Camilla Strongin no longer speaking for AZ GOP

 Terse comments follow departure

 The Arizona Capitol Times reports that after a short stint, Camilla Strongin is no longer the spokesperson of the Arizona Republican Party.

 Sean McCaffrey, the state GOP executive director said losing a party spokesperson will not affect the party’s election efforts. “When I say that it won’t affect anything at all, it won’t affect anything at all because, unbelievably, I’m able to multitask,” he said.

 Strongin, who continues to work for the Steve Pierce campaign for Senate District 1, said on Sept. 22, “Let’s just say that the party’s demands are in excess of what we are able to provide.”

13 Responses to Camilla Strongin no longer speaking for AZ GOP

  1. Orion says:

    What charming comments from the AZ GOP ED. They do provide a mirror into the working conditions.

  2. nightcrawler says:

    The ye olde pirates creed…

    The beatings will continue until morale improves…

  3. Republican in LD-6 says:

    What the hell is going on downtown?

    Haven’t we enough to do without this type of stuff?

    Randy and his crowd have been a big disappointment ever since he mislead the conservative state committee men into thinking he would lead. Instead, he has been led.

  4. Mr. Conservative says:

    Republican in LD-6,

    I hope you remeber this when January rolls around… I will.

  5. MacBeth says:

    All true. But there has got to be more going on down there with this revolving door. The sarcastic comments from the executive director certainly give a broad hint. If Strongin was so unnecessary, why open the position in the first place? Since he is so incredibly able, fire everyone and let Mr. Multitasker handle the work. Think of the money that could be saved by not paying those unecessary salaries.

  6. Chuck says:

    Multitasking is quite a specialty. What a guy! It would be interesting to hear the lady’s side of this story. I’ll bet there’s a whole lot more going on here.

  7. Jill Franklin says:

    Me thinks this E D extinguished a lot of hopes around AZ GOP this year. He ought to be taking a cue from MCRC which looks as competent and conservative today as they did in January 2006.

  8. Nike says:

    Republican in LD-6:
    Don’t be too hard on Pullen. He has a difficult task. If you recall, he ran for mayor of Phoenix on a campaign of curtailing illegal immigration. Now, AZ has a pro-illegal stooge who is the national GOP nominee. Pullen is bound to be supportive of the presidential candiate. This is not an “either / or” situation. I am disappointed in him on a number of counts, but understand the fine line he must walk as state chairman.
    I seriously doubt he will be reelected, since neither side (the McCainiacs or the Conservatives) is thrilled with him. What a thankless job. Cut the guy some slack.

    As to his less than gentlemanly ED, give him the boot. He is an equal opportunity offender.

  9. How quickly we forget. Pullen stood up against the McCain/Kyl amnesty plan in 07′ and supported the P.C.s. It made me proud.
    Rather than forming another circular firing squad, get off your tails, grab some tri-folds and start going door to door for the candidate of your choice. If your district is solid, there are districts that need your help. Remenber that veto proof majority in the Legislature idea?

  10. Hometown Guy says:

    Senator Gould:
    I agree…and many of us have not forgotten. But, I was also in attendance at the state meeting where delegates to the national convention were selected. I saw the capitulation on Pullen’s part as he took to the microphone and declared there were “anarchists” in the room and warned the delegates of a police presence. That was the moment he lowered in my esteem. It was a embarrassment to Pullen and angered many conservatives in attendance. The so-called “Unity” Slate was devoid of anyone other the slavish McSupporters. We all realize Pullen has to support the ticket. That’s not a problem for me to comprehend. The manner in which he did so, is.

    And when is anyone going to hold McCain’s feet to the fire on the issue of illegal immigration? We all know that his ultimate goal is to give amnesty to the millions already here and provide encouragement to the million more who continue to evade our laws. How can we continue to be a nation if our laws and borders have no meaning?

  11. Ben F says:

    Senator you are right – – well, you were right.

    He fought against the Comprehensive Immigration Plan, but then he sold everyone out on the LAW Initiative which gave us the deceptively named Stop Illegal Hiring Initiative. He also has worked against the conservatives in many other areas.

    Tell him to return to his roots, if it isn’t too late. The other side will never embrace him.

  12. Richard says:

    I too was proud of Pullen for standing against the amnesty plan. A courageous move at the time. The state convention however, was a disgrace for the reasons already stated by Hometown. Add the huge questions that came to light earlier this week regarding fraudulent national delegate results. AZ GOP has been all about protecting the profiteers of illegal immigration this year. A very disappointing turn-around.

  13. Gimlet says:

    Pullen has lost credibility with me. I wholeheartedly supported him over Lisa James last time — and would again if the same scenario repeated, but his luster has diminished.

    Will wait to see who the challengers are, but I’m disappointed in his continual caving on matters of importance. Yet saying that, I know James would have been worse.