The sorry saga of Rep. Doug Clark

Can Rep. Clark be any more self-serving before he leaves office in a couple of months?

Remember Doug Clark? He’s the one-term legislator from District 6 who decided back in April that he wasn’t making enough money as a real estate salesman and a legislator to make ends meet.

But simply leaving office wasn’t enough. On his way out the door, Clark hand-picked his replacement, lifelong Democrat-instantly-turned-Republican, Tony Bouie. Clark signed on as Bouie’s campaign manager and proceeded to engage in behind-the-scenes campaigning minus any discussion with seatmate Rep. Sam Crump. Previously, Crump attempted to warn Clark and others that Bouie lacked knowledge of issues and possessed a less than conservative outlook.

Crump turned out to be right.  And that was prior to Bouie being exposed as a pathological liar — even so bold as to lie to the editorial board of the Arizona Republic, insisting he had previously been a registered Republican in Florida.  Yet, even after his duplicity was discovered and reported by the newspaper it wasn’t significant enough to disqualify Bouie from receiving the Republic’s endorsement.

Fortunately the voters of LD 6 were not deceived. They also saw through Rep. Clark and Sen. Pamela Gorman’s autodialers in which they tried to smear candidate Carl Seel as a deceptive liar who had sunken so low as to face foreclosure. That blew up in Clark and Gorman’s faces when it turned out that it was Bouie who actually went through foreclosure and bankruptcy, stiffing his creditors for over $250,000. Seel, on the other hand, acted honorably and redeemed his property by getting current on his loan. It is doubtful an apology is forthcoming from Gorman who will now suffer the embarrassment of having to serve with Seel in the legislature, after having worked so hard to malign him.

And, what is Clark up to these days? He’s been very busy trying to unload over $20,000 he had collected in his campaign account before bailing. Public records indicate he returned about $2,500 to friends and family in the Anthem area. He even saw fit to donate $1,000 of his campaign funds to the Arts Council of the North Valley simultaneous to his selection as that organization’s president. And the remaining $16,369.73 in his campaign coffers? Doug Clark magnanimously donated it to a Washington, DC charity. The State Republican Party, could have put those donated dollars to good use getting Arizona Republicans elected to office. That is, after all, the reason dozens of contributors gave Clark the money — to elect a Republican to public office.

But these are not the end of Rep. Clark’s exploits. Word has it that he found time to enjoy a trip to a legislative conference in New Orleans in July and apparently will be heading to another in D.C. in December, paid for by private industry lobbyists.

Interesting that Clark can find time for these jaunts. when his stated reason for leaving the legislature was that his time was too impacted by legislative service to earn a living selling real estate.

6 Responses to The sorry saga of Rep. Doug Clark

  1. Jean D. says:

    Over $16,300. at Mr. Clark’s disposal, and he forgets all about the State Party and even his own home District Committee. Right Seeing Red AZ! That money was intended to elect Republicans to office. Thank you for nothing Mr. Clark.

  2. Steve says:

    Interesting. And I thought my district was full of odd goings-on!!

  3. West Washington Watcher says:

    I hope he left because he realized he was in over his head. Many considered him a light-weight. The trips might just be farewell gifts.

  4. Sideliner says:

    I don’t live in the district and don’t know the players, but I read this with interest since I am peripherally involved in the political arena. I find it unconscionable that one of two House members would work on something of this magnitude without consulting his seatmate. It makes me wonder about what drives a man like that. Even if they weren’t particularly close, which I certainly don’t know, it seems a back-door manner of interaction that borders on sleazy. What’s wrong with simply approaching your legislative partner and discussing what you are contemplating, ask for input and discuss the merits and negatives of the replacement?

    Sen. Gorman should not have been AWOL on this, either. This level of betrayal doesn’t speak well for either the outgoing House member or the senator.

  5. Richard says:

    “…another in D.C. in December, paid for by private industry lobbyists.”

    Which private industries lobby ex-legislators who have burned their bridges?

  6. Night Owl says:

    Good question, Richard!! Have you thought of calling and inquiring? If you do, please report back. You’ve piqued my curiosity. His legislative phone number, which I just looked up, is (602) 926-3018.

    Betch’a dollars to donuts he’s not in. (But he does have a secretary.)