Paul Newman going to pot

Sticking by my statement to say nothing

By now, it seems people would recognize that running for public office shines the spotlight on old exploits.

In 2004 Cochise County supervisor Paul Newman had his privileges of driving a government vehicle revoked after a Border Patrol agent said he found marijuana residue in the car. The report by the border agent detailed that Paul Newman “admitted that he had smoked some marijuana in the vehicle, but did not state when.”

Newman, a lawyer, is currently a candidate for Arizona Corporation Commission.

Asked recently if smoking marijuana in a county car reflects on his judgment to be a corporation commissioner, Democrat Newman responded, “I stand by my statement. I have no comment for your question.”

Having to drive his personal automobile after the incident, his fellow supervisors said they would reimburse him for official use of his private vehicle.

In his statement, Newman said he believed at the time of the incident – and still does – that the “proper course of action was to continue to serve my district and my county as an environmental steward and as a strong consumer advocate.”

The Arizona Daily Star report is here.


3 Responses to Paul Newman going to pot

  1. BOB HARAN says:

    Smoking marijuana as a county supervisor, this explains why Democratic elected officials act the way they do.


  2. Sideliner says:

    Another Paul Newman? This one seems a little “out there,” Also he doesn’t look like one Joanne Woodard would have found appealing. The only similarity is their decidedly leftward bent.

  3. Night Owl says:

    Can you imagine a liberal Democrat living in Bisbee who doesn’t smoke pot? That would be a stretch!!