Another Phoenix police officer killed by an illegal alien

We’ve had enough Mayor Gordon and Chief Harris

Officer Shane Figueroa, a 25-year-old police officer, who served less than three years on the force, was killed yesterday after his patrol car was hit by a pickup truck driven by an illegal alien, driving drunk — again.

The 50-year-old driver, using the alias Jose Rivas Gonzalez when arrested, (now correctly identified as Salvador Vivas-Diaz) was treated for minor injuries and booked into Fourth Avenue Jail on suspicion of manslaughter and aggravated assault. Police said Gonzalez was also booked on four outstanding warrants. The warrants for Gonzalez’s arrest are under a different name, two of which are for DUI.

Gonzalez’s 28-year-old male passenger inside the truck was hospitalized with serious injuries.

Officer Figueroa is survived by his wife and their 3-month-old child. His father is a retired Phoenix police officer.

Jim Cross of KTAR included the remarks of Mark Spencer, president of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association in his report.  In speaking of this latest tragedy, Spencer said:

“There are some who believe that illegal aliens are just busboys and landscapers, janitors. In reality, they’re criminals,” he said. “Every moment an illegal alien stays in this country, without federal permission, it’s an ongoing crime.”

The Arizona Republic’s account refers to drunken driver, Jose Rivas Gonzalez, as merely an “undocumented worker from Mexico.”

How many young Phoenix officers must we lose before Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon and Chief Jack Harris stop the leniency and sanctuary city policies?

We’ve also had enough of the Republic’s soft language in describing those in our country illegally. They are criminals, not “workers without documents.” We’re assuming newbie reporters Lindsey Collom and Beth Duckett who wrote the article, have been given the Republic’s guidelines.

How about using these?

9 Responses to Another Phoenix police officer killed by an illegal alien

  1. Frankly Speaking says:

    Another needless death of a young police officer, leaving a devastated family to mourn. The compounded tragedy is the fact that Mayor Gordon has provided a safe haven for a continued flow of such criminals.

    Mark Spencer, president of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, was absolutely correct in his assessment that every one of these “good people,” here in violation of our laws, is a CRIMINAL.

    Phil Gordon and Mark Harris should be ashamed of themselves for giving a wink and a nod to illegals. I notice Gordon was smart enough to stay away from the microphone during the press conference.

  2. Gary says:

    In our household, we have made a conscious decision not to vote for anyone who is limp on the border, Our Republican congressman is worse than a disappointment, We will not cast our ballots for Democrats, but he no longer gets our vote. We withheld our votes during the primary to “send a message.” But since he is now advertising himself as an “Independent” instead of a conservative, as he has previously done, he has lost our support. Next he’ll tell us he is forward thinking. Nope. We’re willing to have a Democrat who votes like one rather than a Republican who does.
    They all bear responsibility for any criminal acts committed by those here illegally. This despicable crime could have been avoided.

  3. Marianne says:

    You’re right! Enough is enough!!! We need strong policies to deal with this invasion, disregarding our laws coming in and with no incentive to obey them once they are here.
    How many lives must be lost before the city does something to stem this tide?

  4. Calypso says:

    Thanks for calling the Republic out on their foolish language describing illegal aliens. The link to the “Lingo” column (under the word “these”) was excellent. Very good stuff. That’s what brings me back!

  5. Doug Johnson says:

    This story made me furious! How much more do we citizens have to take before someone wakes up? Phil Gordon is a disgusting wimp who couldn’t even step up to the mic to answer questions. Phooey!!

    Mark Spencer should run for Mayor. He’d have my vote!!

  6. Keen Observer says:

    We have Republican politicians acting like Democrats saying we need to appeal to moderates and liberals…..independents. And these politicians wonder why Republicans are abandoning them? Why vote for a Republican when the best they can offer you is, “we need to be more like Democrats in order to hold office”. Why not just change parties and be done with it? These politicians have been leading us to the left for decades. We are now about to reap the whirlwind they have sown.

  7. SherriAZ says:

    The people of Phoenix had their shot at removing Mayor Gordon and totally blew it. They are as culpable as the mayor and his henchmen. Had the recall been strongly supported- as it ought to have been- he’d be out of there and the message to a new mayor would have been loud and clear. Now the idiot mayor thinks he has a shot at being the next governor. The people of Phoenix- and by that I mean the legal, American citizens- have to get beyond words and start taking some action agains Gordon and Harris. Then maybe the folks over in Mesa will start in on Gascon.

  8. donntreadonme says:

    how about referring to these illegals as what they really are-INVADERS

  9. Real American says:

    The illegals kill 11 Americans every day. 4,000 per year!
    It could have been anyone of us who were run down by an illegal drunk. Yes we have our drunks and criminals, so why do we have to import more? As I always say: liberalism is a morale disorder.