Foreign nationals, suspicious unidentified donors, raise questions in Obama campaign

Why are they not being asked?

The Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee began September with $95 million in cash, according to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

The McCain camp and the Republican National Committee had $94 million, because of an influx of $84 million in public money.

But Obama easily could outpace McCain by $50 million to $100 million or more in new donations before Election Day, thanks to a legion of small contributors whose names and addresses have been kept secret, according to a NewsMax report.

Unlike the McCain campaign, which has made its complete donor database available online, the Obama campaign has not identified donors for nearly half the amount he has raised, according to the Center for Responsive Politics (CRP).

The FEC breakdown of the Obama campaign has identified a staggering $222.7 million as coming from contributions of $200 or less. Only $39.6 million of that amount comes from donors the Obama campaign has identified.

For example, Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi gave a public speech praising Obama, claiming foreign nationals were donating to his campaign.

“All the people in the Arab and Islamic world and in Africa applauded this man,” the Libyan leader said. “They welcomed him and prayed for him and for his success, and they may have even been involved in legitimate contribution campaigns to enable him to win the American presidency…”

Though Gadhafi asserted that fundraising from Arab and African nations were “legitimate,” the fact is that U.S. federal law bans any foreigner from donating to a U.S. election campaign.

NewsMax details the foreign nationals and dubious donors such as “Good Will” and “Doodad Pro.” There were 1,000 separate entries for Mr. Good Will, of Austin, Texas, most of them for $25. In total, Mr. Good Will gave $17,375. Mr. Good Will listed his employer as “Loving” and his profession as “You.”

Similarly, donor “Doodad Pro,” from “Nando, NY,” gave $19,500 in 786 separate donations, most of them for $25. Mr. Doodad Pro also listed his employer as “Loving” and his profession as “You.”

We recommend you read this entire article. Where is the mainstream media on this issue?

Where is the reliably left-leaning Arizona Republic?

5 Responses to Foreign nationals, suspicious unidentified donors, raise questions in Obama campaign

  1. If the campaign has not solicited illegal donations, it should be upfront with these questionable donations.

  2. Orion says:

    Would we actually expect less? Obama is a Marxist. Anything goes to achieve the goal

  3. Frankly Speaking says:

    The Obama campaign thinks it and its candidate are untouchable. Question anything and you are a immediately deemed a racist. Can you imagine if this obscenity was in the reverse and the Republican candidate was engaging in such deception? That campaign would be blown out of the water — and rightfully so. That will not happen here. The MSM is not even touching this. Why? Obama is a liberal Democrat. He’s black. He’s untouchable.

  4. SherriAZ says:

    He’s untouchable and it will only get worse if he is elected. I am dumbfounded by people I thought were somewhat rational who think this empty suit is the answer to what ails this nation. He and his ultra-liberal friends will end America as we know it. Socialism and the redistribution of wealth will commence under his “new patriotism” , aided and abetted by that philanthropist, Biden the Miserly.

    The Fairness Doctrine will pass in the twinkling of an eye and conservative media will end. Hugh Hewitt and Rush Limbaugh will end up going underground while Al Franken rules the airwaves. Bill Maher will be on every major TV channel while Sean Hannity will get the midnight cable channel coming out of Boise.

    God help America.

  5. Robert says:

    You’ve got to be kidding if you think the Republic would report on this. We’d only hear about this from that sad excuse for a newspaper if Obama was a Republican. Then, and only then, would it be newsworthy.

    We’re sunk, folks. Teach your children survival skills. They’re going to need them.