Shadegg slurs Arizona Republicans in Eastern press

Republicans supportive of border security are “xenophobic,” “intolerant”

U.S. Rep. John Shadegg, in an interview quoted in the left-wing New York Times, said Arizona’s party leaders’ crusade against illegal immigration had damaged Republicans statewide and hurt their chances of drawing the growing body of Hispanic voters.

“I believe the Republican Party in Arizona has been hurt very badly by the image created by those who have been most outspoken in their attacks on the illegal immigration issue, who have created the appearance that Republicans are xenophobic, that seem by their comments and are by their comments intolerant,” Shadegg said.


In a race for his political life in a reliably Republican district where he has always maintained a solid groundswell of support, Congressman Shadegg, a seven-term incumbent, is now sticking his finger in the eye of the very people who have given him their steadfast loyalty.

Earth to John Shadegg: The operative word is ILLEGAL. Opposition to criminal incursions into the United States is neither “xenophobic” nor “intolerant.” Americans have every right to expect secure borders. Border security is national security, Mr. Shadegg.

In a post 9-11 world we have known enemies, terrorists, Mr. Shadegg, who have vowed to destroy our culture, and democratic freedoms. It is not only our right, but our obligation to demand federal policymakers implement strong border security.

In July we reported on an alarming U.S. Department of Justice intelligence report which revealed dangerous Mexican Islamic connections, lending credibility to what advocates of immigration enforcement — including a barrier along the southern border — have said for years: American national security is at risk. It has long been acknowledged that it is not only farm laborers or Braceros of another generation, Shadegg is so fond of recalling, gaining illegal access across our border. Informed sources have declared, We’re no safer today than we were on September 12.’

As far back as three years ago the Los Angeles Times carried a report titled: Porous Border Is Seen as Terrorist Threat. We suggest Rep. Shadegg read it and then rethink his scurrilous comments about his fellow Republicans.

John Shadegg’s statements in the New York Times article can be read here.

Our title Seeing Red AZ takes on new meaning in light of these foolish and insulting comments.

19 Responses to Shadegg slurs Arizona Republicans in Eastern press

  1. AZ Conservative says:

    “Hurt their chances of drawing the growing body of Hispanic voters?” Is this some kind of a bad joke? What’s happening to our delegation? I’m disgusted that Congressman Shadegg is so contemptuous of American citizens. desirous of maintaining a law-abiding and sovereign nation.

    My sister-in-law is an American of Mexican ancestry. She is furious over the wink and a nod at the border and wants a fence as much as I do.

    Can you imagine John Shadegg making these statements in the local media? He’d lose for sure!
    I live in his district and have always voted for him. I still have my ballot on my desk at home and am tempted to leave that office blank.

    It’s impossible to express the full extent of my fury over these comments.

  2. Kelly says:

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    This is one too many. I can’t in good conscience vote for Shadegg after reading this.

  3. Villanova says:

    Maybe Shadegg meant it when he said he wanted to retire? Although it seems he would have laid the groundwork for another Republican to slide into his seat as Kyl did for him. I never thought he’d set it up for Democrat Bob Lord.

    This offensive slight to his own base is a gift from the Gods for Lord.

  4. Hometown Guy says:

    “Xenophobic and intolerant,” Hell! I am damn sure intolerant of Mexican nationals and others, many on terrorist watch lists, invading our country. That doesn’t make me either xenophobic or intolerant. It makes me want LEGAL immigrants to stand in line and become Americans through the lawful processes we have in place.

    John Shadegg is way off base on this one. Is that why he took the word “Conservative” off his billboards and replaced it with “Independent?” Is it because he considers us such bigots that he’ll take our money and our votes but not our desire for national security? He’s seen the last of me!

    This really ticks me off!!

  5. Ray says:

    Not a good move, John. You’ve had my vote all along. I’d be less than honest if I said this was understandable. I don’t like this one bit. You’ve sucker punched me. Never saw this coming.

  6. Carrie Mason says:

    The blood of the last Phoenix officer to die at the hands of an illegal alien is on Shadegg’s hands. These pro-illegal alien talking points proves once again that Shadegg is in the tank or the Magruders and LeVeckes of the state. Just another former bright light for the Republican Party now completely out of touch. John you are a piece of work.

  7. Charlie Conservative says:

    Is this Shadegg’s immitation of Representative Murtha of Penna? Murtha says his constituents are racists red necks; Shadegg calls his constituents xenophobic and intolerant. Shadegg, Kyl, McCain and Flake seem to be in a race with the Democrat party to see who can turn our country over to the Mexican drug lords first. And they attack Republicans who dare to challenge their point of view.

    Shadegg, you are intolerant of those of who defend our sovereignty and Constitution. You should have quit while you had some respect.

  8. Kate says:

    Johnnie, I hardly knew ye. Points out how this is the defining issue; law and order used to be a proud Republican issue. Thank God for Sheriff Joe and Andy Thomas.

    We need to send Shadegg to the woodshed, which in this case is our city streets. He obviously is spending too much time in the East. Anyone for term limits?
    How cruel if a solid Republican like Sydney Hay gets defeated in CD 1, while wimpy Shadegg wins in CD3.

  9. SherriAZ says:

    In response to John Shadegg, two words: Shane Figueroa.

  10. Night Owl says:

    There must be some explanation for this, but I can’t imagine what it is. Maybe running at such a fast pace away from Bush has made him dizzy.

    Have to part company with you on term limits, Kate. We have them included with our ballots. Vote against the candidates you don’t like and, Presto! if enough citizens agree with you, you have term limits! Imposition of artifical limitations often presents a case of “beware what you wish for.”
    Seniority is gone, along with historical memory. And there are some excellent people in office we should keep. I vote for voting!

  11. Keen Observer says:

    I guess these comments by Shadegg tell us what he thinks of Representative Pearce, Sheriff Joe and County Attorney Thomas and about 90% of Republicans. By extension, Shadegg can just imagine what we think of him. My God, what a disappointment he has turned out to be. No need to wonder why Republicans have lost so much favor with the voters. The 3 jons and 1 flake have been Sprouled and you can bet they will blame the Republican losses to come on the fact that we did not turn our country over to the invaders from Mexico as the quintet demanded.

    Havn’t heard them say a word warning the voters about the fraud of Prop 202, but Kyl and Shadegg did care enough to offer an endorsement of prop 101. That strikes me as a pathetic example of how they have represented us. What prop is more critical to the welfare of the nation, 101(Medical Choice) or 202(reopen the illegal immigration flood gates again)? Which one would you have made sure you commented on if you represented the people of Arizona?

    Saw a special on the fall of Rome recently. These elite representatives remind me so much of how Roman Senators conducted themselves.

  12. Sylvia M says:

    I have been reading Seeing Red AZ regularly for well over a year. Although the writing here is always top quality, I would rate this article among the very best I have ever read.

    Keen Observer refers to our Representatives as “elite.” That nails it. Shadegg does look to disassociate from conservatives with his billboard proclaiming he is “Independent.” I guess independence refers to Shadegg’s disavowing the Republican platform which clearly calls for completing the border fence and for penalizing illegal employees and employers. Shadegg has sold out his base of support to fight for those who profit from illegal and exploited labor at the expense of the rest of the taxpayers and care not a whit about the security of this country–just keep those profits realized from paying third world wages rolling in. I am disappointed as can be in the Republican Congressman from Arizona 3!

  13. James says:

    Republicans are struggling mightily this election. What do our congressional and presidential candidates have in common? They have all refrained from embracing real border security.

    Why hasn’t Shadegg visited the border? Why hasn’t he embraced employer sanctions? McCain, Shadegg, Franks, Bee and Flake have not spoken to the 75% of Arizona voters who pass anti-illegal immigration ballot measures. They are trying to win contests without campaigning to the clear majority of Arizona voters. These candidates are pandering to the Mac Magruders of Arizona. I will not lift a finger for any of these candidates. If they aren’t trying to win their election—how much help could I be? I will work tirelessly to get our border security candidates elected. Sydnee Hay and David Schweikert are the only AZ congressional candidates we can trust to stand for border security uninfluenced by the illegal profiteers.

  14. Villanova says:

    Okay. I agree with these posters who are upset with Shadegg’s thoughtless comments. I don’t like them either. By the same token, we conservatives have nowhere else to go. Shadegg has been a strong GOP congressional voice and vote for many years. But not unlike judges who often are afflicted with that contagion known in legal circles as “Robitis,” spending an inordinate amount of time in DC brings on a similar ailment.

    Implementation of bona fide security and restricting illegals from entering the United States is not only reasonable, but border security should be an unconditional duty of government and its agents. Shadegg’s statements to the New York Times were inflammatory and never should have been made.

    I view his comments as a misguided effort to gain traction with moderates and Independent voters. He is taking the “base” for granted in a tight race as he tries to pull away from liberal Democrat Bob Lord. Do I like those comments? NO. Were I in his shoes, would I have made them? I’d like to think not. The fact is, I’m not in his shoes.

  15. RA says:

    Shadegg, along with a sizeable number of his AZ Republican colleagues including Jeff Flake and McCain, supports foreign labor import programs and a “relaxed” stance on border security – this stance is nothing new to him.

  16. Politics101 says:

    Dear John,

    When did upholding the Constitution of the United States and the laws of the land makes one xenophobic, intolerant, and/or a Nazi/white supremacist racists?

    You along with a majority of Congress have done more to bankrupt our state and now our nation by refusing to demand enforcement of our laws that govern our financial institutions, refusing to investigate and prosecute those who instituted and gained by the destruction of the U.S. banking system, the housing industry and the fraud perpetrated on the American people in the form of sub-prime loans. Now after originally voting NO on the economic bailout you change your vote to YES because it contained more “PORK” in the bill?

    What would your father say about your supporting a “fascist” take over of our national insurance , banking and other financial institutions? What would your father say about your part in the destruction of the State and National Republican Party? What would you father say about your trampling the 14th Amendment and your attempts at stifling our Constitutionally guaranteed Right of Free Speech?

    There was a time back in the’80’s when a Republican Senator endorsed a Democrat Congressional candidate on the basis that the “carpetbagging” and “unscrupulous” Republican candidate would be a dangerous detriment to Arizona. After conferring with your father and other leaders of the party, The Senator endorsed the democrat because it would be easier to beat the Democrat in 2 years than it would be to unseat the “Republican”. He had the guts to take the hits and the heat for the good of our state and nation.

    Maybe the voters should see fit to follow the lead of the Senator.

  17. Merle says:

    The only thing wrong with Mexico is the drug money from the US pouring into that country. Secure the border, end the drug trade, end the power of the drug cartels and end the trafficing in human suffering. Give honest Mexicans a chance to reclaim their county and develop an economy that is not based on illegal activities. Take a look at the travel advisories from our own State Department at
    Crime in Mexico is funded by US drug monies. Secure the border.

  18. Robert Behrens says:

    When Shadegg caved and supporrted the bank bailout plan, I wrote him at the time and told him that I thought he was undeserving of being re-elected based on that issue alone. If these comments reported in the NYT are true, I rest my case!

  19. seeingredaz says:

    Mike B. and AZ Annie:
    You are both the same person making personal attacks against another person whom you name. Seeing Red AZ disapproves such comments, which is why none of yours appear.