Another “new look” for the daily newspaper

Less paper to read means more time for skipping through daisy fields

You’ll remember that some time ago the sages at the Arizona Republic alerted readers to the gift of time they were giving them. Seeing Red AZ called them out on the anorexic version of the Monday morning news then.

Today Randy Lovely, editor and vice president of news, announced another method of expanding their policy of less news in a full page summary of changes, titled Welcome to the Republic’s fresh new look. Other than AP feeds and their left-leaning editorial slants, real news has become a rare commodity. As pink slips have become more commonplace and buy-outs have persuaded the older, higher-paid employees to shuffle off, local reporting is basically reduced to a wide array of police reports, press releases and the Political Insider — which took a nose dive after Robbie Sherwood and Chip Scutari jumped the sinking ship.

For quite some time the paper has resorted to an editorial page game called You write the caption. If the wizards at the Republic think we are too busy to read the news that affects us, do they really think we have time to pen captions for photos, the majority of which take jabs at Republicans?

Lovely writes: Some of the changes are subtle, such as new, larger typography on the weather page, on the market summary package in Business and for box scores, standings and other statistics on the Sports pages. Other improvements are more sweeping, including an authoritative Calendar section on Thursdays that will serve as the definitive guide to the best in dining, movies and events, as well as a revamped Sunday Business section to provide more insights and expertise on the economy and the changing marketplace.

He omits any reference to the wider margins of blank space. But he is upfront about the fact that the type will be larger — another crafty means to take up space — the calendar will be “more sweeping,” we’ll get a “definitive guide” to dining and movies, along with a larger weather and sports format and two more puzzles. Throughout the week the paper intends to offer ideas on “taking care of yourself with guiltless splurges,” and will run a feature on “ways to give back to your community.”

They’ve even thoughtfully included a renovated obituary format, “that will make the notices easier to find, read and save.”

How much longer before they write their own?

14 Responses to Another “new look” for the daily newspaper

  1. RA says:

    “How much longer before they write their own?”

    Not soon enough.

  2. Jean D. says:

    This once proud and credible newspaper has certainly fallen a long way. I doubt they will ever find their way back. Right on target Seeing Red AZ.

  3. MacBeth says:

    The Republic has become irrelevant. It’s a shame for a once great newspaper. The Pullian’s would be very saddened.

  4. Steve says:

    Does anyone know if this editor’s name is really “Lovely?” Under the circumstances, it’s difficult to believe it’s legit.

  5. SherriAZ says:

    Evidently his name really is “Lovely”, at least according to Bruce Jacobs of KFYI. I can’t wait for the final days of the Rag. Hopefully a more balanced paper will, in true Phoenix style, rise from the ashes.

  6. Chuck says:

    What a time to put this foolish plan in place. Americans are faced with massive financial woes, and this is just prior to crucial elections. Instead of providing MORE news coverage, we are getting more space and less news. What a corporate decision this is!! They obviously don’t live the the real world.

  7. Stanford says:

    Former Gov. Evan Mecham started a paper called the Evening American. Wikipedia said it never published, but I seem to remember it as being short-lived, but actually being printed. Any others out there who might recall?

  8. Kelly says:

    Less is more. Don’t you get it?

  9. Night Owl says:

    Wouldn’t it be “Lovely” to have a real newspaper to read? We need to bring in a monied conservative with fire in his belly.

  10. Kate says:

    I would like to see a greatly expanded section covering homosexual couples and homosexual marriage and events by special editors Sinema and May. Planned Parenthood could have another section describing the number of babies they cut to pieces today. You know, I discontinued the paper ages ago, maybe by now they already have those sections.

  11. Ajo Joe says:

    A “definitive guide” to dining and movies,”and “ways to give back to your community” are exactly what I want from a newspsper. The state’s largest newspaper is a beached whale, shivering and wildly panicked but without a clue as to how to get back in the swim.

    I want news, Mr. Lovely. More news. Not less. Either do your job or give it and the whole damn paper up. This is absurd and insulting to your readers. Plus, Chuck is right in saying the timing on this inane move couldn’t be worse.

  12. Ray says:

    Stop complaining and start canceling. That’s what we did. Losing the liberals is very liberating.

  13. Orion says:

    The Republic is nothing more than a skeletal newspaper existing only to promote a liberal agenda. If it were not for the constant bashing of Republican elected officials and promotion of their pet candidates, there would be no reason to exist. That’s why the real journalists are mostly gone. The editorial board can carry out that function and the newbie reporterettes can get the police reports on the pages.

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