endorse on candidate over another in a primary. I do realize now that the MCRC has bylaws that allow it, but those bylaws are in need of change.

    The proxymoron issue as he calls it, does have a major impact on many districts, not just 11. In my view, there no be no such thing as proxies, either you show up or you don’t vote. We all know that districts are crammed full of non-participants who were put on the rolls to make an agenda quota, happens all the time. Just remember that some day, you may be on the wrong side of the proxies, what goes around come around.

    The exploited labor argument is not valid. Slavery was not indentured servitude, what is happening now is the free market system. People are not abducted and forced to work for free. There is a great article in one of the business journals about how Arizona grown produce is now shipped across the border to Mexico for preocessing and shipped back across the border to our stores. How stupid is that ? Never mind the health issues. I am also not pleased with the increase in prices of fast food and in restaurants in general. Jack in Box meals now go for about seven bucks.

  4. Charlie Conservative says:

    I wonder about nightcrawler’s genuflecting to the elected politicians as he OKs their endorsing candidates in the primary, but refusing to give party worker organizations the same pass. Does not seem fair or make any sense to me. I believe the members of the party organizations should be enfranchised with the same rights as the elite politicians.

  5. Robert says:

    night, The “free market system” argument is not valid. Free Market System makes the assumption of “free and legal market system.” If an employer can voluntarily hire illegals then the counter balance is he walks into the sheriff’s office and volunteers that he is a law breaker.

    Are you trying to tell me the free market system trumps the rule of law? The free market system is exactly the right way to go…as long as you don’t get caught?

    It’s not a free market if it’s not a legal market. Dead women and children in Arizona’s desert are a non-factor in the free market system. They don’t count, they’re just dead skeletons. They didn’t make it to magruder’s payroll. They’re non-factors. Nice.

  6. Carrie Mason says:

    When you think about it, the party organizations are the least likely to be influenced by big money interest lobbyists. The politicians are beholding to these lobbyists for funds for campaigns whereas the PCs of the party organizations are not. The PCs are more likely to have only the best interest of the country and party at heart. The politicians have repeatedly proven that they place their own best interest first.

    Who would you rather have making earmark or immigration amnesty decisions…Kyl, McCain, Shadegg, Flake or any ten members of the Executive Guidance Committee of the Maricopa County Republican Party? I vote for the latter.

  7. nightcrawler says:

    First off, I would like to apologize to the readers of this blog for typos on my previous comment, I can spell, I just can’t type. No fingers on the ‘crawler.

    Now getting back to Charlie’s comment, by the way, love that word genuflecting, I’ll put that in my quiver for future use.

    PCs can certainly tout their favorite, that is what they do, that is their charter. Elected party officials (State, MCRC and LD) are keepers of the records and custodians of the structure itself. They facilitate the process. On a personal level they certainly are entitled to their opinions and will act on those privately. In public, their role is to welcome, encourage and coach PCs from every corner of the party. To the extent they shun entrants, Bouie for example, they do a disservice to those that elected them. Now before you all jump on me for the “end justifies the means” argument and that they are heroes in this regard, imagine yourself in young Bouie’s shoes. Would you like to be treated like that? With friends like this. well you know the rest..

  8. MacBeth says:

    “Imagine myself in Bouie’s shoes—would I like to be treated like that?” What are you talking about? The guy was an accomplished lair and compounded his lies with bigger whoppers every time he opened his mouth. Nevertheless, the big money open borders advocates were funding his campaign, hoping he would do their bidding out of gratitude. He was a lifelong Democrat, remember, and tried to snooker the voters of district 6, who would have none of it.

    Thanks go to the team of Gorman and Clark for tying to pull a fast one on the district. Pamela Gorman has alienated many who formerly regarded her well. She’s turned out to be quite the snake. Maybe her name should be Nightcrawler?

    Bouie should put himself in the shoes of the Republican Dist. 6 voters who were being conned by this slickster.

    It’s time for you to get into the sunlight and stand on your feet.

  9. Jean D. says:

    Well said MacBeth. An intentional plant by the democrats could not have done a better job of burning up time and resources of our real candidates. Just what Crump and Seel needed. A contested primary against a phony Republican candidate. Our real candidates and our district are worse off for the wear and tear. The Phony Tony factor provided a lot of material the dems will be using in the general.

    Thanks a lot Clark, Pamela Gorman and John Shadegg. We now know you are committed to the magruder/la vecke candidates. We saw how successful they were in the primary. We will remember where your loyalties are.

  10. nightcrawler says:

    Happened to drive through LD6 today on the way somewhere else. The roadways are plastered with Seel/Crump signs. Were those printed before the primary ? If so, imagine if Bouie had won, talk about a waste of resources..

    I don’t have a dog in the LD6 fight, never met Gorman, Clark, Seel, Crump or Bouie. For all I know, everything you all are saying is 100% accurate. My gut on this is that Bouie was recruited and convinced to run and had no idea what lay ahead. Had he known, he may have reconsidered, Live and learn. That wasn’t my point.

    The point is that MCRC acted (even if it is in the bylaws) in an improper fashion which will discourage future candidates.

    Getting back to the original post….Both Tom Haney and Tom Husband (who is a gentleman and deserves praise for his service) have no one to blame for their PC ouster but themselves. If you can’t convince your neighbors to vote for you, hang it up and go fishing…

  11. Charlie Conservative says:

    Can’t buy your reasoning Night. Political free speech is what our founders gave us through sacrifice and death. Your stance would mean we could not object to a David Duke candidacy. Granted Flake and Shadegg endorsing their candidates did not reach the David Duke level, but the endorsements were viewed in near unanimous outrage by the EGC. The vote should be rarely used, but it should be used to counter what was obviously viewed as abuse of their office by our elected representatives.

  12. Thomas says:

    I’m missing something in your logic, NC. If the Crump/Seel campaign signs would have been a waste of resources had Bouie won, then using that reasoning, all signs are a waste of money unless you have a crystal ball and can predict with absolute certainty who the eventual winners would be.

    As to your skewed thoughts on Bouie: The man was not a victim, but a victimizer of the Republican voters of the district who had every right to expect that the person on their Republican primary ballot was actually a Republican. Pamela Gorman and Doug Clark should be ashamed of themselves for this stunt. Gorman is a whole lot smarter than Clark, but he knew the scam he was promoting.

    Tom Haney, who this post was about, has shown himself to be foolishly puerile. Glad he’s out. What immature letters to write to Sheriff Arpaio.

  13. Kate says:

    Say, I see that Tom Haney’s wife was elected as a PC. Now, Tom can become one of them “proxymorons” about which he is so exercised. He can play the game too.

  14. Jack says:

    It’s clear Tom Haney would be a “proxymoron” even if his wife hadn’t beaten him in the race! Alright — maybe you can just leave the “proxy” off.

  15. Gimlet says:

    Tom Haney appears to be threatening Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Not very good form for a lawyer or a onetime district officer.

  16. Richard Wayne says:

    Night –

    Actually the By-Laws were amended just a few years ago for the explicit purpose of allowing the leadership of the MCRC to take a stand when they felt that the values or integrity of the Party was at stake. It was done in the Slade Mead instance by the State Party. Bouie and Gibbons were specifically recruited to run against strong conservative candidates because Seel and Pearce supported the official position of the Republican Party on the illegal immigration issue.

    This By-Law is not an oversight or happenstance. The Precinct Committeemen throughout Maricopa County approved this change nearly unanimously at their Statutory Meeting because they knew that there are times when the EGC is the only body that can act in a timely manner in these extreme cases.

  17. Jean D. says:

    The Crump and Seel combination signs were ordered right after Sam Crump endorsed Carl Seel in mid August. Crump had planned to stay on the sidelines without endorsing either candidate.

    Then Bouie’s lies about his previous voter registration came to light in mid-August. Rep. Crump immediately endorsed Seel and urged Bouie to withdraw from the race. A couple of great fiscal conservatives, Sam Crump and Carl Seel. Their primary race signs are put to double duty in the General.

    Tom Haney, a former District Chairman who cannot get elected PC. Wow. I wonder if Sheriff Joe lost any sleep over this guy? Joe’s been burning the candle at both ends today, I hear.

  18. Nike says:

    From what I hear, Shiree Verdone has been egging Tom Haney on. Reminds me of a kid yellin’ “Sic ‘em! Sic ‘em!” from the sidelines, but won’t get into the brawl. Why do you think her name was not evident on the Grassroots Arizona PAC filing documents? Let Jane Lynch do it. They even used the Lynch’s Why Worry Lane address as the return on the mailers.

    Shiree prefers to stick to the glamour assignments. But, she better work fast.

  19. Republican in LD-6 says:

    Nightcrawler –

    You are missing some logic here.

    And, since you are not in LD-6, why not just shut-up. This election was a mess because of the liberal part of the party. Still, conservatives won the day. Thank God that the local leadership in the county could take a stand against that Democrat hiding as a Republican.

    And, if you think he didn’t know what was happening, then you think he is stupid. All the more that he should have been smoked out and turned away.

    Go crawl back to where you were.

  20. Ron says:

    Just goes to show that the good Haney is the one who garners so much negativity from the RINOs and the other Haney, the one who should be a reasonable sort, is in fact, wound a bit tightly and is ready to pop his cork. Who would have guessed?

  21. Frankly Speaking says:

    Tom Haney is out of bounds with his foolish threat to the sheriff regarding the support of voters in Dist. 11, but he is powerless to enact it. He was defeated in his own precinct election! Tom Haney would best be described as a toothless tiger.

  22. Dist. 11 PC says:

    Toothless tiger is a correct assessment of this fool, but he still has those who will chew his cud for him. One in particular comes to mind, but in those five inch heels she won’t be doing much in the way of walking precincts.

  23. azkid says:

    I can tell you that Tom Haney doesn’t speak for me! I reside in District #11, but then again my wife and myself are some of those “proxymorons” Tom Haney spoke of. By the way, we attended the fund raiser for Joe at the Fountain Hills Golf CLub….. so did a lot of others!

  24. Alice says:

    Tom Haney rarely comes to LD 11 meetings anymore, so he wouldn’t know about the packed room for Sheriff Joe earlier this year, or that we had over 100 attendees at this week’s meeting. Those pesky proximorons just won’t stay home like he hopes.
    LD 11 loves Sheriff Joe just like the rest of the County. A law officer that enforces the law….very refreshing, what’s not to love!

  25. Orion says:

    I just read this post and find it incredulous that a man who practices law would write such letters. I’m making a note of his name so that I will stay as far away from this guy as possible in the event I need legal assistance. What pettiness! I imagine the sheriff is quaking in his boots over this grandstanding.

  26. Yesmaam says:

    Could it be that Conservatives actually agree to a proxy vote because they agree similarly on the issues?

    What scares Tom Haney is that indeed the Conservative movement is alive and well! And as Ron Paul has demonstrated, the youth of this country are ready even more for less government and spending. I do love this trend!